Q1 What type of failure occurs when Oracle fails due to an operating system or computer hardware failure? ____________
Application failure
Media Failure
Rollback failure
Instance Failure

Q2 Which two files are used during operation of the DBMS ____________
Query languages and utilities
DML and query language
Data dictionary and transaction log
Data dictionary and query language

Q3 Which of the following is the disadvantage of computerized database over manual database is ____________
Information can be retrieved quickly
Data can be stored quickly
Repeated information and consistency problem can be resolved
Electricity is required all the times

Q4 What is relational database? ____________
A database that is related to other databases
A database to store human relations
A database with non-relational data
A place to store relational information

Q5 Which of the following method can be used to add more tables in a database? ____________
Design View
Table Wizard
By Entering Data
Display view

Q6 What is the best data type for a field that stores mobile numbers? ____________

Q7 What do you need if you should enforce many­to­many relationship between two tables? ____________
Parent table
Child table
Junction table
Many­to­many relationship can’t be created in database

Q8 Identify the relationship between a Movie table and Stars table: ____________
One to one
One to many
Many to many
Many to one

Q9 What is the maximum allowed field size for Boolean (Yes/No) fields? ____________

Q10 The text you typed in Description column in Table Design View is displayed on ____________
Description bar in forms
Report Footer when printed
Title bar of MS Access while entering data
Status bar while entering data

Q11 Which filter method lets you filter records based on criterion you specify? ____________
Filter by form
Filter by selection
Auto filter
Advanced filter

Q12 For a three-schema architecture, there is strict partition between external, internal and conceptual level and language used in this structure is ____________
logic map language
concept mapping language
storage mapping language
view definition language

Q13 In DBMS, record-at-a-time manipulation language is also called ____________
high level data manipulation language
internal level data manipulation language
external level data manipulation language
low level data manipulation language

Q14 Usage of operations with help of arguments without considering structure of operation implementation is known as ____________
program operation dependence
interface implementation independence
program structural independence
program operation independence

Q15 In database management system, executing process or executing program which considers updating or reading of records stored in database is called ____________

Q16 When primary key is null of new tuple then constraint violated is ____________
entity integrity constraint
null integrity constraint
primary integrity constraint
secondary integrity constraint

Q17 On a relational database, kind of constraint which must be specified and does not contain large classes of constraints is considered as ____________
referential integrity constraint
null integrity constraint
secondary integrity constraint
semantic integrity constraints

Q18 Representation of query in form of data structure is known as ____________
query graph
scanner tree
parser tree
query tree

Q19 Menu-driven interface of DBMS and forms-style interface of DBMS is classified as ____________
conceptual user interface
graphical user interface
controlled user interface
structural user interface

Q20 Structuring of database by specifying types and constraints of data is classified as ____________
creating a database
analyzing a database
filtering a database
defining a database

Q21 Which of the following is not true of SQL views? _____________
Oracle views are created using the standard SQL-92 CREATE VIEW command.
Oracle views can by queried.
The SQL-92 standard does not allow the use of the ORDER BY clause in view definitions.
Oracle views cannot use the ORDER BY clause in view definitions.

Q22 Device which scans program code and extract them from database management system for processing is classified as _____________
foreign processor
secondary processor
primary processor

Q23 The options like Relationship, SQL Server etc. are found in _____________
External data tab
Database tools tab
Create tab
Home tab

Q24 Why do you pin an item in list? _____________
To mark it to delete from list
To move it up and make it always available
To make it default database when you open Access
To remember it always

Q25 Which of the following field type is used to store photograph of employees? _____________

Q26 Which of following relationship type is not possible to realize in Access Database directly? _____________
One to one
One to many
Many to many
Many to one

Q27 What type of relationship exists between a Teacher table and Class table? _____________
One to many
Many to many
One to one
Two to two

Q28 Arrange according to the size _____________
Record, field, byte, bit
Bit, field, byte, record
Field, byte, record, bit
Byte, bit, record, field

Q29 What is the size of Data & Time field type? _____________

Q30 Which of the following filter method is not available in MS Access? _____________
Filter by selection
Filter by form
Advanced filter
Filter by group

Q31 Which filter method lets you filter the records that match the selected field? _____________
Filter by form
Filter by selection
Auto filter
Advanced filter

Q32 Non-procedural language and procedural language are categorised as types of _____________
internal mapping language
logical path language
external mapping language
data manipulation language

Q33 Strategy in which resulting schema from integration of pairs of schemas are further integrated by pairing is classified as _____________
binary balanced strategy
mixed pairing strategy
schema pairing strategy
ternary balanced strategy

Q34 Strategy in which few high level entity types split into low level entity types is known as _____________
bottom up strategy
inside out strategy
mixed strategy
top down strategy

Q35 The Property of DBMS which ensures execution of all operations in transaction or none of operation is executed is known as _____________
atomicity property
isolation property
online execution property
offline execution property

Q36 The Key which specifies that two different tuples cannot have same value is known as _____________
simple key
parallel key
conceptual key
super key

Q37 Type of relational database which incorporate concepts of object database is classified as _____________
functional object system
behavioral relational system
extended objects system
extended relational system

Q38 Which of these is not among the procedures for choosing a suitable query out of all queries _____________
Query generator
query optimization
parser optimization
processing optimization

Q39 Type of function which allows performing additional operations and sending messages to other tables in database program is considered as _____________

Q40 Specification given to database management system regarding data whether it is string, integers or special characters is classified as _____________
type of data stored
type of query asked
type of structure developed
sequence of data cycle

Q41 The different classes of relations created by the technique for preventing modification anomalies are called: ___________
referential integrity constraints.
functional dependencies.
None of the above is correct.
normal forms.

