……. in 1725 introduced the term “entrepreneur” to refer to the risk bearing function in economics.
…………is  concerned with search for a for application of more than product and service development
………..implies that opportunities for creating future goods and services are discovered, evaluated and exploited
The following as the underlying purposes of administrative law except?
Administrative law is categorized as private law since it governs the relationship between the government and the individual.
Every branch of law has incidental effects on the protection or infringement of human rights.
Administrative law plays an important role in improving inefficiency of administration.
The rule of law requires that government should operate within the confines of the ____ .
The following are advantages of public administrative law except?
In the ____ century it was widely believed that there is a ‘higher law’, a fundamental moral order, upon which a firm and moral society must rest and in accordance with the rules of which it must be built.
“Social policy is about coercion. Its very essence lies in compelling people to do what they would otherwise not do, either for their own good or for what is conceived to be the good of the society as a whole.” Who made this statement?
One critique of Marshall’s theory is that it is often difficult to transfer rights in law to rights in practice.
When an increased cynicism about government was combined with a poorer economic performance, the ideological consensus came apart and three new theories arose in its place. These were all but one of the following:
The …………… child in the family is more commonly an entrepreneur in the family.
One of these is not a specific benefit of entrepreneurship to economic development
One of these is a affecting entrepreneurship in Nigeria
……………. in a nation, defines the economic and industrial structure of that nation.
The following are technical skills in Entrepreneurship, except;
It concerns the entrepreneur’s treatment and concern for customers, employees, community, trade associations and competitors, among others.
To what extent do you consider yourself a doer and not an administrator or manager?’ is a type of question used to rate ………..
Self-Actualization is a major reason for …………….
…..type of firms are therefore owned and managed by highly educated professionals with high social awareness and acceptance.
Bans and high tariffs on foreign products which can be manufactured locally are effective instruments in the………..
one of the two aspects of physical development of the child is____
Some of the social behaviour of children are as follows except________
_____is how to talk to different people on various occasions, how to ask questions and thank people for favours that have been done
child at _______stage learns about the environment through the use of senses  and movement
To be able to achieve good class management, a teacher needs to pay attention to two qualities____
______is the projection of yourself to others
Courtesy, promptness and______can become part of the inbuilt management of the classroom.
The activities outside the regular course of academic work or studies in the school is known as______
Types of moral character are as follows except_______
______remains on top of the list of priorities of man
 The …………… theory which focuses on rules, regulations and management processes seem to be prevalent in the public service.
The Human Relations School has been criticized for being inadequate description of human …………..
The quantitative management school provides tools/ techniques for solving problems in a …….. manner.
The system approach sees the…………. like a motor vehicle engine with several subsystems.
Benchmarking is a useful tool for comparing  ………….. between and among organizations
The new management models are private sector practices and techniques which can be applied in the ……………. sector
Public personnel management  refers to the management of ……………….. in public sector.
The civil service is different from the private sector in terms of ………………. conditions.
 Industrial relations refer to the whole web of human interactions at …………..
……. appraisal is a periodic evaluation of the work of the subordinate by the supervisor.
One of these initiate decompositon by lysis of the cellulose adjacent to their
One of these organisms is not involved in the decomposition of cellophane film
One of these microbes act on cellophane by means of ‘rooting’hyphae which then branches to form a kind of circular hyphal system.
If fresh dung is kept under a bell jarin fairly suitable humidity the first micro organism to appear will be ________
Ascomycetes in fresh dung  can be safely refered to as _______utilizers
The succession of fruiting bodies on dung is connected with____________
In  sequential study of sterile human hair placed on the surface of various soils the first colonizers rely on
One of these organisms is not involved in the sequential study of sterile humsn hair
One of these scientist studied the microorganism in a cellophane file
The succession and colonization of cellophane film is base on
Global administrative law comprises of the mechanisms, principles, practices and supporting social understandings that demote or otherwise affect the accountability of global administrative bodies.
The following are types of globalized administrative regulation except?
____ rights are the basic freedoms and protections that belong to every single one of us.
Elisabeth Ellis defines _____ as a society “in which individuals independently endowed with property and with the capacity to exercise political judgment contract together to found the state”.
