Death Trap At University Of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

Pictures of what we called sockaway in one of our Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. It was slit opened initially, they put those chairs when it opened more. Instead of re-constructing it. They left it that way.

I arrived in Nigeria few weeks ago but unfortunately I have to visit a friend of mine who was admitted into the teaching hospital and was lucky to pass along the way. So, I was discussing it with some visitors too they have to tell me it has been long they have been seeing it there. It is so pathetic.

it’s now bringing out odour of putrefaction. The most painful part is that it’s just beside CSSD where the sterile supplies of the hospital are handed. It’s also close to hospital wards and people use the path a lot.

Should they wait till it claims lives b4 rehabilitating it? We hereby call on the management of the hospital to look into this deadly sockaway before it goes out of hand.

Source: nairaland

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