CIT311 – 2019


which layer of the OSI model does a bridge operate on?

·            Physical Layer

·          Network Layer

·            Data Link Layer

·            Transport Layer

In _. operation, both stations may transmit simultaneously

·            syncrhoneous

·            half-duplex

·            full-duplex

·            assynchronous

FTP applications are considered at which level of the OSI model?

·            Layer 7

·            Layer 4

·            Layer 5

·            Layer 6

which layer of the OSI model does an intelligient switch operate on

Answer….Layer 3


Language rules and regulations are considered at what level of the OSI model?

·            Layer 7

·          Layer 4

·            Layer 5…not ans

·            Layer 6

EGP is handled by which network operating system?

·            DECent

·            Net Ware

·            TCP/IP

·            Apple Talk

Sub-netting was developed to solve the following problems except?

·            Waste of IP address space

·            Increase in Size of Routing Tables

·            security

·            cost of network devices

_.. occurs between transmitters and receivers over some transmission medium

·            Data transmission

·            Data transition

·            Data transformation

·            Data integrity

_. signal takes on continuous values on some interval

·            syncrhoneous

·            digital

·            Analog

·            assynchronous

What is the main function of the routing algorithm?

·            routing packets from the source to destination

·            It decides which output line an incoming packet should be transmitted on

·            routing packets from one device to another

·            routing packets from destination to source


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