Which Section of the Marriage Act of 1949 deals with the capacity of parties to an under age marriage?
Adewale was married to Ijeoma under the Act in the year 1999, now he is dating Adaobi a member of his choir in the church and he intends to marry her in addition to his subsisting marriage, what will be your advice to him as his friend who has a knowledge of law as regards capacity?
Capacity to enter into a marriage contract is a precondition for the validity of marriage. How will you justify this statement?
To have capacity to marry, the person must not be within the prohibited degree of consanguinity or affinity. How true is this statement?
What is the meaning of “Consent to Marry”?
What kind of marriage relationship is regarded as a midway between cohabitation and formal marriage?
In which of the following cases was it held that” …it is odious custom to permit a woman to marry a woman”?
In which of the following cases was it held that Customary law in Nigeria is applicable to marriage between Nigerians but inapplicable to marriage between non Nigerians or a Nigerian and non Nigeria?
Which Section of the Martrimonial Causes Act provides that a Petitioner in proceedings for a decree for dissolution of marriage and other matrimonial issues must be domiciled in Nigeria
The marital status of people considered as married under the law of one state or country while under the law of another state such marriage is unrecognized, considered inexistent and not binding is known as what?
_____________formulates the company’s corporate and competitive strategies.
___________________ jobs strive to benefit the public.
_____________ is one of the pioneer theorists in the field of comparative management.
_____refers to the degree a person value of  assertiveness, performance, success and competition.
_____may be defined as the degree to which people prefer structured over unstructured situations.
In ________ ,values like thrift, persistance, and outlook for future are important.
____________________ can be defined as the unique lifestyle of a given human society.
The ____________approach is considered as an extension of socio-economic approach.
The ______ fallacy implies that conclusions regarding cultures are drawn from individual- level data
____are developed to yield greater cultural understanding and to allow for cross cultural comparison.
._________________ analysis is one of the first steps in strategic management in the industry
 _________________ environment is the environment that has a direct impact on the business
An organization relies on _______________ to capture opportunities
___________________ is a three-step process in which a company first identifies environmental factors that affects its business
 ____________________ analysis is a basic analytical tool in management that is often used to decide corporate strategies and make market level analysis
.__________________ analysis looks at the Political, Social, and Technological drivers of an industry
 ___________________ identified the five forces model of competitive strategy
The amount of revenue added only by the last unit of output sold is called ____________________ revenue analysis
___________________ deals with the changes to the business due to the last unit of output
The degree of complexity plus the degree of change existing in an organization’s external environment is called ___________________
In the sociology, a group refers to a number of _______who interact with one another in an established patterns
Much of social interaction takes place within ________ and is influenced by their norms and sanctions
Reference groups have two basic purposes: normative and _________
A normative function of a reference group is by setting and enforcing ________ of conduct and belief
How many number of person(s) can constitite a triad in a social group.
How many number of person(s) can constitite a dyad in a social group.
Any group in society originated at a particular time and its __________ was determined by a particular set of conditions
_______ formation of group is the judgment by one or more people that a collection of individuals can accomplish some purpose
The fact that certain people are treated in a homogeneous manner by others is _________ designation for group formation
 ________ formation of group is because people expect to derive some satisfaction for associating together.
__________ rules adopt  neither the common law jurisdictions’ broad disclosure procedures (Discovery), nor  follow  fully  the  civil  law  in  eliminating  entirely  the  ability  to  engage  in  some  disclosure‐related practices.
The concept _____ refers to whether or not arbitrators have the authority to rule on a  dispute.
The _____  the claim is the key to  “arbitrability” in international arbitration.
____________ are disputes not capable of arbitration
____________ arbitration is one conducted pursuant to the agreement which does not refer to an  institution charged with setting up arbitral tribunal and administering the proceedings.
Under the  Pension Reform Act,  the regulator National Pension Commission (PENCOM) can  refer any dispute to arbitration is an example of _____.
_______ institutional arbitration was founded 1923,
_______  is  the  binding  resolution  of  the  merits  of  business disputes between or among transnational actors through the use of one or  more arbitrators rather than the courts.
 In _______, each institution has its own set of  rules  which  provide  a  framework  for  the  arbitration,  and  its  own  form  of  administration to assist in the process.Â
______ saves parties and their lawyers the effort of determining the  arbitration procedure and of drafting an arbitration clause, which is provided by the  institution.
