Agbami Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

The Agbami undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is organized by Star Deep Water, a Chevron Company and an operator of the Agbami field. This is award is offered to year one and year two engineering and medical students. The stipend is worth N100,000 per year till graduation. It is a national merit award and has no special preference to host communities.

The scholarship program, funded by Star Deep and its Agbami partners, is a major component of the Agbami partners’ Social Investment in the strategic development of Health and Education in Nigeria and the Niger Delta in particular.

This Scheme Is Open To Unregistered Existing Awardees ONLY.
Registered existing awardees need not apply.
Registered existing awardees should log on to their account and update their academic details accurately.

You can get Agbami Scholarship Past Questions and Answers at #1500 on 08039407882

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