ENG224 e-exam (2019)

Question   .Sentence length and types are grouped under one of the following aspects of a paragraph.

Question   .One of these factors is directly linked to ideas which a writer wishes to convey in writing.

Question   .A retrospective approach to paragraph writing involves one of the following processes.

Question   .A concurrent approach to paragraph writing involves one of the following options.

Question   .One of the following options is grammatically correct.

Question   .One of the following sentences expresses a relationship of equal grammatical unity.

Question   .The capitalised item in “he travelled to lagos BUT did not see his brother” expresses one of the following options.

Question   .The capitalised item in “he will marry her IF her parents agree” expresses one of the following options.

Question   .Ellipsis as a device is used in writing for one of these purposes.

Question   .One of these options is a compound-complex sentence.

Question   .An association is usually required to present one of the following documents to open a bank account.

Question   .The summary of the written record of the previous meeting of an association could be circulated to one of these groups.

Question   .Which of these is an ideal means of informing members about a meeting where Internet services are available?.

Question   .One of the following participants can contribute while taking notes of an organisation’s monthly meeting.

Question   .News of bereavement is usually included under one of the following sections of the records of a meeting.

Question   .The list of members who are absent from a meeting after obtaining permission is usually written under the ___ section.

Question   .One of these aspects of a meeting cannot be carried out if members’ names are misspelt in the records of the previous meeting.

Question   .The session of a meeting where members raise observations which are not included in the agenda is known as ___.

Question   .These two members of an association must sign the records of a meeting.

Question   .The body of a letter is presented in form of one of the following options.

Question   .Which one of the following options refers to a writer’s clear handwriting?.

Question   .An informal letter usually ends with ____ sincerely.

Question   .One of these forms of letter writing will accept contrasted forms..

Question   .All but ONE of these options are types of PSA.

Question   .PSA could be designed to achieve all but ONE of these aims.

Question   .One of the following language varieties would be appropriate for a PSA designed for people living in the suburbs of Warri in Nigeria.

Question   .All but ONE of the options are examples of printed announcements.

Question   .A memorandum is short and precise because of one of the following factors?.

Question   .A transmittal document is usually presented in the form of one of the following options.

Question   .A list of related works mentioned in a research is included under one of these aspects of a report.

Question   .The audience can read along from copies of one of these types of speeches while the speaker addresses them.

Question   .One of the terms below refers to sources of quotations that are written at the bottom of the pages of a long essay.

Question   .The ___ word RSVP means ‘Please respond’.

Question   .One of these factors will likely make an invited guest feel out of place at an event if flouted.

Question   .Relevant works consulted while trying to get a theoretical framework for a research are usually discussed in one of the following sections of a long essay.

Question   .One of the options in parenthesis (concurrent; retrospective) describes a monitored approach to paragraph development.

Question   .One of the options in parenthesis (retrospective; concurrent) is the recommended approach to paragraph writing in an examination.

Question   .Charles (hung; hanged) the calendar on the wall.

Question   .The capitalised item in the passage: “mr ojo travelled to his village in ilesha yesterday. HE needed to see his mother” urgently is an example of a(n) ______ referent.

Question   .The capitalised item in the passage: “she walked quietly into the room, sat down on the empty seat and looked straight ahead. UCHE was prepared for whatever outcome this meeting with her in-laws would have” is an example of a(n) ______ referent.

Question   .The written records of decisions taken at a meeting of association members are known as ____.

Question   .It is important that ___ is circulated among members of an association to inform them of a forthcoming meeting.

Question   .The ___ of an organisation is not expected to contribute at a meeting because of her/his roles at the meeting.

Question   .___ refers to a move to bring a meeting to a close.

Question   .___ and date must be included in the endorsement of the written records of a meeting.

Question   .Application for the post of clerk is a feature of a(n) ___ letter.

Question   .An application letter should always close with ___ faithfully.

Question   .Correspondences on the Internet are presented in form of ___.

Question   .____ is used as titles by women who do not want to disclose their marital status.

Question   .The notice of an association’s inaugural meeting may not include the name of the _____.

Question   .One of the options in parenthesis (addressee’s address; addresser’s address) is a feature of an informal letter.

Question   .The straight and ___ styles are used in writing addresses in letter writing.

Question   .The following items: Honey, Dear Uncle and Sweetheart are salutations found in ___ letter writing.

Question   .A PSA is a (paid; free) commercial .

Question   .A high rate of family planning compliance could be achieved through one of these means in parenthesis (law enforcers; appeal).

Question   .A PSA usually last between {#1} to {#2} seconds  (Hint: Answer in figures).

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Question   .A very brief summary of a research or report is known as ____.

Question   .The term for the section where all authors whose works influenced a current research are mentioned is ____.

Question   .A short write up written by someone who knows the events that led to a research is known as ____.

Question   .A speech which moves the audience to take some actions is known as ____.

Question   .The speaker of ___ speech may not be able to respond to questions if s/he presented on behalf of another person.

Question   .The challenge of ___ speech is that the speaker may forget some parts of it while addressing the audience.

Question   .___ speech will likely be presented in a conversational style.

Question   .___ speech is often presented when an expected guest fails to turn up for the event.

Question   .A speech is usually addressed to a(n) ____.

Question   .___ is the full meaning of the acronym RSVP.

Question   .___ audience may likely disrupt a speech if they are not well managed.

Question   .The data collection of a research is discussed under the ____ section of a long essay.

Question   .When a host sends out ___ after an event, it shows that s/he appreciates the guests for attending the event.

Question   .People who attend an event because the host sent  a card to them are called ____

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