ACC307 TMA1 Solutions

1. Which Court is saddled with the duty of holding an inquest whenever there is lying in his district the body of a deceased person who died a violent or unnatural death or a sudden death of which the cause is unknown?
The High Court
The Magistrate Court
The Coroners’ Court
None of the above

2. Which Law Establishes the first law on coroners’ inquest in Nigeria?
The Coroners Ordinance 1944
The Inquest Act 1940
The Conquest Act 1940
None of the above

3. Which law provides for the first enactment of Juvenile Courts in Nigeria?
The Children and Young Persons Ordinance1943
The Juvenile Court Ordinance of 1943
The Teenagers Proficient Act 1943
None of the above

4. How many classes of justices of the Peace do we have

5. The Magistrate courts exercising only civil jurisdiction in the Northern Nigeria is known by which name?
The Customary Court
The Northern Criminal Court
The District Courts
The Sharia Court

6. What is the most unique provision of the 1954 Federal Constitution?
Each region was empowered to remove the Judges
Each region was empowered to appoint Governors.
Each region was empowered to establish Self Governance.
Each region was empowered to establish its own court.

7. From the reforms carried out by Sir Donald Cameron the then Governor of Nigeria, which of the following courts was established in Nigeria:
The Native Courts
The Supreme Court
The West African Court of Appeal
All of the above

8. Which of the following is one of the Courts established after amalgamation of the country?
Provincial Courts
The High Court
The Magistrate Court
The Appeal Court

9. How many courts were established after Amalgamation?
1 Court
2 Courts
4 Courts
3 Courts


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