One of the most visible problems of oil spills has been the loss of mangrove _____


The ______ rainforest has the greatest diversity of communities of species in the terrestrial habitat…


_____ consists of the community of organisms plus the associated physical environment….


______are most often found in the early deciduous tree and shrub phases of natural succession….


___ is the process whereby deciduous trees and shrubs drop their leaves during the long dry season in order to preserve water during transpiration….


ecology is the study of _____ in relation to the surroundings in which they lives….


Reptiles include the following except….


____ is the types of eccsystem where soils were very important part of the interrelationships between climate and communities…..


____ are very common in the rainforest…..


The aim of wildlife management is to maintain and improve wildlife and control animal population by managing the ____



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