every time energy changes form some heat of low level form is lost into the ————— or the central pool
for instance Water in the overhead tank has potential energy of which type
Fields of science are commonly classified along————— major lines
Geothermal energy is a good example of ————- resources
Chlorinated plastic can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil, which can then seep into groundwater or other surrounding water sources and also the ———–
Pre-consumer textile waste is waste generated in the fashion supply chain before the textile reached the ———
Textile swatch waste is leftover textile ——–
When waste ends up at the landfill, chemicals in the trash can leech out into the——–, contaminating it.
Garbage can create ———–pollution due to gasses and chemicals evaporating from the waste
A ———– hazard is a type of occupational hazard caused by exposure to chemicals in the workplace
Board of Directors are a group of persons, democratically ——————, representing the general membership
Linear programming is a mathematical technique, which consists of expressing the operations of a group of complex interdependent variables by developing ————————- formulae
the manager should also be required to classify the accounts receivable into three or more groups on the basis of their ——————–
Selection of suitable personnel for different cadres is the responsibility of the ———————–
According to Watzlawick Cooperative management should be understood as a complex decision making process within the three levels of management pyramid which aims at achieving a proper balance of success of cooperative enterprise as a—————————unit as well as a social institution.”
which decision cannot be assessed in quantitative terms and involve greater risk
the cooperative management should strive to achieve maximum efficiency only within the framework of the cooperative————————-
Apart from being an economic enterprise, a cooperative society is an ethical, social and ———————entity as well
Democratic control in cooperatives is exercised at————– levels
Manager is responsible for executing policies and accomplishing goals and objectives set up by the———————-
On the basis of the method, the decision making, may be classified as ———————————– decisions
the first objective of cooperative management is ————————–
Second objective of cooperative management aims at improving the ———————-of the cooperative society
When the Board is large, it is convenient to divide the Board into different ————-committees for effective control
In each cooperative society it is necessary to form a control committee from among the members of the—————-
Democratic control can work well only when members are ———————–
The monthly report presented by the manager to the Board meeting held periodically is the principal tool of————————-
A monthly statement of sale, production or other key operations of the cooperatives is necessary ———————-
The manager must be required to prepare the whole list of accounts receivable once in a month and present it to the —————
Operation Research is a ———————- technique used in decision- making
Linear programming can be used only with the aid of —————————
the third objective of cooperative management should constantly strive to achieve members————————
The efficiency and viability of a cooperative organization has no meaning unless it is able to coordinate the objectives of its members and translate the individual objectives into meaningful reality and make visible impact on the people who from the ————————
The manager should report periodically and should furnish information needed by the ———————————for controlling and appraising the operations of the organization and reviewing of progress
 cooperative management aims at improving the ———————– of the cooperative society
As a social science, cooperation is more ———————-, than positive
Cooperation is an instrument of state policy and planning in most of the ——————— countries
The cooperative managers have the onerous responsibility of————————— the leaders in the management decision making process and evolving methods to combine democratic control with managerial efficiency
The Board of Directors  delegates powers to a large extent to the ————————
The object of cooperative organization is much more than improving the material standards of its———————
The first step in the recruitment process is to write up the job description and job ————————-
Job——————-contains information stating the job title, location of the job in the organization, duties and responsibilities entailed in the job and extent of supervision to be provided for the job
Steering controls, also known a cybernetic or feed-forward controls, are designed to detect ————————– from some standard or goal and to allow corrections to be made before a particular sequence of actions is completed
Financial ratios are —————————- expressions, which depict the relationship between one variable and the other
Recruitment takes place within a labour ——————
Sonter and Freeman (1992) agreed that organizations use——————–main types of plans
Another method that has proved effective in selecting qualified candidates is the——————— centre
Placement deals with writing of appointment letter, reporting for work, induction and orientation of the ———————
A selection———————— is an extension and development of the inevitable meeting, which takes place between the employer and the prospective employee
A control system should have a built-in ——————– to adjust to new situation
tailoring, barbing salon, make up shop, etc belongs to which industry
which type of industries that engage in small-scale production or activity and often do not require huge sums
Agribusiness gives a clearer picture of what——————- is all about
The————————-capital takes the form of better seed varieties, fertilizers, pesticides, etc, which ensure a higher yield.
