DAM401 : Oracle Database (2017_2)


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DAM401:       Oracle Database                                                              Credit Units: 2

Instruction: Answer Question (1) (25marks) and any other three questions each carrying 15 marks


1a)       What do you understand by Database?(3 marks)

b)         Enumerate the most basic characteristics of database.             (2 marks)

c)         Outline the various steps that must be followed in creating a database in correct order.(5 marks)

d)         A RDBMS make use of SQL which is actually a collection of several different languages each designed for a particular purpose. List  and write short notes on each of these languages stating at least two statements of each.(9 marks)

e)         What is an Object Namespace? List any eight objects that share the same namespace. (6 marks)


2a)       Briefly discuss Instance Failure           (5marks)

b)         State the responsibilities of an Oracle Database Administrator. (6marks)

c)         Storage in an Oracle database has two distinct “sides”. Name and describe them. (4marks)


3a)       ORDBMS is characterized by a number of additional features. State and write short notes on each of these features.           (6 marks )

b)         With the aid of illustrative diagram, discuss the architecture of the Oracle Server (9 marks)


4a)       Enumeratethe key elements that can be discerned in the model of Oracle storage. (8marks)

b)         Write extensively onDatafiles. (5 marks )

c)         What do you understand by Operating System Blocks?(2 marks)


5a)       What is Block Corruption?                  (3 marks)

b)         State and write short notes onthe types of Block Corruption. (6 marks)

c)         Compare between Distributed transactions and Read committedtransactions. (6 marks)

6a)     Describe Transaction Set Consistent in Oracle Database.(3 marks)

b)      Enumerate ways of ensuring maximum recoverability for a database?(4 marks)

c)       All schema object names have some certain rules that they must conform to. List these rules.(5 marks)

d) Database has a physical structure and a logical structure. State all the files (including the optional files) that make up the physical structure of the Oracle database. (3 marks)

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