 One of the factors that may have contributed to the Post Fordist era was the realization that people are not ____________________
 ________________________ Management was based on the belief that workers should be given simplified tasks with no autonomy
Demographics, identity and technology in particular are strongly associated with a phenomena known as
The world is a _________________ environment consisting of diverse and numerous groups of people
_________________ indicates who we are individually and collectively and our affiliations can be diverse
_________________ is the third major factor impacting on the business environment
___________________ is an identity within layer ethnic, national, industry and religious identities
The _____________________________was formed to gain collective advantages of size and integration, as evidence by the introduction of the Eurodollar
_______________________ approaches to organizational development focus directly on the work that is performed in organizations
__________________________is the most disturbing feature of the worlds demography
 ______________________consist of a reduction in employees aimed at reducing costs and altering the organization’s structure
 _____________________ is a strategy employed by organizations in other to develop a competitive edge
 ________________________is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make flexible long term plans
 _______________________analysis is used to manage risk and develop robust strategic plans in the face of an uncertain future
Downsizing, Megers, acquisitions are some of the common strategies of ______________________ in organizations
__________________ occurs as a result of decline changes in organization structure or the belief that smaller and more flexible organization forms are better
_____________________occurs when another  firm takes over another company
 __________________ analysis helps to establish indicators that create a frame work to monitor the execution of a strategy
The second function of public sector scenarios is to engage ___________________
The whole premise behind ____________________theory is that the panel members are in fact experts in their field in other to yield more accurate results
The folowing are correct of arbitration and submission clauses except ______.
 The doctrine of “midnight clauses” means that _________.
_____ The  Supreme Court held per Udoma JSC that the appropriate remedy therefore for a  breach of a submission is not damages but its enforcement.
In ________, the Supreme Court held that it was an abuse of the Court  process for the respondent to institute a fresh suit in Nigeria against the appellant  for the same dispute during the pendency of the arbitration proceedings in London.Â
The doctrine of separability of the arbitration clause means that _____.
______ is the leading case on this doctrine of separability .
By virtue of section ___________ of  the ACA, a  ruling by  the  tribunal on its  jurisdiction is final and binding and is not subject to appeal
 Section ______ provides that “A court shall not intervene in any matter  governed by this Act, except where so provided in this Act”.
The decision of the arbitrators is called ____.
The requirements of award in Nigeria are stated in section _____ of ACA.
The popular ICA defintions is in what year __________
“Cooperative is organized by people so that they can solve their common and environmental problems” is which cooperative value?
When each member benefits according to his level of contribution to the co-operative business is called ________
When cooperative treats all members as equal in the conduct of their affairs without discrimination.
When Co-operatives assist the poor and the handicapped, but within their financial capacity is called _______
Cooperative believes in” one member, one vote” system of decision-making and its called ________
Cooperative is anchored on the spirit of “All for each” and “Each for all”This is called __________
Co-operators must be straight forward in their relationship with one another and even non-members is known as ______
Members have identical purpose, common values , communication among the members are ______ of a cooperative.
Physical environment, population, technology, and social inequality serve as forces of change ________
_____________________ are restrictions imposed on the researcher by the nature of the reaserch its self.
________________________ is a research design in which a group of people or items is studied by collecting and analyzing sample data or data from the entire population
The list of other records of the population from which all the sampling units are drawn is called___________________________
_______________________ is a diagram obtained by connecting the mid points of the bars or blocks to form the histogram of the given set of grouped data
___________________ refers to drop out problems that prevent the researcher from obtaining complete information on all cases or subjects.
_________________ is the hypothesis which states that “no difference or ” no relationship exists between two or more variables
____________________ refers to the extent to which the results of a study can be generalized beyond the sample which is to say that you can apply your findings to other people and setting
________________ is the type of questionaire in which respondents are given reponse alternatives by the researcher
Any variable other than the independent variable which might have an effect on the dependent variable is called __________________________
Hypotheses are usually experienced in form of a ____________________________ between dependent and independent variable
You can come up with a __________________ either by deduction from theories or directly from observations or by institution
In research,________________involves equaling the experimental and control groups on extrinsic variables that are presumed to be related to the research hyopthesis
________________________are propositions explaining certain phenomenon.
In survey research design, if the survey involves the study of the entire population, it is referred to as _______________________
_________________design seeks to establish cause and effect relationships and the researcher attempts to link some already existing effects to some variable causative agents
A good____________________ is usually about 100 words in length and approximately four paragraphs
criterion related validity can alternatively be referred to as _______________________
____________________ survey seeks to ascertain how some dimensions, variables and characteristics of a given population change with time.
The research______________________acts as a catalyst for discussion between the person conducting the research and the manager
___________________ provides the researcher with the necessary framework for tackling a particular research problem
There are a number of factors both internal and ______ which affect group functioning.
