Consumer products are those products bought by _________ consumers for personnal consumption

Q1 The Double Entry Rule is applicable to the following class of accounts, except_________.

Q2 The accounting equation is assessed in a financial position statement called __________.

Q3 “The Nigerian factor has contributed to businesses that are not carrying out its social responsibility”

Q4 Quantum meruit ,as one of remedies for contracts could be claimed in a variety of circumstances, except one_____.

Q5 A contract may be discharged by the following way, except on the basis of _______.

Q6 A contract may be declared null and void except under which condition?

Q7 ________ is Is a promise or a commitment to do or reframe from doing some specifying things in the future.

Q8 How many conditions must be fulfilled for a contract to be enforceable?

Q9 What class of contracts invloves two parties making mutal promiises?

Q10 Kurfi( 2005) identified how many classes of contracts?

Q11 Which is not a condition for warranty?

Q12 An agreement between two parties for the second party to have an item under some conditions, until such conditions are fulfill, the item is still that of the first party is called—.

Q13 Which of these is not a factor that business can control?

Q14 Who had identified the cultural characteristics and trend that may be of interest to business?

Q15 In 1993 and arising from the annulement of the June 12th Elections how many Heads of State did Nigeria have?

Q16 “Many years ago, James Bumhan, in the management revolution argued that ownership had been divorce from control.”

Q17 One of the following does not portend a positive side of managers of a business.

Q18 Which of thse is not a specific environment to business?

Q19 How many different types of Laws affect business in Nigeria ?

Q20 When did Oluegun Obasanjo take over power as Nigerian elected President?

Q21 What percetage of the workforce in the America was estimated to be in service business in the mid 90s?

Q22 Which of these is not a factor for consideration by a manufacturer in deciding on transportation of goods?

Q23 When you add value to product s in their natural forms you are a ______________.

Q24 Who amongst of these is not a producer?

Q25 How types of Businesses are memtioned in the study material?

Q26 Which Companies Registration Document contains notices, circular, advertisement or other invitation offering the public subscription or purchase of shares or debentures

Q27 What is the maximum number of people allowed to form a Private Limited Liability Company?

Q28 Which of these kind of companies are their liabilities not limited by the money they have contributed to the business?

Q29 A———–an association of investors who buy or own shares in a company for the purpose of carrying on a business

Q30 One of these is not an advantage of Partnership?

Q31 How partners are required to sign the Article of Association to make enforceable?

Q32 The “Constitution” of the partnership is drawn by _________

Q33 What document regulates the activities of the partnership business.

Q34 The sources of funds for a partnership do not include which of these_____________.

Q35 Who is known to the public as a partner but does not take active part in the management of the firm.

Q36 The same number of people are required in the onwership of a busines as well as in the case of a bank.

Q37 One of these is not a feature of Partnership. Which one?

Q38 There basically _____ types of Partnerships.

Q39 How many types of partners exist in a partnership?

Q40 Which of these is not an advantage to sole proprietorship?

Q41 ______ is not a source of funds for a Sole Trader.

Q42 One of these is not a feature of a sole trader.

Q43 ______ Defined a Sole Trading as a form of business enterprise in which one man owns and manages the business.

Q44 A sole trader represents all these, execept one________________

Q45 When did sole trading commenced in Nigeria?

Q46 Which kind of business is own and managed by one man?

Q47 Initial use of Mangement Science to solve problems dates back to _________

Q48 Henry Taylor expanded the five key management functions into how many principles?

Q49 Who invented the mechanical calculator that to today’s computer?

Q50 Which of these is not a classification in Administrative Organization?

Q51 Administrative Organizations can be classified into how many groups ?

Q52 Who differentiated between Administration and Management theory?

Q53 Which of these authorities stated that:�??All understandings require planning, organization, command, coordination and control and in order to function properly, ——-“?

Q54 _______ refers to the sale,transfer or exchange of goods and services.

Q55 who amongst the following beneficiaries from business tax?

Q56 Your contribution to business depends on the following factors, except your__________

Q57 In which of the following roles you don’t have a relationship with the buiness world?

Q58 One of how many objectives relates to the Profit Motive?

Q59 What business objectives involves doing things that people around the business will benefit?

Q60 One of these is not a characteristics of Business.

Q61 Which of these is not a Material Resource buisnesses use?

Q62 _____ is the business activities involved in advertising,distributing and selling products produced.

Q63 What a Business does can be grouped in how many activities?

Q64 The following are Goods,except_______.

Q65 ______ defined Business as all of the activities of an individual or group of individuals in producing and distributing goods and services to customers.

Q66 The cost of giving up in a choice sitation is called _______

Q67 ______ can be physically measured.

Q68 Which of these best describes things you wish you could have?

Q69 This course material was first printed in ______.

Q70 Which of these authors summarised everything about business?

Q71 Which of these offers you the opportunity for physical and personal contact with your Tutor?

Q72 How many TMAs will account to a percentage of your overall current assessment?

Q73 Which of thee asssessment techniques tests your knowledge of the course materials?

Q74 How many Study Units are contained in Module 1?

Q75 The course is structured into how many Modules?

Q76 Which of these is not a major component of the course?

Q77 The objectives of the course include the following, except———-.

Q78 _____ is the life-wire of the economy.

Q79 It contains ______ Units in all.

Q80 This is a _______ Level Course.


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