which type of business that has to do with financial transactions with the banks, insurance, companies, credit houses etc
When a decision is taken on the form of business, it is important to draw the relevant ——————— of incorporation
 Given a partnership business, the normal ————— of partnership must be drawn.
which process ensures effective storage of the products and enhances value added
the market potentials require undertaking a market ——————————-i.e Information on the demand for the product is needed in order to make projection for the future
The appraisal of the Economic needs of the Business  is carried out to determine the ————————potential of the business
Government has indirect control over _________ education .
Early Child Education is also referred as ——- Education.
Early Child Education include the following except __________
Early Child Education in children development except  in ______.
The objective of showing pictures to nursery pupils is to motivate ___ learning.
Teaching puoils appropriate greeting is to encourage______ growth.
The objective of teaching pupils to cocer their mouth when coughing is for____
Identifying lethers A–Z is to inculcate is aimed at teaching ________.
Non-cognive behaviours include the follwing except __________.
Non-cognive behaviours  can only be evaluated through_______.
The first step in planning is the ————————- of problem
Planning is ——————–oriented
Staffing is a function of every ——————–
Cooperatives require the ——————— drawn from the cooperative law for corporate business the normal article of incorporation is drawn to reflect the name, nature of business, shares to be sold and the organizational structure
On completion of the agreement, the business should be given a ——————–backing
Planning and control are especially inseparable which are reffered to as the Siamese——————– of management
Planning logically precedes the execution of all other managerial ————————.
The small-scale farmers who produce greater part of the agricultural produce are numerous and scattered on many ————–sized holdings.
According to Koontz et al (1980), the basic control process involves —————– steps
The use of committees is a well-known technique for co-ordination in —————————-
Special Cooperatives are set up to cater for the provision of———————intermediation.
which funds are used for legal and recording fees, business permit, incorporation fees, promotional supplies and expenses incurred in forming the cooperatives
When ever we discussed the present value of an annuity, thus, such disscussion should evolve around———————-
Obviously if a firm is able to borrow at a rate lower than the internal rate of return, the investment project will be ———————–
When we talk of salvage value, we are talking of the estimated value of an asset at the ————————— of its useful life for the firm
The organization of primary cooperatives into societies at village (rural) level and ward level (urban) is ideal as it permits people who live  —————-to each other to participate in and patronize the society’s business
In the context of the democratic space subsisting in the country, all apexes must be seen to be the outcome of the needs and wishes of members of cooperative societies and —————- that form the apex
After treating depreciation, another item which we need to understand properly is ———————
in a situation where depreciation has been deducted before arriving at profit after tax, the practice is to add back depreciation to arrive at after tax net ——————-.
which type of cooperative society mobilizes capital that will form the basis of financing payments to those who incur losses and for loan operation in the Movement.
An observational plan provides information on ______.
Majorly there are ______ types of observation.
A participant observer performs all the following except ______.
Observation should be made in the follwing setting except __________.
All are observational tool except ______.
The setting in which the environment is made to appear natural but controlled is called _____.
The potential period of intellection development in children is ______.
Neglecting children at their early stages in life leads to ______ effects.
The following years reflected input in  the National Policy in Education except..
Government has indirect control over _________ education .
NPV  result  may  be  misleading  when  we   are  dealing  with  alternative  projects  under ———————-rationing situations
which financial institution extends small loans to people, business and unemployed or low-income individuals.
Unlike banks, credit unions are——————————-. Each one has its own brand identity, management and Board of Directors, but they’re united through provincial centrals.
Credit unions are financial ———————
which principle suggest that the one member-one vote rule by which cooperatives operate serves to distribute power equally among all the current member owners
In accounting, depreciation is usually charged to the profit and loss account as a way of matching cost of———————– with their benefits
 which type of capital is used for making crop and livestock advances, inventories, supplies, wages and other current expenditure.
