Three major ways of classifying childhood are early childhood, ______and later childhood EYE'  stands for ______ In Nigeria, anybody under the age of 18 years is also seen as . . . . Pre-primary education is given to children aged _______ According to National Policy on … Continue reading


Which of the following is the mostly used quantitative approach to site selection? _______________ Which of the following is among the sequence of activities in a project? ____________- The longest time sequence of activities is referred to as ______________ Which of the … Continue reading


A series of related steps or tasks expressed in chronological order to achieve a specified purpose is called?  A statement of what may, must or must not be done in a particular situation or when playing a game is refered to as  ------?  Organizational  policies stated outwardly … Continue reading


The British parliament although supreme but is subject to its international obligations Administrative agencies cannot exceed the scope of authority granted to them by the ational Assembly Which of the following is one of the major functions of the legislature Which of the … Continue reading