The Right to dignity is embedded in Section ____ of the 1999 Constitution
Right to freedom of religion is guaranteed by Section _____of the 1999 Constitution.
The Fundamental Rights under chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria are justiciable.
_____ procedures are certain steps that administrative agencies should take to perform their administrative duties.
The rules of natural justice are said to be founded on both divine and an eternal laws.
The principle of Nemo judex in causa sua means:
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is a planned process to acquire skills, knowledge and attitude to modify job behaviour
…………………..means filling of vancancies by the appointment of persons not already in the Public Service.
Salary is the …………….. paid by the employer for the services rendered by the employees.
………………… has been defined as a system of moral principles which are often times culture and time specific.
…………………. is the process of regulating organizational activities so that actual performance conforms to expected standards and goals.
…………………. is defined as a specific act of wrong doing or behaviour  which can be investigated and proved
…………………. can be viewed as  general inefficiency, misconduct or serious misconduct.
The major objective of ………….. is to ensure that the required materials are supplied to users at the right time and price.
 No organization can survive without ……………… materials.
…………………. includes fiscal and monetary policies, budgetary control and accountability.
Section 33(1) of the 1999 Constition of Nigeria provides that in the determination of his civil rights and obligations, including any question or determination by or against any government or authority, a person shall be entitled to a fair hearing within a reasonable time by a court or other tribunal established by law and constituted in such manner as to secure its independence or impartiality.
The maxim ‘audi alteram partem’ means?
It is the duty of a ____ to be seen as impartial such that where there is evidence of corruption on his part the judgment may be set aside.
Locus standi is a Latin phrase meaning _____.
The name ‘prerogative writs’ indicates that it is a writ associated with the _____ .
The term “Mandamus” is a Latin word meaning _____ .
Before an applicant for judicial review can succeed in invoking _____, there must be an imperative public duty imposed on someone and not just a discretionary power to act.
____ is used to bring up into the High Court the decision of some inferior tribunal or authority in order that it may be investigated.
____ is the injury or loss suffered by a person as a result of the breach of his right by another person.
Injunction is a preventive remedy.
One of these is not a disadvantage of Rossi – Cholodny Slide method of soil microbe isolation
One of these methods of soil microoganism isolation extracts active fungi species rather than spores
Which of these materials can be used as a bait in the culture of phytopthora cinnamonii
The culture of Saprolegniaceae will be favored by one of the following materials
One of these procedures is Cholodny modification of  Rossi-Cholodny method of soil microorganism extraction
Lack of soil water can lead to all but one of the following
All but one of these asr functions of soil water
One of these statements is not true of soil air
Based on pH soil microorganism can be classified as all these except
Low pH lovers prefer one of these mediums
What type of relationship existed betweenLactobacillus species and Streptococcus species as reported by  Lewis (1967)
In Yeoh et al (1968) study with Bacillus polymyxa and Proteus vulgaris ,what did B.polymyxa derive in the first instance?
In Yeoh et al (1968) study with Bacillus polymyxa and Proteus vulgaris ,what did P.vulgarisderive in the first instance?
In Yeoh et al (1968) study with Bacillus polymyxa and Proteus vulgaris ,what was the factor produced by control the population of the organisms?
One of these relationships is best explained by the process of organism succession
An interaction in which the growth of one population is restricted by the presence of a second population which is unaffected by the metabolism of the inhibited population is known __________
The asssociation between Dictyostelium and E. coli species is best described as
One,  two or more species depends on a common growth factor, they are said to be in
Which one of the following provides selective mechanism for evolution?
When an organism gains directly at the expense of a second organism, the gaining organism is called
_________ concept is a business philosophy which states that customer‘s want satisfaction is the social and economic justification for a firm‘s existence.
A product is made up of _________ different levels.
_________ is the part of a product that gives utility or satisfaction to the consumer.
__________ is the physical nature of a product upon which competition is made.
__________ is concerned with adding services to the core and formal products.
__________ concept states that a product passes through a life cycle as human beings.
__________ is the technique of pricing based on the manufacturing cost and the allocated operation overheads of the product.