 Depreciation is a way of allocating cost of —————– assets
Thrift savings refers to the wise and careful use of——————–, so that none is wasted
what is refers to the fee or payment required from a member as a penalty or punishment for breaking a cooperative rule or law or legal agreement.
Schulze DeIitzsch (1808 – 1883) is a———————-by Profession
NEEDS is a ——————government plan
Savings is regarded as————————— that is not consumed by immediately buying goods and services
among rural depositors, proximity and convenience are crucial factors to———————
Daily deposit scheme in savings are collected ———————– at the doorsteps of rural depositors by mobile deposit collectors
Families in rural areas seek to diversify their sources of income beyond ————————.
If the time value of money exists, is there any way that it can be expressed?
In a technical sense, the ——————-is the break – even rate of borrowing from a bank.
 Depreciation is a way of allocating cost of —————assets
In accounting, depreciation is usually charged to the profit and loss account as a way of matching cost of ——————- assets with their benefits
The evolution and growth of cooperation can be traced down to Ancient Egyptian Era between 3100 to …………… as the main period of development.
Hungry Forties is a period in the early …………… when Britain experienced an economic depression, causing much misery among the poor.
William King was a student of history and economics in his college days and at the same time a ……………….
The origins of the …………. cooperative movement are linked to rural population that had learned about democracy and democratic responsibility at the folk high schools.
In the early christian era the nature of development was Artisan societies with …………….. benefits.
The …………..agricultural societies and grange associations spawned local farmers’ cooperatives which purchased farm inputs and marketed members’ crops.
The Roman ……………… consisted of craftsmen and plantation agriculture known as latifindal were dominant.
The first Swedish farm cooperative was formed in …………………….
The origin of Rochadale Society began operating in 1844, it was not until ……… that the British Parliament passed the industrial and provisdent Societies Act.
Roy (1981) noted that between 3000 to …… BC, some agricultural lease had cooperative features history and documents indicating that the tenants famers in cooperatives, etc.
Teaching pupils appropriate greeting is to encourage______ growth.
The objective of showing pictures to nursery pupils is to motivate ___ learning.
Government has indirect control over _________ education .
Demostrating how  to hold the writing tools is learning ________ skill.
Food given to students in northern part of nigeria is a form of _____ stock.
The school football is an example of _____ stock.
_______ book shows the name, age, sex, height etc.
Hen, duck and eagle are examples of ________.
_______ regulates learning activities in schools.
A person trained to look out for the occurance or absent of a behaviour is/an______.
………………………… appealed to the well –to-do of the community for financial assistance but charity was merely a stop-gap.
In …………………. the government adopted legislation concerning cooperatives in 1895.
Degler (1970) and Roy (1981) were of the same opinion that the ………………. of Jesus Christ constituted significant event in the world history.
Cooperative Forbundet conducts study groups by correspondence whereby people learn without a/an ……………….  teacher.
The cooperative craftsmen organization called ……………… which appeared as early as the beginning of old Roman history.
Unlike in the ………….., a Danish farmer was the owner of his land, and no assistance was given to him to cover for the losses, he was left to his own mercy.
The Gilds developed and originated from Roman industrial colleges when Swiss dairymen were reported to have made cheese cooperative and anticipated the modern …………. Cooperatives.
……………  Is an instrumental lawyer in organizing credit cooperative for small businessmen and craftsmen.
In 1839 there was a serious slump in trade, leading to a steep ………………… in unemployment, accompanied by a bad harvest.
Cooperative has evolved from a ……..-oriented institution to a more formalized business-oriented organization serving economic rather than spiritual needs.
The African Confederation of Co-operative Savings and Credit Association was founded on 12th September, ………..
Co-operative has spread all over Nigeria but they are more prominent in the …………….parts of the country with various types.
Since the inception of Co-operatives in Nigeria, ……………. had been playing prominent and laudable roles in its development and spread.
British agriculture comprised comparatively …………..-scale farmers who formed “a fairly efficient economic unit.”
The Co-operative Movement of Sweden is so organized today that manufacturing, and …………………… of essential goods are under its control.