Q42 After a table has been created, its structure can be modified using the SQL command: ___________
ALTER TABLE [TableName].

Q43 A ___________ represents the number of entities to which another entity can be associated
mapping cardinality

Q44 The options like Save, Open Database, Print are available in ___________
Home tab
Backstage View tab
File menu
Database Tools tab

Q45 From which version Microsoft introduced Backstage View for Access Interface? ___________
Access 2003
Access 2007
Access 2010
Access does not have Backstage View

Q46 What field type is best to store serial numbers? ___________

Q47 You can display data from multiple tables by using ___________
Page break
Sub form
Columnar form
Tabular form

Q48 For which kind of relationship you need a junction table to reflect real world situation? ___________
One to one
One to many
Many to many
Many to one

Q49 Which of following relationship type is not possible to realize in Access Database directly? ___________
One to one
One to many
Many to many
Many to one

Q50 You can find Sort & Filter group of commands in ___________
Home ribbon
Create ribbon
Database tools ribbon
Fields ribbon

Q51 The raw facts about things are known as: ___________

Q52 Strategy in which schema with basic abstractions are added into other abstractions is known as ___________
inside out strategy
top down strategy
bottom up strategy
mixed strategy

Q53 Concept in which same names are used by two different schemas to specify same idea is called ___________

Q54 The Constraint violated when given value of attribute is not included in corresponding domain is ___________
attribute constraint
key constraint
lock constraint
domain constraint

Q55 In relational database management system, server is classified as ___________
SQT server
SQL server
SQR server
ODBC server

Q56 In relational databases, keys which are considered as type of reference attribute are known as ___________
composite keys
string keys
floating keys
foreign keys

Q57 Processor used to run code of queries of interpreted mode or compiled mode is classified as ___________
query optimization processor
parser runtime processor
query graphic processor
runtime database processor

Q58 System which provides active rules to initiate certain actions after meeting specific conditions is classified as ___________
graphical business structure
indexed structure system
triggered database system
active database system

Q59 Type of constraints that specifies uniqueness of data stored in database are considered as ___________
business rules
controlled rules
structural rules

Q60 Collection of known and useful raw facts that has some meaning and can be processed in useful way is classified as ___________
management oriented facts
updated facts
recorded facts

Q61 The primary key is selected from the: __________
composite keys.
foreign keys.
candidate keys.

Q62 A primary key if combined with a foreign key creates __________
Many to many relationship between the tables that connect them
Network model between the tables that connect them
Security features
Parent-Child relationship between the tables that connect them

Q63 A __________ is a set of column that identifies every row in a table.
composite key
candidate key
foreign key
super key

Q64 The feature that database allows to access only certain records in database is: __________

Q65 You can display Backstage View by clicking on __________
File menu
Home tab
Control box
Quick Access Toolbar

Q66 Which of following relationship type is not possible to realize in Access Database directly? __________
One to one
One to many
Many to many
Many to one

Q67 What type of relationship exists between a Student table and Fees table? __________
One to one
One to many
Many to many
One to many and many to many

Q68 To display associated record from related table in datasheet view, you can __________
Double click the record
Apply filter by form command
Single click on expand indicator (+) next to the record
Double click on expand indicator (+) next to the record

Q69 Which of the following field type can store maximum data? __________
Yes/No fields
Date/Time fields
Text fields
Memo fields

Q70 By Grouped Report you understand __________
Type of report generated by the Report Wizard
Type of report that present records sorted in ascending or descending order as you specify
Type of report that displays data grouped by fields you specified
Type of non-dynamic report

Q71 Mechanism developed to enforce users to enter data in required format is: __________
Data validation
Input mask
Data verification

Q72 When two different schemas used a same name to describe schemas, this is called __________

Q73 Representation of queries in form of data structure graph is classified as __________
scanner tree
parser tree
query tree
query graph

Q74 If two or more constraints are violated by using insert operation then by default the __________
insert is rejected
insert is accepted
insertion permanently blocked
none of above

Q75 Multi-valued dependencies and functional dependencies are category of __________
relation dependencies
entity dependencies
attribute dependencies
data dependencies

Q76 High level query language used in relational database is known as __________

Q77 Concept which checks syntax of query whether is written according to rules of grammar is classified as __________
query graph
query tree

Q78 In large database management applications, the customary constraints are classified as __________
controlled rules
business rules
redundancy rules
index rules

Q79 Database catalog or dictionary defining descriptive information which is stored in database is known as __________
constrained data
basic data
filtered data

Q80 Row in a database is synonymous with the term: __________

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