ENG113 e-exam (2019)

Question QFBB1 : Onitsha market literature is grounded among the ………….
Answer: Masses

Question QFBB2 : ______________pioneered the Yourba language novel.
Answer: D. O. Fagunwa

Question QFBB3 : In literature, the creation story of the Yoruba kingdom is known as ____________
Answer: Myth

Question QFBB4 : The colonialists imposed their way of ……without being mindful of our environment
Answer: Dressing

Question QFBB5 : The Palmwine Drunkard by Amos Tutuola is an embodiment of African…..
Answer: Orature

Question QFBB6 : Nigeria literature was influenced by ————-  and ———- cultures
Answer: Western and Islamic

Question QFBB7 : ……….established his own printing press for his writing to become more popular than others
Answer: Okigbo

Question QFBB8 : ……….. literature reflects the historical ideas of direct and indirect colonial incision into cultural set up of its society
Answer: Nigerian

Question QFBB9 : In modern times ………. has become the most prominent genre literature
Answer: Novel

Question QFBB10 : Oral literature is also consider as ………… museum
Answer: Cultural

Question QFBB11 : ________ greatly influenced the development of literature in Nigeria
Answer: Indigenous writing

Question QFBB12 : ________ had always stated the need to decolonise African Literature
Answer: Ngugi

Question QFBB13 : Literature is divided into 2 Anglophone and ………… because of its colonial heritage
Answer: Francophone

Question QFBB14 : the equivalent of modern poetry in traditional literature is …………..
Answer: Song

Question QFBB15 : Heart of Darkness was written by ……….
Answer: Joseph Conrad

Question QFBB16 : ……… Sofola is the lone female voice in the Nigerian drama tradition for quite sometimes before she was joined by other female playwrights
Answer: Zulu

Question QFBB17 : Gabriel Okara belongs to the pioneer…….. In Nigeria
Answer: Novelist

Question QFBB18 : Wives Revolt is a typical example of ………. Drama.
Answer: Protest

Question QFBB19 : The Kwagh-Hir theatre is an example of …..
Answer: puppet show

Question QFBB20 : Christopher Okigbo ……….. fighting on the Biafra side
Answer: Died

Question QFBB21 : Mister Johnson, a novel written by ……….. is centred on the misrepresentation of Africans by a white person
Answer: Joyce Cary

Question QFBB22 : The Hausas had developed what may be referred to as special fusion of languages known as _________
Answer: Ajami

Question QFBB23 : Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa all had what may be called ……….. Orthography
Answer: indigenous

Question QFBB24 : In most Nigeria writings, christianity is represented by…..
Answer: western tradition

Question QFBB25 : In the Igbo cultural tradition, a masked personae or character who disguises and assumes certain aura of divinity is known as
Answer: Masquerade

Question QFBB26 : Fouty Eight Guns For The General by Eddie Eroh is an example of works based on ………. epoch
Answer: Historical

Question QFBB27 : A grammar of the Igbo language written in 1840 played a vital role in the development of……….
Answer: Onitsha literature

Question QFBB28 : ……… argued that what was obtainable as dramatic rendition in African oral literature should not be considered as drama.
Answer: Ruth Finnegan

Question QFBB29 : The history of publishing in Nigeria had …….. Phases
Answer: 3 phases

Question QFBB30 : Consciously or unconsciously, writers draw their ……….. from their cultural background
Answer: Inspirations

Question QFBB31 : A disobedient fowl obeys in a pot of soup is an example of …………
Answer: Proverb

Question QFBB32 : ________ had always unequivocally stated that he was influenced by the need to respond to the lopsided portraiture of Africans by the colonialists
Answer: Achebe

Question QFBB33 : Royal bards sing _______ in courts to praise kings and noblemen
Answer: Praise songs

Question QFBB34 : The acronym NORLA stands for
Answer: North Regional Literature Agency

Question QFBB35 : Herbert Ogunde belongs to………. generation of playwrights
Answer: First

Question OMC1 : Traditional forms of oral literature are also referred to as:

Question OMC2 : The earliest form of literature is

Question OMC3 : African creative artists draw their inspiration from

Question OMC4 : Generally, the term literature applies to

Question OMC5 : Imaginative literature is a powerful form of ________ expression

Question OMC6 : A writer uses words in there _______ and ______ ways in order to please his audience

Question OMC7 : Oral Literature is words of _______from generation to generation

Question OMC8 : Oral literature reflects people’s __________

Question OMC9 : Oral literature is categorized into

Question OMC10 : Traditionally, stories told during the moon light could be considered as modern form of

Question OMC11 : In oral literature, fables are fictions stories of the ______ world

Question OMC12 : Riddles, proverbs and tongue twisters are …. Forms of oral narratives

Question OMC13 : Tongue twisters greatly help in the education of ……

Question OMC14 : Riddles are usually wrapped up in ________

Question OMC15 : As a form of literary expression, most African languages are rich in….

Question OMC16 : Proverbs are used in conveying

Question OMC17 : Songs, Charts an recitation are considered as…….

Question OMC18 : Dirge is a poetic rendition of …..

Question OMC19 : All the following are oral poetry except;

Question OMC20 : Traditional performances could be regarded as

Question OMC21 : All aspects of Oral literature involve one sort of performance or the other

Question OMC22 : …. believes that it is difficult to separate ritual and drama

Question OMC23 : Ancestral worship is practiced in traditional societies because it is believed that the ancestors are

Question OMC24 : An element of impersonation is found in a festival

Question OMC25 : One prominent features of carnival is ….

Question OMC26 : The 3 basic concepts of fiction, falsehood and history are inter-related in the art of telling stories

Question OMC27 : One of the charges brought about in oral literature in Nigeria is the introduction of the …. form of literature

Question OMC28 : Two notable influences on Nigerian literature are

Question OMC29 : According to Achebe, he started writing because he wanted to

Question OMC30 : Mister Johnson by Joyce Cary in a typical misrepresentation of the African life and world view in western literature

Question OMC31 : Oral literature is in existence from time immemorial and it varies from

Question OMC32 : Works based on colonial historical materials include, except

Question OMC33 : A disobedient fowl obeys in a pot of soup is an example of

Question OMC34 : Drama and ritual are reciprocal in fiction and similar in structure. This view is held by

Question OMC35 : A conscious attempt at dealing theatrical production with a given setting in known as

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