The few agricultural co-operatives that formed in the late 19th century suffered unfavourable patterns of …………..
The initial achievement of the government on Co-operatives was the promulgation Co-operative Laws and the Co-operative ……………..
About 90% of all farming soil in …………………. was cooperative from 1300, as the Black Death depopulated the rural parts of the country.
In the United States, there are approximately 800,000 Indians, and they own more than…… million acres of land, although a substantial part is not fertile land.
In Denmark, the changed in the enclosure movement which aimed to reunite fields and award them to one ………… only.
____ has powers to make laws for the peace, order and good government of the Federation of Nigeria or any part thereof on all matters that are included in the Exclusive legislative list.
The National Assembly has power to make laws on certain matters in the concurrent legislative list set out in the first column of part II of the second schedule to the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.
If any law enacted by the National Assembly is inconsistent with any law validly made by the House of Assembly, the law of the House of Assembly shall prevail, and that other law shall to the extent of the inconsistency be void.
The procedure for altering the Constitution as contained in section 9 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is cumbersome.
The President of Nigeria shall not declare a state of war between the Federation and another country except with the sanction of a resolution of _____ .
Except with the prior approval of the ____, no member of the Armed Forces of the Federation shall be deployed on combat duty outside Nigeria.
The procedural requirements before one can take an action to the court is not a bar to the jurisdiction of any court.
Retrospective legislation are defensive to the principles of social justice.
This expression “Parliamentary Sovereignty” is otherwise called ____ , implies the fact that parliament has absolute authority to issue orders and enact laws that are binding on every person within the area of its jurisdiction.
Parliamentary sovereignty exist in Nigeria.
Which of the following statements is true?
Barnard and Mayo were interested in _______
______ came up with fourteen general principles of management
A good knowledge of the theories of management would ________
Which of the following  was very prominent in the history of management?
Which of the following does not belong to this group?
______ management is concerned with the work of individuals
______ management is concerned with how the organisation should be built
_______ is well known in administrative mangement
Hierarchy in management could also be classified as ______
Max Weber theory suggests the belief system of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam does not encourage entrepreneurship
The access to resources by the founder/originator is an important predictor of opportunity-based entrepreneurship and new venture growth.
The human capital entrepreneur theory comprises of two factors which are;
To be an entrepreneur implies a discovery process
The following are the contributors to the classical school of entrepreneurship except;
——– was a British economist who recognised an entrepreneur as central to economic theory in 1848
_____ defined entrepreneurship as an attitude, and a way of thinking and learning
_____ defined entrepreneurship as the creation of a new enterprise
_____ are entrepreneurs that put their efforts together to build enterprise by pooling together their own resources
_____ is an individual who recently arrived in a country and starts a business as a means of survival in the country.
_____ entrepreneurs have a set of common connections and regular patterns of interaction among people sharing common migration experiences
_____ is the one who starts fresh, does not  have  any  family business prior to establishing his new venture
____ means the personal responsibility or liability of a particular minister for all the consequences of his ministry’s actions.
_____ entrepreneurs refuses to adopt the changes and are laggards.
The functions of the government were analysed firstly by ____ who was a Greek Philosopher.
_____ and ________ are classification of entrepreneurs on the basis of owners
In the 17th Century the doctrine of separation of powers was developed by ____ .
________ entrepreneurs believe that business is the part and parcel of their life
Chapter ____ of the 1999 Constituion of Nigeria deals with Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy.
_____ entrepreneur is well informed, draws upon the advice and services of experts in his line of business
According to the provisions of Section 15 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, the motto of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be Unity and Peace, Fate and Progress.
Sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through the Constitution derives all its powers and authority.
According to the provisions of Section 33 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, the right to life is absolute.
If adjudications are to command general acceptability as having been properly made, they must possess the essential characteristics of openness, fairness and partiality.
In ____ the Supreme Court held that fair hearing anticipated by Constitution implies that every reasonable and fair minded observer who watches the proceedings should be able to come to the conclusion that the court or other tribunal has been fair to all the parties concerned.