Nature of the Group Members or Work Force can be categorised under ______factor.
Political Forces can be categorised under ______ factor.
Deficiencies in Existing Management Structure can be categorised under _____ factor.
Technology can be categorised under _____factor
Change in Managerial Personnel can be categorised under ________ factor.
Marketing Conditions can be categorised under ______ factor.
Social change and political forces can be categorized under _____ factor.
Violence, peaceful demostration, negative propaganda, intimidation, threats among other are some group ________
Evaluation is the process of determining the extent to which the goals of the group have been _______
_____________________ can simply be defined as the process of arriving at dependable solutions to problems through planned and systematic collection, analysiss and interpretation of data.
A process of ___________________________focuses on the concept of co-variation and association between two or more variables
Tthe process through which subjects are randomly arranged to experimental and control group is called
In research ________________________occurs when the respondents or subjects are told only part of the truth or when the truth is fully compromised.
____________________represents a collection of behaviours that are associated in a meaningful way to create an image
__________________is an assumption or proposition whose veracity and validity must be established
A________________________variable can be referred to as a numerical attribute of an individual or object
_________________________statistic is a parametric tool used in testing parametric hypothesis
A________________________relationship exists when two variables mutually influence or reinforce one another
An empirically applicable concept that takes on two or more values is called_______________________________
A public corporation is required by law to submit to the parliament it’s _____________________________ for a given financial year
_____________________________of public corporation is necessary to compel them to provide the services they are created to provide in the public interest
In the executive board, majority of members on the board are staff of ________________________ organisation
The implementation of policies and day to day operation of the organisation are carried out by the
_________________________ is being answerable for the performance of given responsibilities and according to the standards set
Quality of product and service rendered, annual reports, external audit, press confrence, Physical inspection are examples of ___________________methods by other agencies
___________________________is the function which a manager performs that enables corrective action to be taken
_________________________is the implication of heavy dependency on government for funding by the public enterprises
_________________________ is a situation whereby government in its capacity as a shareholder in a joint venture contribute to increase the capital of the enterprise
Funds given to public enterprise to assist them offset the losses they incurred due to operations of uneconomic routes, governmental control of tarriffs and prices are called __________________________
__________________________Involves the disposal of all part of shares held by the government directly or through any of its agencies in the corncern under consideration to carry on business
Commercialization in Nigeria began in
_______________________________can bring about private monopoly
____________________________is the re-organisation of enterprise wholly or partly owned by the government in which such enterprise shall operate as profit making venture
_________________________could surface as foreigners may buy majority of shares
 Under _______________________ commercialization, enterprises will be expected to generate enough revenue to cover their operating expenditures
The arrangement of personnel for facilitating the accomplishment of some agreed organisation purpose through allocation of functions and responsibilites is called ______________________
___________________________ is the chain of events involved in identifying, analyzing and choosing the best alternative from any analysed alternatives and implementing it.
_________________________ is a creativity technique that involves the spontaneous identification of alternatives by individuals interacting in an unrestrained setting
__________________________ is a creativity technique that involves the identification of novel alternatives through the joining together of different and apperantly irrelevant elements
________________________ is a publicly-owned corporation, which manages public resources and is subject to mechanisim of accountability
CBN, NTA, FRCN among others are enterprises that fall under __________________________
____________________________ is the utilization of resourses to achieve organisational goals efficiently, economically and effectively
One factor that accelerated the growth of public enterprises in Nigeria was the indigenization policy of
The location of public enterprises had been defended on the need to maintain ______________________________and promote national integration
The principle actors in the management of ________________________ are the boards, the general manager/managing director and the secretary of the board.
Public enterprises derive their revenues from financial institutions in form of _______________________________
_________________________________is a situation whereby a private entreprenuer funds a particular project for a particular enterprise and is refunded later with interest
_______________________________are signals, standards and landmarks which management watches to ensure that the desired objective will be achieved.
The success of public enterprises depend on the strict application of ______________________
The gravity model, in its basic form, predicts trade based on the distance between countries and the interaction of the countries’ ______
The Ricardian theory of comparative advantage became a basic constituent of ________  trade theory.
One fundamental principle in international trade is that one should buy goods and services from a country which has the lowest price, and sell his goods and services to a country which has the ______
_______ is a policy by which a government does not discriminate against imports or interfere with exports by applying tariffs (to imports) or subsidies (to exports) or quotas.
