5 Student lost their lives In A Ghastly Attack In Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger State

5 dead in a ghastly attack, between the student of federal polytechnic Bida and residents of the state.
This afternoon in my school Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger State. The SUG President of School the went to Estu Yahaya Park to meet the drivers and chairmen of the park to negotiate about the transport fare, because it’s too cost for the student to afford, imagine from Bida to Lagos is 6000, and from here to Benin is 10000.

Being the president of the union “Ultimate” went along Side “Omoba” to park, during the dialogue someone from the park brought out knife and stabbed the president with the knife on his hand, and also attacked omoba. And the drivers stood helpless and couldn’t do anything.
Now it’s has been chaos in the school vicinity between students of the poly and residents of the community, 5 students has lost their lives during this encounter and multiple properties were vandalized and some was set on fire, the security men don’t know what to do because their hands are tied back…. please Pray for Bida Community…

Source: nairaland

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