Q1 Those respective forms of behaviour commonly found in social life is known as…..


Q2 ……entails interpersonal contact, reciprocal responses and inner adjustment of behaviour to the action of others

Q3 For a technology to be effective, these requriements must be in place except

Q4 The following are significance of economic institution to rural farmers

Q5 … concerned with the arrangement of relationship between people for the standard production, distribution and consumption of goods and services

Q6 The following are features or characteristics of the Local Government administration in rural areas except

Q7 What type of institution serve the people of a nation in form of governments…..

Q8 ……is a universal human institution that entails a set of basic beliefs and ritualistics practices

Q9 … one of the problems of rural school in the Nigeria

Q10 Which of these is not a type of education found in rural Nigeria

Q11 Normal socialization function involves the following except….

Q12 …….is the bedrock of any technoloical change in the nation

Q13 Trainng of people for specialised adult roles is achieved throuh…….

Q14 One of the fucntion of education is to….

Q15 … the process of transmitting and acquiring the socially approved aspects of cultural heritage

Q16 The cultural levirate and knowledge are transmitted through….

Q17 Polygamy marriage in Niegria could be attributed to many factors except…..

Q18 ……is also known as a secondary form of marriage

Q19 … a type of marriage that involves the inheritance of a widow by deceased husband’s male relation

Q20 … a form of polygamy

Q21 What type of marriage encourage the offspring to belong to the extended family rather than to a particular father?

Q22 The marriage involving one woman and two or more men is known as….

Q23 The case of one man married to two or more wives is known as….

Q24 Produciton and consumption of goods and services are functions of…..

Q25 … not one of the stages in the family life of a rural family

Q26 At which age is the child given an inplanet with wide to work in the farm?

Q27 The stage when a child is able to walk to the farm himself is refered to as….

Q28 The major societal function of family is…..

Q29 Personal security of individual members of a family is one of the factors of…..

Q30 ….is described as the degree to which members of the family show solidarity in the process of performing the multifarous role by the family institution

Q31 The rural family is exposed by many features except….

Q32 …..involves a set of common procedures such as betrothel or engagement, courtship, etc

Q33 A family is also referred as…

Q34 A hosuehold is made up of relations, family members and….

Q35 ….is a kingship group linked by blood and marriage and occupying a common homeland

Q36 ….is an aspect of product effects in rural infrastructure

Q37 …is an example of indirect production effect that come from faciitating rural infrastructure

Q38 The class of community efforts in rural infrastructure is facitated by the provision of

Q39 Cooperative efforts supplies rural infrastructure through the following except

Q40 River Basin Development Authorities has the mandate to provide rural infrastructure through the following except….

Q41 Rural infrastructure are provided in the rural areas except through….

Q42 ….is not one of the efects of rural infrastructure

Q43 Rural infrastructure includes these except….

Q44 Which of these is not a form of rural farm infrastructure?

Q45 Educational and health facilities are examples of….

Q46 Transportation system are examples of….

Q47 Which of these is not a type of rural infrastructure

Q48 What type of settlement pattern discourages provision of social amenities in rural areas?

Q49 Dispersed settlement pattern is also known as….

Q50 Security from attack by either wild animals or external emenies is one of the ments of….

Q51 ….. is not related to associated factors of settlement patterns

Q52 …. is the manner of social interaction, ordering and the governance of the people within a particular area

Q53 ….guides the behaviour of individuals in the rural areas

Q54 The movement of an individual from one class or group to another is known as….

Q55 …is the tendency of social interaction to generate social differences among people

Q56 The manner in which the society ranks its members into various social classes or hierrachy is known as…..

Q57 … a patterned relationship of one person with another through expression of ideas, thought and action aimed at achieving centre goals

Q58 Which of these is not a factor responsible for rural-urban differenciation?

Q59 … the structural aspect of culture which satisfies some fundamental needs and functions of a soceity

Q60 ….is the tendency to value highly a person’s own culture and regard it as superior to the culture of others

Q61 Cosmopolites are individuals who are and often interact with…..

Q62 A person who attempts to facilitate chanages in behaviour of heir constituency or areas is known as a…..

Q63 Traditional knowledge, lcoal knowledge, country knowledge or rural peoles knowledge has been referred to as….

Q64 knowledge that is generated and transmitted by communities overtime is called……

Q65 Which of these is not a device that can create communication link between the two groups for utilization?

Q66 ….is the process by which certain groups of people who are native to their registered domicilary choose to maintain their identity within the larger group

Q67 The influence, authority and ability to control the action of others in a social system is called…

Q68 Practices or obejcts forbiden because of beliefs attached to them are called….

Q69 ….are ideas held by members of a society to be true

Q70 ….are standard views about what is acceptable, desireable and what should be independent of the circumstances or specific situation

Q71 A set of expectations applied to an occupant of a status is

Q72 A population in the system of social relationship is called….

Q73 ….is very crucial in adoption of new changes by farmers

Q74 …are customs or inteventions of people regarded as importantt for the welfare and stability of the society

Q75 …..are the customary rules and behaviours established as standards for guiding a soceity

Q76 ….is a social phenominom that is learned through the collection of members of a society

Q77 Rural areas are said to be important because

Q78 What is the purpose underlyining the study of a rural sociology?

Q79 Which of these is not an indicator of rurality?

Q80 ….is a branch of sociology which deals mainly with the study of social and cultural factors affecting the lives of the ruralites

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