Cheaper imports, New technologies, Spur of foreign competition are all advantages of _______
________ is a major hold back of globalization.
Imports and exports of different countries provide opportunities to the consumer to buy and consume those goods which cannot be produced in their own country. They therefore get ______in choices
Economists generally agree that trade barriers are detrimental and decrease overall economic efficiency, this can be explained by the theory of ______
(SAFTA) denote __________
A _________ is granted to a business by the government, and allows the business to import a certain type of good into the country.
One of the followinging suggested that attitude is one of the most powerful forces affecting pupils progress
The following are the problems of teachers except
Factors that present problem in teaching and learning of mathematics is\are
Selection of goods cannot be done without considering the following except
Mathematics teaches the economy of the following axcept
Which of these is an example of material for models with transparent material
One of this is not a type of specific method of teaching
_____method helps students interact with learning materials
Which of the following serves as a purpose for group method
 which of this is not an advantage of group method
If the government of a country imposes a tariff on the imports from another country they ______ the world price by the amount of the tariff they impose.
The legal instrument embodying the results of the Uruguay round of multilateral trade negotiations were adopted in Marrakech on ________
The trade in goods involve agreement on implementation of  ______of GATT 1994 (Customs valuation), agreement on Reshipment Inspection (RSI) and others.
The ability of governments and business enterprises to benefit from the system depends greatly on their knowledge and understanding of the rules of the ______
The trade and environmental committee says that if a dispute arises over a trade action taken  under an environmental agreement, and if both  sides to the dispute have signed that agreement, then they should try to use the  _______ to settle the dispute.
Countries  can  make  it  difficult  for  firms  to  import  by  imposing restrictions and being _______
The core goal of the WTO is to ______ international trade.
The difference between visible imports and visible exports means _______
________means an economic loss which a country suffers on account of an increase in its factor endowment or a natural windfall
Commodity terms of trade is also known as _______
 It is the ratio of the price index number of exports to the price index of imports of the country concerned means……………………….
NIEO denotes ______________
New International Economic Order declaration lays emphasis on more efficient and equitable management of interdependence of the………………………..
Planning as an instrument of economic development in India goes back to the year ______ when Sri Visves published his book “Planned economy for India.”
India embarked on the path of planned economic development on April 1, 1951.  Since then, she has gone through _______
__________ means “a reduction in the dependence on foreign aid, diversification of domestic production and a consequential reduction in imports for certain critical commodities and the promotion of exports to enable us to pay for imports from our own resources.
The phrase ad valorem is Latin for “according to value”, and this type of tariff is levied on a good based on a ________ of that good’s value.
Free trade benefits consumers through ______ choice and reduced prices
International trade is being influenced by the following problems except _______
________ is a form international trade involves soliciting orders from foreign countries for goods and services that are made in a country and then shipped abroad
Which of these is an example of material for models with transparent material
One of this is not a type of specific method of teaching
_____method helps students interact with learning materials
Which of the following serves as a purpose for group method
 which of this is not an advantage of group method
One of the followinging suggested that attitude is one of the most powerful forces affecting pupils progress
The following are the problems of teachers except
Factors that present problem in teaching and learning of mathematics is\are
Selection of goods cannot be done without considering the following except
Mathematics teaches the economy of the following axcept
According to ___ administrative law is a branch of public law which is concerned with the composition, powers duties, rights and liabilities of the various organs of government which are engaged in administration.
From _______ point of view, administrative law includes the law relating to the civil service, local government law, the law relating to nationalized industries.
_____ definition of administrative law is more on function rather than on structure.
Administrative law is an aspect of _____.
The confussion that arosed between constitutional law and administrative law  is because __
_____ “demonstrated the futility of importing the unwritten constitutional conventions of Britain in the interpretation of the written Constitution of Nigeria, since these conventions have not been incorporated into the Nigerian constitution”.
The assertion that “constant experience shows us that every man invested with power is apt to abuse it, and to carry his authority as far as it will go. To prevent such abuses it is necessary that power should toe checked by power” is the basis for _____.
Administrative and Constitutional law are both concerned with the functions of _______
The doctrine of “Separation of Powers” stemmed from the observation of ____ of the conditions prevalent in seventeenth century England.
________ law deals with the legal relationship between ordinary individuals, partnerships, companies, etc.
which of the following is not a purpose of instructional aids
which of these is an example of instructional aids
One of this not an example of models
a model consist of which of the following
which of the following is a feature of a good instructional aid
a psychologist whose research is on the stages of intellectual development of children
which of these is not a material for measuring
which of these is not a material for primary school level
which of these is a feature of individualized instructions
which of the following is not a characteristics of reluctant learner
The executive function is often split into administrative and _____
A quasi-government bodies formed for the sole purpose of performing some specific functions given to them by the government is known as ____.