The President or the Deputy President of the Senate or the Speaker or Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives shall vacate his office under the following conditions except?
The word ‘‘entreprendre’’ was coined from———————word
Entrepreneurship started as far back as ——————century
Entrepreneurship is a process of creating something new with value by devoting the neccesary time and efforts. This was defined by;
There are three views of entrepreneurship
The word ‘‘entreprendre’’ implies;
The term ‘‘entrepreneur’’ was introduced to the school of economics by;
The phrase ‘‘undertaker of a project’’ was popularised by ————- in England
The entrepreneur represents society’s model personality. This description was made by;
The performance of an entrepreneur is dependent upon his ———–towards his occupation
Schumpeter believes that entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by an atavistic will to power
The ____________ works because open standards allow every network to connect to every other network
 The technical coordination of the Internet has common characteristics:
This  _______________ has been the key to the successful growth of the Internet and is flexible enough to adapt to changing future needs.
What is the full meaning of IANA?
Internet operations are coordinated worldwide through the ______________________
Internet network security is significantly facilitated by _________________
IANA stands for ________________________
As far as _____________ and________________ economies are concerned the impact of I&CT advances on internationalization differs significantly between producers of ‘traditional’ physical goods and producers of digital information goods
Digital information goods henceforward referred to as ____________________
The _______________ has had important effects on the way in which people are managed within international companies
The ability of companies to develop global operations increasingly via the Internet depends on __________________
ICT advances in general have been _____________ of the convergence costs of capital of firms during the last decade
 _____________ has reduce the disadvantage of foreignness in terms of being unknown to local stores
All Except one are important of Internet to the society
Internet is ______________________
 Internet is also very important when it comes to _______________
when people wanted to speak with someone who lives in a distant place, they would have to reach a phone and make a phone call. This is do in the ________________ days
The Advantages of the Internet also benefits all except
You can make a video call and see the person even if he or she is at the other side of the world by using ______________
 __________________ is basically talking, texting or sending data or image files over a wireless network.
The House of Assembly of a State consists of two times the total number of seats which that State has in the House of Representatives
The President or Vice-President may be removed from office whenever a notice of any allegation in writing signed by not less than ____ of the members of the National Assembly is presented to the president of the Senate, stating that the holder of the office of President or Vice-President is guilty of gross misconduct in the performance of the functions of his office.
The Governor of a state may do the following except?
The President may by official Gazette issue a proclamation of a State of Emergency in the Federation or any part thereof in the following situations except?
The ____ is the highest court of appeal in Nigeria.
____ enables a superior court or tribunal to call upon an inferior court or tribunal to certify the record upon which the inferior court or tribunal based its decision of a judicial or quasi-judicial nature.
The essence of the order of mandamus is the need to secure judicial enforcement of public duties.
The High Court of a state has original jurisdiction to hear and determine any application brought to it from any person who alleges that any of the provisions of Chapter ___ has been, is being or is likely to be contravened in relation to him.
The military government is usually extra constitutional. It is run by _____.
The Head of the Supreme Court of Nigeria is the ____ .
______________ are one-to-many communication systems that operate in half-duplex mode, i.e., push to talk
An example of _______________ is sending an email from a computer or a smart phone using a wireless network at home or in your local coffee shop
The system used for mobile communication to work is called _________________
The different types of mobile communication systems are
________________ is basically the transmission of signs, signals, messages, words, writings, images and sounds or information of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems
________________ occurs when the exchange of information between communication participants includes the use of technology
The technology used to communicate are called _____________
The following are examples of Telecommunication of Network except
Mobile communication technologies have enabled a seamless interaction between ____________ and _______
Mobile communication technology includes following devices except one
Which of the following is most correct when considering VTE teachers’ compensation?
Which of the following statements is most correct?
Most conflicts among employers and employees in Nigerian  often start from _______
Where it is difficult to resolve labour dispute, such matters could be referred to _______
Which of the following statements is most correct?
Technical education is the education designed at —-
At the secondary level of education, grievances arising from wrong salary scale or wrong placement are normally addressed through ______
TVC is organised in ________ levels in Nigeria
Which of the following statements is most correct?
