How could the concept of selective incapacitation be successful in a time when prison populations are excessively high?

Our text defines selective incapacitation “Incapacitating high-risk offenders believed to pose substantial probability of additional crime, usually through imprisonment.”(Allen,H Ed. 14) This concept can be effective because it enforces the imprisonment of criminals that have committed violent crimes and alterative […]

How could the appellate system be made more effective?

An unsuccessful party ina lawsuit must file an appeal with an appellate court in order to have the decision reviewed. In the United States, appellate courts exist at both the federal and the state levels. On the federal level, decisions of the U.S.district courts, where civil and criminal matters are tried, can be appealed to the U.S. court of appeals for the circuitcovering the district court.” (Stewart, 2006) Honestly, I did not know what an appeal really was before reading this week’s lesson. I thought an appeal was a form filled out by a criminal who then argues their sentence in front of a judge. […]