______ has been accepted largely through the ‘influence of Dicey to describe certain obligations created by constitutional law, whether they derive from custom, agreement; or expediency._____ is not one of the classification of corporations.
According to _______, ‘He who bids the law rule, bids God and reason rule, but he who bids man rule adds an element of the beast; for desire is a beast, and passion perverts rulers, even though they be the best of man’.
The origin of constitution or law can be traced to the works of all except
______  is law made by an administrative authority, public authority or agency to whom the constitution or an enabling statute has given power to make law.
____  an example of industrial corporation in Nigeria.
Fundamental elements of the rule of law include all except
The development of corporation during colonial era in Nigeria was stimulated by all except
________ is not an example internal control of delegated legislation by the Executive.
____ is used to ask the question of “by whose authority”
The legislature usually takes part in the making of subsidiary law by ___.
____  has the mandate to consider subsidiary laws laid or laid in draft before the house and call the attention of the House to them on a number of grounds
_________ defined certiorari as one of the prerogative remedies by which an ultra vires act may be challenged usually by an order issued by the high tribunals or bodies in order that their legality may be investigated.
Certiorari is a Latin word which means
Bye-law is enacted by ___ .
Law pass in an emergency by the government when parliament is unable to sit is called _____.
The prerogative remedy of prohibition is available to an applicant only to prevent the performance of administrative action which must be _____ in nature.
______ is an order of court restraining an inferior court, tribunal, public or administrative authority 11cm exercising its judicial or quasi-judicial powers.
Order of _____ is an order aimed to prevent the exercise, or continuation of the exercise of judicial or quash-judicial powers, which is likely to affect the applicant’s right.
_________ management is concerned with the formulation and implementation of strate-gies and policies.
Steers and Porter _______, work motivation is a factor that sustain and manage employee behaviour.
Porter and Miles (1974), put some theories about motivation and they gathered into _____ categories.
_____ encompasses change and competition.
Organizational_______ are the factors for the motivation of the employees and pro socially motivated employees.
______ maintains that when the value of a reward to the individual is increased,individual motivation and performance increases.
Reward strategies and the processes that are required to implement them have to flow from the ___________.
______ justice refers to how rewards are provided to people.
______ justice refers to the ways in which managerial decisions are made and reward policies are put into practice.
 ______ factors that affect perceptions of procedural justice as identified by Tyler and Bies.
______ is achieved when people are rewarded appropriately in relation to others within the organization.
________ exists when people understand how reward processes function and how they are affected by them.
______consist of the ways in which policies are implemented and practices carried out.
The _____ point of the reward system is the business strategy of the organization.
______ benefits include pensions, sick pay, insurance cover, company cars and a number of other perks.
 _________ rewards do not involve any direct payments and often arise from the work itself.
______ is the combination of financial and non-financial rewards available to employees.
_____ consists of the financial rewards represented by total earnings plus the value of the benefits received by employees.
______ policies are sets of specific guidelines for decision making and course of action.
A policy is required on the degree to which ______considerations should drive the management of the reward system.
______ play a critical role in administering rewards, and the policy should be recognised.
Reward management takes place within the context of the ______ and external environments.
The ______ of the organization can make a significant impact on reward management policy and practice.
The______ of a business exerts a major influence on the internal environment how work is organized, managed and carried out.
One of the most important factors that reward and HR strategies have to address for the future is _____ change.
Total reward combines the impact of the ___ major categories of reward.
_______ management processes are a powerful means of providing relational rewards.
_______ is one of the most powerful methods of rewarding people.
_______ management is about ensuring that the organization attracts, retains, motivates and develops the talented people it needs.
_______ is the belief that if we do one thing it will lead to another.
In Nigeria secondary schools during the pre-colonial period, mathematics was divided into ……..
When was Universal Primary Education (UPE) introduced?
The Minister of Education that abolished the controversial modern mathematics curriculum in all Nigerian secondary schools is …….
The Mathematics curriculum in the secondary mathematics is ……… and the content are described ………
Mathematics is a very useful tool for ……..
The following are some of parts of a well stated specific behavioural objectives, except ……….
Mathematics is fundamental to the use of ……..
The following belong to the domain of cognitive learning …….
The new curriculum of mathematics emphasise teaching mathematics as ……..
In 1978, mathematics curriculum was provided for the nation by ……..
________ is as old as human organization.
The scientific management school placed special emphasis upon _________
________ is often referred to as the father of Scientific Management.
Gilbreth is known for his work on time and _______ studies.
The first principles of management were advocated by a French engineer and ______
The Management Theory Jungle has classified the major schools of management into  _________ broad areas.

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