In TVC training, the products of M.Tech are technologists, while the products of technical are ______
The major of premise of Schumpeter‘s theory of entrepreneurship is focused on______________
Identification and assessment of business opportunity is referred to as ____________________ in the framework
These two sources of new technology ideas have in recent years been described as _______________ and _____________________
_______________ is a requirement in the development of a technology-based enterprise
An author described it as a sine qua
non for the establishment of any industrial venture and posed that one of the major challenges
that investors have in promoting venture ideas is poorly packaged feasibility report because of
unreliable information and faulty assumptions on which the projections are premised _______________
The following are the roles to play in the development of the technological venture except
_________________ is a critical but optional1 aspect of technology innovation entrepreneurship
There are ___________ways the patentee (the owner of the
patent, or the patent owner) may exploit the patent
_______________ is an authorization given by a patentee or a government authority to other
parties to use the invention.
_____________ is an authorization given by a patentee to other parties to use the
invention based on mutually-agreed terms
 _____________ is seen as a tool for global economic transformation Bell (1978) which can
competitive advantage of an organization.
There are basically_____ types of
 _____________ is knowledge that can
be shared with others. it can be documented, categorized, transmitted to others as information,
and illustrated to others through demonstrations, explanations and other forms of sharing
Knowledge residing within people is basically known as
____________________ defined entrepreneurship from a psychological perspective. He
asserted that an individual‘s need is a strong motivational factor that could influence him or her
to start a small enterprise which could enable him to meet his or her needs.
 entrepreneurship as the ―act of identifying,
initiating, and organizing and bringing a vision to life, be it a new product, service, process,
organizational strategy, promotional strategy or a niche market by ___________
____________as the second key word of this discuss is defined as the ability to carry out
productive transformation, and it includes the ability to act and a competence to perform.
 ______________ asserted that technology transforms materials, energy and
information from one state to another value-added state.
_______________ is an emerging aspect of entrepreneurship that is beginning to
arrest the attention of researchers and organizations.
  ____________________ Categorized technological
entrepreneurship intro three capabilities
Which of the following does not belong to this group?
______ serves as a major referece point for industrial psychologist
In year _____ it was concluded from a research carried out that human factors within an organisation could effectively influence production
The bank wiring observation room experiment was carried out  ______
Human relation school was criticised for ______
Which of the following statements is most correct?
_______ management thought used mathematical models
The scientists that were arranged to help solve complex operational problems were later classified as ______
Operations management decisions may include the following except ______
In management information system _______
They are Managerial, Entrepreneurial and ____________ Capabilities.
Technological entrepreneurship from the writer‘s perspective should be associated with certain _______________
 The  following  are the Components   Except ________________
The dimensions of technology entrepreneurship have been identified to anchor on four
components of technology entrepreneurship as giving by _____________________
The  following are Components of Technology Entrepreneur Except _________________
______________Identified two major features technological entrepreneurship.
The following are not the major features technological entrepreneur Except ______________
  __________________is a requirement in the development of a technology-based enterprise.
 ________________ defines a business incubator as an economic development tool designed to accelerate the growth and success of
entrepreneurial companies
The full meaning of NACETEM is _______________________________
Public Administration began as activities of ____ leaders to manage the general affairs of their respective communities.
_____ is a system of rules and regulations that members of society have to obey and apply in their private and public lives.
British colonialists visited Nigeria in which century?
A review of one of the definitions of Administrative Law proffered by ____ indicates that the subject deals with the organization, powers and duties of administrative authorities.
The following are sources of administrative law except:
The primary function served by law in  every society include the following except?
Chapter ____ of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria contains the Fundamental rights provisions.
Before the advent of modern Public Administration the way we have it today, the various communities in Nigeria were governed by traditional rulers, village heads, elders and appointed leaders of kindreds who derived their powers from the following except?
The Executive power to administer Nigeria is vested in the President of the Senate.
The organs of government are expected to work in harmony and competition with each other.
