ACC311 List of Questions

Q1 Payments relating to the acquisition of the enterprise own equity investment is grouped under :
Financing activities
Investing activities
Operating activities
Business activities

Q2 Cash in hand, demand deposits and foreign currencies are examples of :
Cash equivalent
Cash flow

Q3 The activities under taken by an organization in pursuant to its objectives as indicated in the memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are grouped under :
Normal activities
Financing activities
Investing activities
Operating activities

Q4 The method of preparing cash flow by adjustment to net profit for the effects of any deferrals or accruals which are items of a non – cash nature is
Operating method
Financing method
Direct method
Indirect method

Q5 The actual amount of dividends paid should be recognized as an:
Outflow under finanacing activities
Inflow under financing activites
Outflow under investing activities
Outflow under operatiing activities

Q6 Cash flow arising from taxes on incomes should be separately disclosed and should be classified as cash outflow under:
Separately in a cash flow statement
operating activities
Financing activities
Investing activities

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