_________ is the pricing method whereby a predetermined percentage is added to the cost of a product in order to determine its price.
Where the actual cost of the product is equal to or greater than the estimated price, an adjustment could be made which is known as __________
__________ is the pricing method that calls for setting a price based on consumer perception and demand intensity of the product.
_________ technique of pricing views the pricing of a product on the buyer‘s perception of the product value.
_________ involves pricing a product at the average level charged in the industry.
When a firm charges a low price on its product to gain market acceptance, it is NOT practicing penetration pricing.
A firm could also fix a product price in order to promote its entire product-line.
_________ is when a firm initially charges a high price on a product and thereafter brings the price low to accommodate the price elastic segments of the market.
_________ is a pricing strategy whereby a high price is set on a product in order to enhance the quality or image of the product-line.
_________ is the process of stimulating and increasing sales through market awareness and customer service.
_________ can be defined as a non- personal paid form of sales presentation through various media by an identified sponsor.
Publicity is a non-paid commercially significant news or editorial comments about ideas, product or institution.
__________ is the movement and handling of goods from the point of production to the point of consumption.
__________ is usually engaged in the provision of intangible products which cannot be seen or felt.
_________ are those services that are provided by professionals, such as health care, teaching, legal services, etc.
__________ are those that are offered to enhance the activities of industrial and commercial sectors.
__________ help in carrying goods from the places of production to centers of utilization e.g. Railways, ships, airlines etc.
The risk of damage of goods due to fire, flood, earthquake or other causes us covered by _________
__________ are stored in safe places and are released as and when demanded in the market.
Which one of the following is NOT a Long-term character of a venture.
_________ are essentially one-time venturers who having established their autonomous enclaves, will simply act to maintain them into the indefinite future.
__________ is especially committed to continual elaboration of his enterprise, but this requires maintenance of the structural foundations as well.
_________ venturers tend to be loosely committed to particular ventures but dedicated to enterprising as an ongoing activity.
entrepreneurship business _______ is regarded as the “prime mover” of successful enterprise
entrepreneurshipis is known as the capacity and attitude of a person to undertake_______
hindrances to youth empowerment all except
_______ has been used to improve the quality of life through the use of computers
Many_______ preferred to be employed in paid employment rather than start their own business.
_______ is a necessary requirement for any venture
Entrepreneurs create all except
An enterprise should be viewed as a result of processes of_______
Planning process is a logical steps _______ takes place in order to reach desired future objectives
_______ is a feature of a sole trader
In the early stages of any venture the entrepreneur needs_______ information to prepare a preliminary business plan
_______ market is a market where long term and short term funds are bought and sold
The _______ market is a market for the mobilization and utilization of long term end of the financial system
which of the following is a reason for the establishment of Nigerian capital market
_______ market is a market for short term funds
All the folowings are key operators in the Nigerian money market except
_______ institutions are institutions which serve the purpose of channeling funds from lenders to borrowers
Development banks are institutions set up to provide banking services to a particular sector of the economy
The Comprehensive Import Supervision Scheme (CISS) came up into being in
_______ is the arrowhead of the Structural Adjustment Program
The decisions a teacher has to take with other people is known as_______
The harsh or serious punishments are the following except_________
Teachers can also be the Source of Indiscipline in the School because of the following except____
Physical discomfort can lead to the following disciplinary problem except_______
negative teacher qualities are as follows except_________
The teacher’s roles in extra-curricular activities in the school are the following except_______
The harsh or serious punishments are the following except_________
The teacher’s attitude towards pupils or students should be friendly and_________
school heads, supervisors and______ are all those who assist teachers in their work through advice or direct action
_____co-ordinates the different activities and experiences in the classroom
The scope of a business plan defines the _______ of a business that is to be chosen and undertaken by an investor
Pricing is an important part of the marketing_______
You can identify your target markets by separating the customers into groups with similar_______
Trading area is a_______ defined area in which your target market is located
Business_______ are facilities that provide start-up firms with affordable rent and services
Businesses with the best products and services may still fail if_______ are not informed and persuaded
The _______ must decide what type of promotion work is best for the businesses
