Q1 Combinations of Nitrites and�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.have been used in curing solutions and curing mixtures for meats.


Q2 Common salt, sugars, vinegars, spices or oils extracted from spices are examples of �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q3 All the followings are cooking methods except�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q4 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…refers to brief immersion of fruits, vegetables, etc in boiling water or steam.

Q5 A typical canning operation cleaning, filling, exhausting, can sealing, heat processing, cooking, labelling, casing, and�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q6 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…is a total destruction of life in the food item.

Q7 Pasteurisation is dependent on temperature and �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q8 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?� defined as the combination of temperature and time to eliminate desired number of microorganisms from a food product.

Q9 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�… is a solution from which water cannot be crystallised.

Q10 Fluidised-bed freezers are used to freeze flat products, such as pastries, fish fillets and beef patties.

Q11 The life of many foods may be increased by storage at temperatures below �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q12 A sharp reduction in temperature of a food item such that the food, if in liquid form will change to a solid state is known as �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q13 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?� the removal of a small amount of heat from a food item.

Q14 There are �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.methods of low temperature storage.

Q15 Storage at �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�. prolongs the shelf life of many foods.

Q16 The six major methods commonly employed in food processing and preservation are; Temperature, Irradiation, Moisture Reduction, Fermentation, Chemical Additives and�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.�?��?�

Q17 Raw food materials can be processed by blanching, freezing, drying, heating, pasteurizing, sterilizing canning and�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q18 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.is accomplished by controlling and where possible, destroying the agents of food spoilage.

Q19 Storing a cooked product, such as a sauce, in an unsanitized container that previously stored raw meat is an example of�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q20 There are three (3) main ways cross contamination can occur: Food to food, Equipment/Utensil to food, and �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q21 Pieces of machinery which can fall into food during manufacture is an example of�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q22 Cross-contamination occurs when bacteria are transferred onto food either directly or indirectly

Q23 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.is the act of making any commodity impure by admixture of other or baser ingredients deliberately.

Q24 Chlorophylls are any type of food processing or storage causes some deterioration of the�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q25 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.are a group of more than 150 reddish water-soluble pigments that are very widespread in the plant kingdom.

Q26 Food hygiene advice falls into three main sections: �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�., cleanliness of the food area and food hygiene practice.

Q27 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.is a genus of infectious bacteria, named after the American veterinarian Daniel Elmer Salmon, who first isolated it in 1885.

Q28 Species of Organisms like Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella and Yersinia are present in the�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…

Q29 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…cause cholera, a severe infectious disease endemic to tropical countries and occasionally spreading to temperate climates.

Q30 The most common species of Staphylococcus is �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q31 Food poisoning organisms can be classified into �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.., depending on the mechanism involved in causing disease.

Q32 Botulism is poisoning caused mainly by eating food containing �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q33 The main examples of such food poisoning organisms are Clostridium botulinum, �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…and some strains of Bacillus cereus

Q34 Food Poisoning, in the broadest sense, refers to any condition in which a food causes a�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q35 Copper occurs naturally in meats and �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q36 The red pigment of the blood is known as �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…

Q37 Too much sodium causes �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.., an over accumulation of extra cellular fluid.

Q38 Diseases of calcium metabolism include,�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.. , hypervitaminosis D, hypo- and hyper-parathyroidism, and some forms of renal disease.

Q39 Ascorbic is also popularly known as �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q40 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.was first identified in 1933 as a factor necessary to cure certain skin lesions in chicks.

Q41 Thiamine deficiency can lead to �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q42 Vitamin E is chemically known as alpha tocopherol

Q43 Dairy products, eggs and cod liver oil are good sources of �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q44 Vitamin A deficiency results in �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q45 Fat-soluble vitamins include vitamins�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q46 Vitamins and minerals function as “�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.” in the metabolism of products in the body.

Q47 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..are organic compounds that function mainly in enzyme systems to enhance the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Q48 The two kinds of carbohydrates are starches and �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q49 Starch, glycogen and cellulose are all chains of �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q50 Disaccharides and polysaccharides are formed from two or more�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…joined by chemical bonds.

Q51 Cellulose, glucose, starches and sugars are all forms�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q52 Fats with a high percentage of saturated fatty acids tend to be solid at room temperature; example is�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q53 Fatty acids containing as many hydrogen atoms as possible on the carbon chain are called�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q54 Dietary fats are broken down into�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q55 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…is a concentrated source of energy, producing more than twice as much energy as equal amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.

Q56 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…is a protein-deficiency disease that primarily affects children 1 to 4 years old who are weaned on starchy foods

Q57 Foods from animal sources contain complete proteins because they include all the essential amino acids.

Q58 A chain of amino acids is known as a�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q59 The primary functions of protein are to build body tissue, regulate functions such as muscle contraction and blood pressure and�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q60 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…is a major structural protein in bones, tendons and skin.

Q61 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.are proteins that catalyse the chemical reactions of cells.

Q62 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?� a red blood cell protein involved in the transport of oxygen.

Q63 Proteins consist of many amino acids linked together by�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q64 Potatoes, cassava and yams are valuable and cheap sources of�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q65 Meats generally consist of about 20% protein,�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q66 Cheese is rich in protein and calcium and is a good source of�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q67 The vitamin C present in milk is destroyed by�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..

Q68 National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control can be abbreviated as�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…

Q69 Most cultivated yeasts belong to the genus �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.

Q70 The scientific name for Black bread mould is�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�

Q71 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..are single-celled or multicellular organism without chlorophyll that reproduces by spores and lives by absorbing nutrients from organic matter.

Q72 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�..ferment milk sugar to lactic acid

Q73 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.contribute to the fermentation (chemical breakdown) of many dairy products people eat every day.

Q74 Bacteria cause food spoilage and food borne diseases, and so must be controlled.

Q75 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�…is the scientific study of microscopic organisms and their effects in food systems.

Q76 Food Analysis which is subdivided into two main areas;�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�analysis

Q77 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.is the study of the composition of foods, their properties and how they interact with each other and the environment.

Q78 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?� the study of the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food.

Q79 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�are elements needed in large amounts for normal growth and development.

Q80 �?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.is a complex biochemical material.

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