BFN405 – 2019

The essential consideration for evaluating loan request include the following except

·            Refrence checks

·            Credit analysis

·            Financial statement and documentation

·            Credibility of Mnagement

The following are the objectives of Lending and Credit administration except:

·            Liquidity of the Bank

·            Prompt repayment of loan

·            Ensure Balanced Loan Portfolio

·            Ineffective supervision of lending

The principal components of a loan agreement include the following except:

·          Loan commitment

·            Loan commitment greement Collateral security

·            Convenant

·            Only two of the Above

Major areas of bank policies on lending includes the following ________

·            Loan Limit

·            Loan Supervision

·            Credit Risk Management

·            All of the above

The principles of bank lending policies include the following except:

·            Diversity

·            liquidity

·            Safety

·            Honesty

……Repayment schedule

Consideration for addressing the creditworthiness of custormers seeking loan facilities include the following except:

·          Ability

·            Margin

·            Purpose

·            Profitability

Which of these is not a modality for lending and Credit Administration?

·            Loan Budget

·            Periodicity and loan grading system

·            Evaluating credits worthiness

·            Net worth individual

For effective Credit Analysis the Following consideration are required Except:

·            Character

·            Ability

·            Capacity

·            Cash inflows

The following can be used to monitor the account of custormers known for keeping large amounts of funds in their account except:

·            Account turnover

·            Trends of account balance

·            Ammount of cheque drawn

·          Intergrity of the customer



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