Q1 The act of not seeing the mind, but study it through the ways in which it manifests itself is ___
 Q2 Who carried out many experiments using rats, pigeons and other animals in order to understand how they respond to their environment______
 Q3 Who defined psychology as the scientific study of human behavior____________

Q4 The type of psychology that deals almost exclusively with people who are mentally ill or who are experiencing behavioural problems is ___

Q5 The type of psychology that stresses the way in which children learn, and how to help children who are not doing well at school is ____

Q6 The writings of _______was very significant in the development of psychology

Q7 The______ Stereotype is a situation we often find ourselves having only categorical information concerning a person.

Q8 Non-Verbal Cues is a major source of ______ formation

Q9 The two basic dimensions of emotional expressions are ______ and arousal

Q10 People judges the emotional states of others as in grimace when they feel ___

Q11   ______ is a psychological operation that is basic to the determination of terminal human behavior

Q12 Fear is the _____factor of person�??s perception.

Q13 Happiness is the ______ factor of person�??s perception.

Q14 The Reason that influences how another person perceives is _____

Q15 Heider argues that all human beings have two strong____

Q16 Perceiver variability is the main factor of ___ personality.

Q17 The feeling about others is the main process of ____

Q18 Identical twins are genetically identical and result from a splitting of the ______around the time of conception.

Q19 Non-identical twins are also known as_____

Q20 Identical twins are genetically identical and such twins are referred to as___

Q21 Non-identical twins are the result of two different eggs being fertilized by two different _____ around the same point in time.

Q22 Alfred Binet was called the father of ______ testing.

Q23 The subjective judgment of a person is based on _____

Q24 The biological wants of human being is ___needs.

Q25 The genetic factor determines the existence of every _____

Q26 1.      The first five years of individual determined the _____ of the Life.

Q27 The use statistical method to pick a representative of a population.

Q28 The unstructured questionnaire gives the respondents freedom to reveal their opinions and ___

Q29 The type of questionnaire that tries to explain items in exhaustive and mutually is ____

Q30 The educated guesses or answers to the problem is _

Q31 The direction of Psychology to family-care programmes and programmes in child guidance and rehabilitation centres is ___

Q32 Psychology has a great deal to offer in any law enforcement agency -large or small is ___

Q33 The application of psychology to the area of crime and the legal system is__.

Q34 ____ learning refers to a collection of experiences which a person progressively acquires to be regarded as educated in his/her society

Q35 _____ posts that learning is a central process in understanding human behaviour

Q36   ___talked of learning as a association of ideas following the laws of similarity, contrast, and continuity

Q37 The information which relates to the attitudes, opinions and beliefs of the respondents is the________ part of the questionnaire.

Q38 The processing of information, perception, memory, problem solving, and consciousness is__

Q39       The respondents age, sex, social class ,and education is the _____ part of the questionnaire

Q40       The study of two variables as associated was a statistical technique devised by

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