Do not put your arms
around me
and strill call me sister;
I’m afraid
you’re spoiling it
for us.


It twitches in me
as it twitches in you,
that sums up not
the whole matter:
it soon multiplies
and send down
the sparks;
and then
the sweet bitter end,
would I stil be
your sister?
Could I still call you brother?



Dear sister,
my mind wore
your mouth last night.
I saw sincerity
around your
candid confession.


Thank you,sister.
Take thanks truthful,
unpretentious sister.
I thought there would be no twitching in you like in me.
Now I know:
two twitches all alone,
make more twitches.
Now I would touch you
for more twitches,
then you would call me
brother,my sister!

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