__________ involves investment in buying or building houses, apartments and other landed property with the purpose of leasing them out.

_____________ refer to money market financial instruments that are easily convertible to physical cash

Safety of investment can only be guaranteed if is done in financial products such as __________ and __________ with high networth

_____________ means the ease with which an investment can be converted into cash.

An investment Involves _____________ of funds in acquisition of financial assets

________ refers to short term debt obligation that is taken by the government through the apex bank

Investment is also recognized as the _________ of financial resources towards enhancing a person’s income or increasing the level of earnings from invesible products in the future

A ___________ refers to a financial product which has its value dependent on the outcome of the original financial product as investment by the managers of the funds.

The fundamental purpose of investment is to generate ______________

___________ are obligations of the government

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