ENG434 : Literary Stylistics (2014)

National Open University of Nigeria

14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos

School of Arts and Social Sciences

March/April 2014 Examination


COURSE TITLE: Literary Stylistics



INSTRUCTION: Answer 3 questions.  Clarity and good organisation will be rewarded with an additional 1 Mark. Question 1 is COMPULSORY


1.      ‘Stylistics has become so vibrant a field of study that it has drawn insights from a number of disciplines or fields.’ Discuss this statement in relation to any 3 types of Stylistics.

(23 marks)

2.      (a) What is Affective Stylistics? Apply Affective Stylistics to your reading of Ola Rotimi’s The Gods Are Not To Blame OR Elechi Amadi’s The Concubine.

(b)    Give a brief description of the following dramatic terms:

i.            Cast

ii.            Playwright

iii.             Conflict

iv.            Antagonist

v.            Catharsis

vi.            Tragic flaw

vii.            Suspense

viii.            Prologue

ix.            Soliloquy

x.            Prompter

(23 marks)

3.      (a) Carry out a lexico-semantic analysis of the extract below:

Eleshin – Who speaks of pleasure? O, women, listen!

Pleasure palls. Our acts should have meaning.

The sap of the plantain never dries.

You have seen the young shoot swelling.

Even as the parent stalk begins to wither.

Women, let my going be likened to

The twilight hour of the plantain

(Death and the King’s Horseman, pp. 160)

(b) What is coherence? What is cohesion? (23   marks)

4.      (a) What is conflict? Discuss the conflicts in the play, The Gods Are Not To Blame , between

Odewale and King Adetusa, and between Odewale and supernatural forces.
(b)  Identify the noun modifier, head, and qualifier in the following sentences:

I.            I have registered all my courses for next semester

II.            Second semester examination timetable has been released

III.            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph have three beautiful daughters

IV.            Ukpo Ukpo is the new ENG 434 facilitator

V.            Our institution is expecting the NUC team next week Tuesday

VI.            Our committee has rounded off plans for the end of year party

VII.            Lanre and Tope are good friends

VIII.            Copperfield Estate was flooded yesterday

IX.            Mile 12 market is often crowded on Saturdays

X.            I will never forget lasy year’s business carnival


5.      (a) What is an active sentence? What is a passive sentence?

(b)     Change the following active sentences into passive ones:

I.            The students are taught by the professor

II.            The  dishes are washed by John

III.            Right now, Sarah is writing the letter

IV.            Sam repaired the car

V.            Many tourists have visited the spring

VI.            Recently, Dupe has carried out the project

VII.            They will have completed the project before the deadline

VIII.            My mother would always make the pies

IX.            I thought Sally was going to make a beautiful dinner tonight

X.            The salesman was helping the customer when the thief came into the store

(23 marks)
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