ECO253 e-exam (2019)

Question MCQ1 : The two possible values of each in a Bernoulli process Xi are often called?
Answer: “success” and “failure”

Question MCQ2 : The negative Binomial variables may be interpreted as what?
Answer: Random waiting times

Question MCQ3 : The probability tossing a coin once and get a head is?
Answer: 0.5

Question MCQ4 : The total probability for any event is?
Answer: 1

Question MCQ5 : If a random variable X takes only integral values it can be called?
Answer: Discrete probability distribution.

Question MCQ6 : The normal distribution was first discovered by English Mathematician____?
Answer: De-voire

Question MCQ7 : The following are properties of normal distribution curve except
Answer: The curve is not symmetric about a vertical axis

Question MCQ8 : A random variable X has normal Distribution, and it is referred to as ___
Answer: a normal random variable

Question MCQ9 : Using normal tables, find the values of the following probabilities: P(-1.50 < z < 2.50)
Answer: 0.9270

Question MCQ10 : Given a normal distribution with mean of 230 and standard deviation of 20, what is the probability that an observation from this population is: Greater than 280
Answer: 2.50

Question MCQ11 : We know that for a binomial variate with parameter and p is ____
Answer: E(X) = np and Var(X) = npq

Question MCQ12 : Poisson distribution was derived in what year?
Answer: 1837

Question MCQ13 : Poisson distribution may be obtained as a limiting case of which distribution?
Answer: Binomial probability distribution

Question MCQ14 : The mean number of misprints per page in a book is 1.2. What is the probability of finding on a particular page no misprints?
Answer: 0.301

Question MCQ15 : A statistical hypothesis test is a method of making decisions using ___?
Answer: Data from a scientific study.

Question MCQ16 : The following are statistical test tools except
Answer: E –test

Question MCQ17 : One out of the following is assumption for F-test for equality of variances.
Answer: The samples are simple random samples

Question MCQ18 : Chi-square distribution test one among the following:
Answer: Goodness of fit

Question MCQ19 : ANOVA can be how many ways?
Answer: One-way or two-way

Question MCQ20 : Statistics that do not assume the data or population have any characteristic structure or parameters is called?
Answer: Non-parametric statistics

Question MCQ21 : In statistics, the term non-parametric statistics has at least how many different meanings?
Answer: Two

Question MCQ22 : Price and supply of a commodity is example what correlation?
Answer: Positive correlation

Question MCQ23 :  Rainfall and Farm yield is example what correlation?
Answer: Positive correlation

Question MCQ24 : Tax rate and consumption demand is example what correlation?
Answer: Negative correlation

Question MCQ25 : Karl Pearson‘s coefficient of correlation is…
Answer: Non-Parametric statistic

Question MCQ26 : Spearman‘s Rank Correlation Coefficient, usually denoted by?
Answer: ρ (Rho)

Question MCQ27 : A more accurate way of finding the line of best fit is through the use of…
Answer: Least square method

Question MCQ28 : A simple regression model comprise of how may variables?
Answer: 2

Question MCQ29 : In simple regression model how many independent variable do we have?
Answer: 1

Question MCQ30 : Y = a + bX + e.
Answer: Simple regression model

Question MCQ31 : In probability theory central limit theorem states that given a certain conditions the mean of a sufficiently _________ of iterates.
Answer: large number

Question MCQ32 : By the law of large numbers, the sample averages converge in probability and almost surely to the expected value…
Answer: μ as â†’ ∞.