____________________is charged with the statutory responsibility of considering the desirability or otherwise of a merger from the point of view of the public interest or greater good to the society or economy
_________________ refers to the planning and execution of a wide range of strategies to meet specific organizational objectives. The kinds of activities falling under corporate development may include initiatives such as recruitment of a new management team, plans for phasing in or out of certain markets or products, considering a partner for a strategic alliance, establishing relationships with strategic business partners, identifying and acquiring companies, securing financing, divesting of assets or divisions, increasing intellectual property assets and so on
A process that enables a client to evaluate the cost/ benefits of diversification into new product markets by profiling its competencies in current markets, benchmarking them against known success criteria/ good practice for the new markets, quantifying the corporate gap in terms of risks/ opportunities/ costs, translating the outcome of the research and analysis into a clearly defined action plan
A process that enables a client to evaluate the cost/ benefits of diversification into new product markets by profiling its competencies in current markets, benchmarking them against known success criteria/ good practice for the new markets, quantifying the corporate gap in terms of risks/ opportunities/ costs, translating the outcome of the research and analysis into a clearly defined action plan
_________refers to the planning and execution of a wide range of strategies to meet specific organizational objectives
_______________ process that enables the client to fully evaluate the business options for the re-cycling or re-purposing of a ―problem site‖. Our research includes measuring the capabilities of the site, identifying new applications (products and markets) for those capabilities and developing the business model/ strategy for the ―new‖ business
A process that measures company performance in its current markets, compares this performance with competitors and with market requirements, identifies the markets where the company has the greatest competitive
______________ these are products which customers typically do not seek, they are often purchased with little planning or search effort. These products are normally widely available
Modern form of banking in Nigeria started in __________ when the African banking Corporation (ABC) commenced formal banking business
Mergers can fail for many reasons except
All but one of these are true of macrophages:
One of these is not true of dendritic cells
One of these cells can elicit allergic reactions
All but one of these belong to the hematopoietic stem cells
Hematopoietic stem cells are said to be pluripotent because__________
All but one of these are types of T cells
Innate immunity can be achieved through all but one of the following
Which of these are the only cells able to recognise and distinguish different antigenic determinants.
The Thymus can be found in one of these regions of the body
The humoral immunity consist of  one of these features
The banks should comply with the legal requirements on mergers and acquisitions as contained in S.100 – 123 of the Investment andSecurities Act No. 45, 1999 and all other ____________
_________ is fusion of two or more companies, as distinct from the take-over of one company by
________ are the purchase of one organization by another
One of the following is type of Merger
Mergers and acquisitions activities rose to a global record of US$3.8Trillion in ___________. This marked an increase of over thirty-five percent from year 2005, and surpassed the previous high of US$3.4Trillion set in year 2000 during the previous M&A boom. Many of these transactions were cross-border
ordinary shares plus non-redeemable preference shares is called ____________
___________________ presents a series of complex dialectical and paradoxical movements to arguethat human society is split between the profane, rational world and the sacred
For ________, transgression is implicitly embedded as the other of a rule
_________ motive assumes that the company will be absorbing a major competitor and thus increase its power (by capturing increased market share) to set prices
are unevenly distributed across firms and the interaction of target and acquiring firm resources can create value through either overcoming information asymmetry or by combining scarce resources
Administrative powers may be classified into ____ .
____ power refer to authority to perform duties or functions specifically  authorized  by  an  enabling statute.
The Ministers appointed by the President are subject to confirmation by the ____.
The President of Nigeria appoints the Chief Justice of Nigeria with the recommendation of the ____ .
The doctrine of separation of powers encourages arbitrariness and excessive use of powers.
The President of Nigeria may delegate some of his functions to state commissioners.
Ministers in Nigeria are appointed from any State of the Federation.
To assist the President in his duties, the 1999 Constitution created the Office of Vice President in Section ____
Section ____ of the 1999 Constitution creates the Office of Governor of a State.
Regular laws of a country are ___ to acts of administrators which are not congruent with it and beneficiaries who suffer from the arbitrary action of administrative officials under the rule of law have civil grounds to bring an action against the state.
