CSS212 – 2019


Types of probation are; Periodic Probation, House Arrest Probation, Felony Probation and —–

·            Shock Probation

·            Parole probation

·            detention Probation

·            Restricted Probation

where the criminal conduct is limited to intentional, purposeful or premeditated action or inaction and not the accidents it is called—–

·            Actus Reus

·            Mens Rea

·            crimina intent

·            state of the mind

Overcrowding together with poor food and —– have frequently fueled prison riots over the years

·            idleness

·            sickness

·            one meal

·            dirty environmen


The main purpose of probation supervision is to restore —– and self-respect

·            self determination

·            rejuvenation

·            regeneration

·            self-control

Juvenile institutions in Nigeria comprise of the —– and the Approved Schools

·            Orphanage homes

·            Remand Home

·            Motherless Homes

·            Arbitrary Homes

The Utilitarian school of philosophy posits that men are governed in their actions by rational assessments of the pleasures and _____

·            bitterness

·            punishment

·            pains

·            deterrence

A situation where the offender may be confined to jail during the night but be permitted to go to work or school during the day is called—-

·            parole

·            House arrest

·            Periodic Probation

·            probation

Actus reus is the —– element or guilty act

·            emotional

·            spiritual

·            religious

·            physical


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