EDU114 e-exam (2019)

Early missionary education focused on ______

Opposition to change is a feature of ______ Education

Education starts at ______ Stage of life

Prophet Mohammed's sayings are contained in the ____

School curriculum in the past emphasized reading, needle work for girls and ___

Conversion of Nigerians via education was the target of ______

*Christian missionaries*
Northern Region introduced UPE in the year ______

The first National conference on education took place in the year ______

The first national conference on education was held in ______

The UPE programme was introduce in Nigeria as a federation in the year ______

Islamic education draws its inspirations from the ______

*Holy Qu'ran*  
Opposition to change and conservatism are features of ______ Education

The study of cultural transmission is called ______

*History of education*
The major problem of colonial education in Nigeria is its ______

People's way of thinking, beliefs, feelings and doing things are referred to as their ______

The believers of Islam are called ______

The first higher institution of learning in Nigeria is the ______

*Yaba Higher College*
The training of indigenous manpower for evangelism was done by the ______

Mission schools had in their curriculum religion, arithmetic, reading and ______ As major subjects.

Agricultural school at Topo, Badagry was established in 1876 by the ______ Church

*Roman catholic*
Sir High Clifford was responsible for transforming the memorandum on education of 1925 into ______

The ordinance that stated that teachers should be registered was in the year ______

Asquith commission was set up in the year ______

Ashby commission on Nigeria higher education was set up in the year ______

Arthur Richard's commission in 1946 divided Nigeria into ______ Regions

Education in Nigeria is suffering from acute shortage of ______

The word Islam means submission to the will of ______

The systematic restoration of health through the administration of herbal therapies is called ______

An approach used in the traditional society to unveil the causes of disease or misfortunes , including death is known as ______

Adolescent stage of learning starts at the age of ______

Islamic education came to Nigeria through the ______

*Sahara regions*
The first secondary school in Nigeria is ______

*CMS Grammar school Lagos*
The first primary school in Nigeria was established in the year _____

The first secondary school in Nigeria was established in the year ______

The first ever UPE in Nigeria was established in ______ Region

Quran is a Holy document for


Conservatism and opposition to change is typical of

Modern education

The curriculum of traditional education is characterised as follows except

health education

One of the methods of teaching in traditional education


Traditional education provides for the following except-----


In the traditional society, an adult receives his education from the following except

Trained teacher

Learning in adolescence in a traditional society is done through


The education process in Nigeria traditional society starts from


Education in the traditional society is

Continuous and endless

Both children and adolescents learn through the following except


Which of the following came to Nigeria through the Sahara regions

Islamic education

The First secondary school in Nigeria was established in


The first school to herald secondary education in Nigeria was the

Kings College, Lagos

The first primary school in Nigeria was established in Nigeria by the Missionary in


The missionaries could not venture into tertiary education in the past because of

cost intensiveness

The primary objective of the early Christian missionaries was to

produce Nigeria engineers

The slow education development of northern Nigeria was due to

resistance to western type schools through Christianity

The first ever free, compulsory and universal primary education in Nigeria was introduced by the Western Region in


The universal primary education (UPE) was introduced in Eastern and Northern Region in ------------------and -------------------respectively

1957 and 1959

The first National Curriculum Conference aimed at fashioning and education that could unite Nigeria was held in ---------------------in --------------------------

Lagos, 1969

The main focus of Christian education was mainly


The type of education introduced by the Portuguese to Nigeria emphasized only


The missionaries that introduced Christian education in Nigeria came through


Which of the following did not influence the introduction of Christian education in Nigeria

Deeper Life Church

The Major problem of colonial education in Nigeria is its


The 1882 Education Ordinance defined school curriculum to include the following except


The 1887 Education Ordinance provided

introduction of scholarships for secondary and technical education

The 1916 Education Ordinance in Nigeria is ascribed to

Lord Lugard

The Phelps -stokes commission was set up in


The investigation of educational needs of people in line with religious, social, hygienic and economic conditions formed the basis for

Pius Okigbo Commission

Individuals starts Islamic education at the age of

five years

In traditional education, children imitate their parents' character through


Methods of traditional medicine in Nigerian traditional society include the following except


The mastering of profound native philosophy, science and religious is mastered through


The traditional medicine of solving emotional and psychological problems is


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