Question MCQ33 : Ten unbiased coins are tossed simultaneously. Find the probability of obtaining: Exactly six heads
Answer: 0.2051

Question MCQ34 : All these are types of Index Numbers except
Answer: Value added tax index number

Question MCQ35 : Below are not problems in the construction of Index Numbers except
Answer: Choice of formula

Question MCQ36 : Below ate methods of constructing index numbers except
Answer: Simple aggregate

Question MCQ37 : One of these is not a weighted Aggregate method
Answer: Karl Pearson’s Price Index

Question MCQ38 : Below are Uses of Index Number except
Answer: Use to measure sick people

Question MCQ39 : Data can be classified into two major sources from which they are obtained
Answer: Primary and Secondary data

Question MCQ40 : The following are disadvantages of primary data except
Answer: Less accurate

Question MCQ41 : The following are advantages secondary data except
Answer: Accurate and Reliable

Question MCQ42 : Data are also classified based on the form except
Answer: Primary Data

Question MCQ43 : _________ combine the features of cross-sectional and time-series data.
Answer: Panel Data

Question MCQ44 : The Sources of Secondary data are as follows except
Answer: Household Survey

Question MCQ45 : Below are some publications in Nigeria except
Answer: Daily Consumption of Beans

Question MCQ46 : Researchers collect data in order to test _______ and to provide empirical support for explanations and predictions.
Answer: Hypotheses

Question MCQ47 : Sub-set of population is called?
Answer: Sample

Question MCQ48 : A particular value of the population, such as the mean income or the level of formal education, is called
Answer: A parameter

Question MCQ49 : Below are the functions of money except
Answer: Portability

Question MCQ50 : To accurately estimate unknown parameters from known statistics, researchers have to effectively deal with one of these problems:
Answer: The size of the sample

Question FBQ1 : A _______ random variable is the simplest random variable.
Answer: Bernoulli

Question FBQ2 : A Bernoulli process is a _____ or infinite sequence of binary random variable
Answer: finite

Question FBQ3 : Several random variables and probability distributions beside the__________ itself may be derived from the Bernoulli process
Answer: Bernoulli

Question FBQ4 : The negative Binomial variables may be interpreted as _________ waiting times
Answer: random

Question FBQ5 : A Bernoulli random variable is one which has only _________ and 1 as possible values.
Answer: 0

Question FBQ6 : A Bernoulli random variable is the simplest random variable. It models an experiment in which there are only two outcomes. Generically, we say that X=1 is a success and X=0 is a failure. We say that p is the _______‖ probability.
Answer: Success

Question FBQ7 : ______ the probability of success is constant for each trial. Then = 1-p, is the probability of failure in any trial.
Answer: p

Question FBQ8 : P(r) = P( X = ______ )
Answer: r

Question FBQ9 :

Since these probabilities are the successive terms in the Binomial expansion (q + p)n, it is called the ________ distribution
Answer: Binomial

Question FBQ10 : Total probability is _____
Answer: 1

Question FBQ11 : The normal distribution with is referred to as the standard ______ distribution.
Answer: normal

Question FBQ12 : If X has a normal distribution with the ______ of μ and the deviation  , then is the standard normal distribution,
Answer: mean

Question FBQ13 : Poisson distribution may be obtained as a limiting case of ___________probability distribution under the following conditions
Answer: binomial

Question FBQ14 : The critical region of a hypothesis test is the set of all outcomes which cause the null hypothesis to be rejected in favour of the _________ hypothesis.
Answer: alternative

Question FBQ15 : Statistical hypothesis testing is sometimes called _______data analysis
Answer: confirmatory

Question FBQ16 : Common test Statistics are; t-test, z-test, chi-square test and f-test which is sometimes referred to as analysis of ___________ test
Answer: variance

Question FBQ17 : t-test for the significance of single mean, population variance being unknown. True or False? _____
Answer: True

Question FBQ18 : One of the assumptions for Student’s test: The parent population from which the sample is drawn is not normal. True or False _________
Answer: False

Question FBQ19 : The sampling distribution of F-statistics does not involve any population parameters and depends only on the degrees of freedom n1 and n2. True or False _____.
Answer: True

Question FBQ20 : of _________ of fit and is used to test if the deviation between observation
Answer: goodness

Question FBQ21 : Under the null hypothesis that there is no significant difference between the observed and the _________ values.
Answer: hypothetical

