ACC307 TMA2 Questions

ACC307 TMA2 List of Questions

Q1 In which case was a judicial definition of consideration given?
Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball
Fitch v Sneadaker
None of the above

Q2 When is offer by post deemed to get to the notice of the other party and acceptance complete?
By Mere Posting
By reception of the party receiving
After application of Frankincene
None of the above

Q3 What occurs when the offeree indicates his intention and willingness to take up the offer and decides to be bound by the terms of the offer?

Q4 What will you use to describe the withdrawal of an offer in law?

Q5 The decision that a plaintiff cannot accept an offer unless he is aware of it was held in which case?
Hernthorn v Fraser
Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Balls
None of the above

Q6 In what ways can an offer be made?
Perpetually and Virtually
Visually and Audibly
Directly and Indirectly
Expressly or by conduct (impliedly)

Q7 What is the core of the decision reached in the case of CARLILL V CARBOLIC SMOKE LALL CO. (1893)1 Q.B.253?
Offer is Unique
No proper Offer
Genuity of Offer
There is no limit to the number of people to whom an offer can be made

Q8 A definite undertaking or promise, made by one party with the intention that it shall become binding on the party making it as soon as it is accepted by the party to whom it is addressed is known as what?

Q9 Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Intention to create legal relations forms part of ………………………….?
Keypoints to transactions
Formular to Contractual relationship
Vital principle of law
The basic ingredients of a contract

Q10 Which Court is standing at the apex of the hierarchy of courts in the state?
The Customary Court of Appeal
The National Industrial Court
The Sharia Court
The High Court

Q11 Which Court deals with, Matters arising from the operation of Companies and Allied Matters Act and other Allied, Copyright, and Admiralty?
The State High Court
The Supreme Court
The Federal High Court
None of the above

Q12 Which Court is saddled with the responsibility of Relating to the revenue of the Federal Government, Taxation of companies and persons subject to Federal Taxation and Customs and excise duties, claims against customs service?
The Supreme Court
The Federal High Court
The State High Court
The Appeal Court

Q13 From which Court did the Federal High Court took it’s origin from?
The then Power Court
The then British Tribunal
The Then European International Court
The then Federal Revenue Court

Q14 What is the relationship of The Federal High courts to the State High Courts?
They often handle state matters
They interlopes weith each others matters
Both are of cordinate jurisdiction
None of the above

Q15 What makes The Court of Appeal to be a very important Court in the machinery of justice in Nigeria?
Well Designed and decorated
Have its divisions closer to the states
Can hear appeal from other countries
Can be approached by any litigant

Q16 Appeals shall lie as of right from the decisions of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to which Court?
The Supreme Court
The Court of Appeal
The Federal High Court
The Senior Court of Appeal

Q17 Appeal from the Sharia Court of Appeal of a State in any civil proceedings shall go to which Court?
The Supreme Court
The Federal High Court
The Court of Appeal
None of the above

Q18 Appeals to the Court of Appeal may be classified into how many?

Q19 Which Court has the original jurisdiction in respect of Election petitions arising from election to the office of President or Vice-President, their term of office and vacancy of the office?
The Supreme Court
The Appeal Court
The Federal High Court
The High Court

Q20 Which Court has original jurisdiction over any dispute between the Federation and a state, or between states if and in so far as that dispute involves any question(whether law or fact) on which the existence or extent of a legal right depends?
The Appeal Court
The Federal High Court
The Supreme Court
None of the above

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