Which of the phase(s) of the business decision-making process is/are the most crucial? ___


Economic profit makes provision for depreciation, necessary minimum payment to shareholders and ___


Managerial economics is defined as the study of ___, logic and tools of economic analysis, used in the process of business decision making…


Marginal wages is popularly known in economics as ___


A ___ economy is characterized by the following generic changes, population increases, increase in capital, and improvement in production technique….


The areas of business issues to which economic theories can be directly applied is divided into two broad categories, and they are operational and….


Unlike accounting profit, economic profit takes into account both the imputed costs and __ costs…


One of the widely known theories of profit was stated by ___ who theorised profit as the rent of exceptional abilities that an entrepreneur may possess over others….


The three major contributions of economic theory to business economics are all of these except ___


Managerial economics comprises ___


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