Bimbilla SHS closed down over clashes

Students of the Bimbilla Senior High School have been asked to go home following the renewed chieftaincy clashes in the area that has claimed 10 lives.

In addition, basic schools there have been closed for a week due to the fragile security situation.

The Police have arrested 17 people and a number of houses have been burned.

The latest conflict was ignited by the installation of a new sub-chief by the Regent of Bimbilla on Thursday, a development the other gate was not happy about, leading to sporadic gunshots.

Bimbilla is one of the poverty endemic areas in the Northern Region.

There has been sporadic violence in Bimbilla since 2014 after a contestant in the longstanding kinship dispute between members of the Gbugmayili gate was assassinated.

Properties were damaged while more than 10 people lost their lives after some butchers broke custom by refusing to offer sacrifices to Yakubu Dasana Andani whose legitimacy they challenged.

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