_______ advertising explain the company’s products and services is helpful in building the initial customer base
_______ of the owner are critical to the success of the business
Job description should focus on _______ taks rather than on physical attributes
Management is the achievement of organizational goals through people and other _______
_______ management means knowing exactly what employees want to do and doing it in the best and the cheapest way
The term management can often be used to mean _______
Scalar chain is basically the _______ in an organization
The marketing  strategy is the _______ of a marketing plan
_______ is the management function of anticipating the future and determining the best course of action
A company strategy usually translates into a marketing _______
_______ consists of people with needs to satisfy money to spend and willingness to spend it
A target market refers to a group of people or organizations at which firms direct a marketing _______
One of the greatest strength of SMEs is their management _______ to a changing business environment
When family _______ are extended into the business they provide a powerful source of strength
Family values are a source of_______ advantage to many successful businesses
A family business believe and value start with the_______
Family values are in many ways attempt to_______ who they are
Values are_______ to each family representing a narrative about how their behavior makes them successful
The family value sets the internal _______ of behavior so that members will want to expect from each other
There is a classic line that many parents repeat when a_______ acts inappropriately
Agreed values are important to the next generation in_______ how the family work together
Family business that lacks multigenerational_______ can hardly be positional to the retain the competitive advantages
The values are the family _______
The _______ budget is prepared after the sales budget as it is based on sale forecast
The problem with the preparation of _______ budget is that sometimes it may be idle
_______ is a budget designed to remain unchanged regardless of the level of activity attained
Break even analysis is useful in the determination of the level of _______ or in a targeted desired sales mix
The concept of break even analysis deals with the contribution margin of a _______
The size of an average business organization determines the type of _______ system to be adopted
_______ involves the control and manipulation of relevant variables
A _______ is a comprehensive and coordinated plan expressed in financial terms for the operations and resources of an enterprise
The _______ statement has some limitation since it reflects accounting principles
_______ generally are not useful unless they are benchmarked against something else like past performance
_____ is very  crucial to the implementation of any plan
Head count in a country is done every _________ years
The process of determining the value and worth implies _____
Drawing inference is an example of _____ role
The source of collecting data from the field is _________  source
Diagnosis of educational management problems will locate ______
The commonest tool of evaluation is ________
The settlement pattern of a country can be influenced by ______
The government agency in-charge of population is _________
The most important input in education is __________
______ is the scientific study of certain characteristics of human population
A part in every hundred is called ___________
Spragues table of coefficients has _______ panels
______ method can be used to separate pupils of 10 years from 14 years in a group
The population of certain events is _____________
Data that are not measurable  is called ________________
The differential between birth and death is called ________
_______ is the movement of pupils/ students from grade to grade within the school system
 The short coming of grade ratio is that it does not recognise ______
Optimal utilisation of educational resources to achieve objectives of the school system is called ____________
Actions are essential features of _______
_____ is the degree at which inputs into a system wears down
The size of the school will also influence the cost of education
Nigeria philosophy of education is equal education for ______
 Age adjustment Method was developed by ________
There are ______  types of cost analysis that are relevant in education Planning
_________  are the most important   inputs  in  the  education  system
_____ source of data are however, preferred in research
______ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of the school performance indices.
_______ constitute an issue in the education process of children all over the world
One of the major ways to fund education is through _______
The approved class size is _______
Donations from foreign countries to assist education is called ______
_______ is an educationally less developed state ( ELDS)
A factor that militated against girl child education is _______
According to Albert Einstein ________ is that which remains
One of the problems facing implementation of National Policy on education is________
ODL is characterised by________
_______ has a devasting effect on the cost of implementating UBE
In 1926 classes one and two were called _______ classes
The United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organisation is ________
 ________ if you are planning for a lifetime
In recognition of the declaration of _________ every government denegerates when trusted to the ruler of the people alone
______ is government of the people, by the people for the people
Synoptic method can be hindered by _________ situations
_______ cited the reoccuring activities in education process
The third stage in policy process is _______

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