American Airlines Relocates To Marina Mall

American Airlines has moved from its old office, located at Valco Trust House, Ridge-Accra to Marina Mall, Airport City-Accra.

The decision to relocate to Marina Mall was solely to better expose the brand to the general public, this is according to the General Manager, Mr Joseph Abbey Mensah.

“Generally, relocation from the old office to Marina Mall was to better expose American Airlines. A lot of people thought, American Airlines was not in existence in Ghana anymore and we thought moving from the old office to a better exposed place would enhance our objective in trying to grow American airlines again in Ghana,” Mr Joseph Abbey Mensah said, in an interview with

He added that, relocating to Marina Mall, offers the airline company, the opportunity to be exposed to thousands of people who visit the Mall on daily basis.

“We moved to Marina Mall so we can have many customers seeing or identifying American airlines easily,” he added.

He noted that American Airlines have acquired new aircraft and have also rolled out new products and services in order to give their customers better services. He assured their clients, prospective customers and the general public of an enhanced in-flight services.

American Airlines, Ghana runs a joint service with British Airways.

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