ENG162 e-exam (2019)

Question FBQ 1 : In the —————-of the common man, the hero must not be of a noble birth
Answer: Tragedy

Question FBQ2 : The Greek Classical tragic hero must have a mark of ———–.
Answer: Nobility

Question FBQ3 : The ——————– which played important role in commenting on the play has been jettisoned by modern playwrights because its use is unrealisticÂ
Answer: Chorus

Question FBQ4 : The Jew of Malta is a play written by ———————–
Answer: Christopher Marlowe

Question FBQ5 : In drama, mimesis is synonymous with —————-
Answer: Imitation

Question FBQ6 : In simple terms, according to Aristotle, drama is an ————— an action or of life
Answer: Imitation

Question FBQ7 : Dithyramb is the choral lyric in honour of ——————-in Classical Greek drama
Answer: Dionysius

Question FBQ8 : The choral leader who sang as Dionysius instead of in honour of the god was——-
Answer: Thepsis

Question FBQ9 : The element of impersonation in drama was introduced by the Classical Greek choral leader called—————-
Answer: Thepsis

Question FBQ10 : In Greek drama —————– was regarded as the first actor
Answer: Thepsis

Question FBQ11 : William Shakespeare was regarded as the greatest playwright of the —————— age
Answer: Elizabethan

Question FBQ12 : The process of assuming the nature, behaviour, attitude or responsibility of another person in a given situation is called ——————–
Answer: role-playing

Question FBQ13 : The Greek scholar who saw plot as the soul of tragedy was ———————
Answer: Aristotle

Question FBQ14 : The use of certain props to give more information about a character is called—————
Answer: Planting

Question FBQ15 : Many African scholars trace the origin of drama to ———-
Answer: Ritual

Question FBQ16 : The character type in a play changes in the course of the action is the —————character
Answer: Round

Question FBQ17 : Drama is used to inform, educate and —————-the audience
Answer: Entertain

Question FBQ18 : The character type in a play that does not change in the course of the action is the —————-character
Answer: Static

Question FBQ19 : In an allegorical play, —————–qualities are presented as characters
Answer: Abstract

Question FBQ20 : Oedipus Rex is a play written by ——————
Answer: Sophocles

Question FBQ21 : The three levels of meaning of Drama are: literary genre, composition and —————
Answer: Performance

Question FBQ22 : The imaginative art in words that expresses the thoughts and feelings of the writer is called—————–
Answer: Literature

Question FBQ23 : The three unities as a dramatic convention are unities of time, place and —————-
Answer: Action

Question FBQ24 : Which genre of literature is associated with mimesis?
Answer: Drama

Question FBQ25 : The three genres of literature are drama, prose and ———————-
Answer: Poetry

Question FBQ 26 : Two major types of plot in drama are simple and ———-plots
Answer: Complex

Question FBQ27 : The three types of action in drama are mental, physical, and ——————
Answer: Reported

Question FBQ 28 : The literary genre that is realized in performance is ——————–
Answer: Drama

Question FBQ 29 : The famous character in Greek drama that was destined to kill his father and marry his mother is————–
Answer: King Oedipus

Question FBQ 30 : A dramatic convention in which a character speaks to himself or makes a personal comment in the presence of other characters is ————–
Answer: Aside

Question FBQ31 : The choice or selection of the words of dialogue in the language of drama is referred to as————
Answer: Diction

Question FBQ32 : The location of the action of a play is called——————
Answer: Setting

Question FBQ33 : The use of language to create a mental picture in a play is called——–
Answer: Imagery

Question FBQ34 : The character who committed suicide in the play Oedipus Rex is ————–
Answer: Jocasta

Question FBQ35 : Hamlet is a character in the play titled —————– by Shakespeare
Answer: Hamlet

Question MCQ1 : The classical tragic hero is drawn from the ————— family
Answer: Noble

Question MCQ2 : In the structure; Greek tragedy ends with the ———–
Answer: Exodus

Question MCQ3 : The concept of the tragic hero is redefined in the portrayal of ———–
Answer: Willy Loman

Question MCQ4 : The Marriage of Anansewa is a play by ————————-
Answer: Efua Sutherland

Question MCQ5 : Classical Greek tragedy contains one integral ——-, presented in a very short time.
Answer: Plot

Question MCQ6 : In the structure, Greek tragedy starts with the —————.
Answer: Prologue

Question MCQ7 : A character in a play is expected to be consistent and ——————-
Answer: well-motivated

Question MCQ8 : The dramatic genre that presents the tragic hero who is not too virtuous or too vicious is———————-
Answer: Tragedy

Question MCQ9 : The creation of certain kinds of discrepancy between appearance and reality in a play is called ——————
Answer: Irony

Question MCQ10 : In Greek drama ————— added a third actor.
Answer: Sophocles

Question MCQ11 : In Greek drama, as the actors increased in number, the number of the ——- decreased
Answer: Chorus

Question MCQ12 : The Classical tragic hero commits ————- that leads to his fall
Answer: An error of judgment

Question MCQ13 : . In Greek drama —————– added a second actor
Answer: Aeschylus

Question MCQ14 : The choral lyric in honour of Dionysius was a dance around the altar by the———–
Answer: Chorus

Question MCQ15 : The playwright that is associated with the tragedy of the common man is ———–
Answer: Arthur Miller

Question MCQ16 : Many ————– playwrights do not adhere to Aristotelian principles of tragedy
Answer: Modern

Question MCQ17 : Satire is an important tool of —————-
Answer: Comedy

Question MCQ18 : Pick the odd person ————–
Answer: Moliere

Question MCQ19 : Pick the odd person ————–
Answer: Plato

Question MCQ20 : The hero in ————-is a one-dimensional figure who pursues a goal in a straight forward manner.
Answer: Melodrama

Question MCQ21 : Textual analysis is the same as ———– of a written play
Answer: An evaluation

Question MCQ22 : In dramatic genres, ——– does not advocate any serious idea/social issue.
Answer: Farce

Question MCQ23 : The form of drama that presents serious action caused by a villain but in the end there is a happy resolution of the play is called—————
Answer: melodrama

Question MCQ24 : According to Aristotle, ————— is a dramatic genre that presents men “worse than they are”.
Answer: Comedy

Question MCQ25 : A speech made by a character when he is alone, that reveals his inner thoughts to the audience is————-
Answer: Soliloquy

Question MCQ26 : A short entertainment piece presented between acts and major scenes is called —————-
Answer: Interlude

Question MCQ27 : A presentation at the end of the play is called ——————
Answer: Epilogue

Question MCQ28 : Who among these men is not a playwright?
Answer: Socrates

Question MCQ29 : In George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man, ———— is the character that is also called the Chocolate Cream Soldier
Answer: Captain Bluntschli

Question MCQ30 : The play-within-the play in Shakespeare’ Hamlet is called ————
Answer: Mousetrap

Question MCQ31 : Gertrude and Ophelia are characters in William Shakespeare’s play, ——–
Answer: Hamlet

Question MCQ32 : The physical setting in a play is also called the ————- setting.
Answer: Geographical

Question MCQ33 : In Soyinka’s The Lion and the Jewel, the character who is a semi-literate reformist and a teacher would like to introduce some radical and revolutionary reforms into the political and social lives of Ilujinle is called—————–
Answer: Lakunle

Question MCQ34 : The intelligent, shrewd and crafty comic hero in the play, Marriage of Anansewa, is called —————.
Answer: Chief Who-is-Chief

Question MCQ35 : The futility of war is the main theme in the play—————-
Answer: Arms and the Man

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