Question FBQ22 : Karl _________ proved that the statistic…
Answer: Pearson

Question FBQ23 : In statistics, the term non-parametric statistics refers to statistics that do not assume the data or population have any characteristic structure or_______________.
Answer: parameters

Question FBQ24 : Non-parametric models differ from parametric models in that the model structure is not specified a ______________ but is instead determined from data.
Answer: priori

Question FBQ25 : The most frequently used tests include Kruskal- ________ one-way analysis of variance by ranks
Answer: Wallis

Question FBQ26 : Spearman’s _______ correlation coefficient: measures statistical dependence between two variables using a monotonic function
Answer: Rank

Question FBQ27 : _______ signed-rank test: tests whether matched pair samples are drawn from populations with different mean ranks
Answer: Wilcoxon

Question FBQ28 : Suppose we are interested in testing Ho: P(+) = P (-) H1: P(+) ≠ _____Â
Answer: P(-)

Question FBQ29 : Correlation provides an estimate of the relationship between _____ measurements, without any assumption of whether one comes before the other.
Answer: Two

Question FBQ30 : Correlation coefficients have a value between _____ and +1.
Answer: -1

Question FBQ31 : The correlation measures only the ________ of linear association between two variables while regression analysis is a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables.
Answer: degree

Question FBQ32 : Correlation is said to be positive when the values of two variables deviate in the opposite direction. True or False _______
Answer: False

Question FBQ33 : Correlation is said to be negative when the values of two variables deviate in the same direction. True or False _______
Answer: False

Question FBQ34 : Mutual dependence is the situation when the phenomena under study inter-influence each other. True OR False ____?
Answer: True

Question FBQ35 : Given two variables X and Y: If r = +1, there is a perfect direct relationship between Y and X. If r = -1, there is a perfect inverse or negative relationship between Y and X. If r = _________ there is no relationship between Y and X.
Answer: 0

Question FBQ36 : One of the assumptions order to use the Pearson product-moment correlation: The measures are approximately normally distributed True or False _____?
Answer: True

Question FBQ37 : In regression analysis there are _____________ types of variable
Answer: two

Question FBQ38 : Typical regression model is specified in form of Y = a + b__ + e.
Answer: X

Question FBQ39 : Independent Variable is the variable which influences the value of the __________variable or which is used for prediction.
Answer: dependent

Question FBQ40 : A more accurate way of finding the line of best fit is the least square method. True OR False ____?
Answer: True

Question FBQ41 : Central limit theorem states that given a sufficiently large sample size from a population with a finite level of variance, the mean of all samples from the same population will be approximately equal to the mean of the population. True OR False ____?
Answer: True

Question FBQ42 : Let us suppose that Y1, Y2, Yn,…, are independent and identically distributed with ______ and finite variance Ïƒ2.
Answer: Mean

Question FBQ43 : The CLT can tell us about the distribution of large sums of random variables even if the distribution of the random variables is almost _________.
Answer: Unknown

Question FBQ44 : The central limit theorem applies in particular to sums of independent and __________distributed discrete random variables.
Answer: identically

Question FBQ45 : A random orthogonal matrix is said to be distributed uniformly, if its distribution is the not normalized Haar measure on the orthogonal group O(n, R). True or False ________?
Answer: False

Question FBQ46 : A linear function of a matrix is a linear combination of its elements (with given coefficients), is the matrix of the coefficients. True or False ________?
Answer: True

Question FBQ47 : Laspeyre’s Price Index or Base year method is a Weighted Aggregate Method. True or False ________?
Answer: True

Question FBQ48 : Fisher’s Price Index – Irving Fisher advocated the geometric cross of Laspeyre’s and ___________Price index numbers.
Answer: Paasche’s

Question FBQ49 : Data can be classified base on the sources from which they are obtained into primary and ______________
Answer: Secondary

Question FBQ50 : A sample is any subset of sampling units from a population. True or False ________?
Answer: True

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