Advantages Of Attending A Military School

Most people think going to a military school has disadvantages or takes a bad toll on children but today on this post I am going to highlight the reasons why going to a military secondary school isn’t a bad idea.

1) Discipline 

Everyone knows that you can not mess up around uniformed men. They are rules for every activity that goes on in the school and you totally know what an army slap feels like not to talk of flogging so you can not think of going against the rules. In military schools like command secondary school, Discipline is the first word on their motto before knowledge.

2) knowledge 

I can confidently tell you that military schools can boast of having the best teachers cause there teachers are carefully selected by the Federal Ministry of Defence yes I said ministry of Defence their teachers are under the ministry of defence not education. So you can be sure of having the best education.

3) Smartness 

You can not compare the smartness of a child that attended a military school to other schools. Because while they are busy trying to outsmart a soldier you are busy trying to outsmart a civilian you know the difference. When you spend six years outsmarting a soldier trust me you are totally going to survive on the streets.

3) Barrack Influence 

Attending a military school makes you get in contact with barrack peeps as well as the barrack itself. Not everything in the barracks is actually a social vice there is this feeling and vibe that comes from the barracks it grooms you to be tough for the task ahead in the outside world.

4) Easy choice of a career path 

When you are in an environment for long it tends to affect your choice of career in the future. Being around the military men makes you see the beauty and importance of their profession so its not always difficult to pick a career.

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