__________________are reasons for going the route of mergers
M & A transactions are usually encouraged as they serve as an _________________
A  corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners
____________________is charged with the statutory responsibility of considering the desirability or otherwise of a merger from the point of view of the public interest or greater good to the society or economy
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) comes in all shapes and sizes, and investors need to consider the complex issues involved in___________________
The first experience of M & A in Nigeria took place during the banking consolidation programme of ________________
SIFIs means
The objectives of regulatory/supervisory agencies in this regard are basically three except
Tthe following is the measures could be considered for adoption by the Regulatory Authorities in order to achieve the above-listed objectives of addressing the too-big-to-fail problem except
The current trend in M & A in the Nigerian banking industry will raise the following issues in the three components of the safety net except
One of these statements is not true of immunoglobulins
The study of antibodies and how they react with antigens is known as__________
Which of these is not true of  the antibody molecule
One of these is not a major class of immunoglobulin
Immunoglobulin are classed based on all but one of the properties
Active immunity can be induced by all but one of the following
One of these is the type of immunity conferred on a baby by the mother
Which of these statements is not true of Major Histocompatibiliy Complex molecules
How many isotypes of immunoglobulins are found in humans?
All but one of these play a dual role which is to bind to antigen and exhibit  effector functions  except
The concept of the rule of law exists to check the excesses of public administrators and government officials who inadvertently in the discharge of their duties, tend to be arbitrary and oppressive in negation of the laws of the land as enshrined in the constitution which ought to govern their operations.
The following are ways of controlling local government councils in Nigeria except?
The Dasuki Committee scrapped States Ministries of Local Government in ____ .
The following are problems confronting Local Governments except?
___ percent is distributed from the Federation Account to Local Government Areas.
The Udoji Commission on Local Government reform submitted its report in ____ .
The first tier of government is the _____ .
The existence of the Federal Civil Service Commission is recognized by Section ____ of the 1999 Constitution.
The system of Local Government administration is guaranteed by section _____ of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.
There are ____ chambers of the National Assembly.
Distributon of drugs is affected by all but one of these factors
The metabolism of drugs depend on all but one of the following
Drugs can be metabolised by all these ways except
The rate of drug entry into a tissue is determined by all these except
Tbe purpose of drug bioassay include all but one of the following
For a primary drug bioassay the following criteria will be required except
Which of these terms will be used to describe the type of bioassay which the test animal either dies or lives
All these are techniques of bioassay except
For an effective drug sensitivity test the following will be required except
The branch of immunology that deals with the pathologies of the immune systemis known as
The following as the underlying purposes of administrative law except?
Administrative law is categorized as private law since it governs the relationship between the government and the individual.
Every branch of law has incidental effects on the protection or infringement of human rights.
Administrative law plays an important role in improving inefficiency of administration.
The rule of law requires that government should operate within the confines of the ____ .
The following are advantages of public administrative law except?
In the ____ century it was widely believed that there is a ‘higher law’, a fundamental moral order, upon which a firm and moral society must rest and in accordance with the rules of which it must be built.
“Social policy is about coercion. Its very essence lies in compelling people to do what they would otherwise not do, either for their own good or for what is conceived to be the good of the society as a whole.” Who made this statement?
One critique of Marshall’s theory is that it is often difficult to transfer rights in law to rights in practice.
When an increased cynicism about government was combined with a poorer economic performance, the ideological consensus came apart and three new theories arose in its place. These were all but one of the following:
Global administrative law comprises of the mechanisms, principles, practices and supporting social understandings that demote or otherwise affect the accountability of global administrative bodies.
The following are types of globalized administrative regulation except?
____ rights are the basic freedoms and protections that belong to every single one of us.
Elisabeth Ellis defines _____ as a society “in which individuals independently endowed with property and with the capacity to exercise political judgment contract together to found the state”.
The Right to dignity is embedded in Section ____ of the 1999 Constitution
Right to freedom of religion is guaranteed by Section _____of the 1999 Constitution.
The Fundamental Rights under chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria are justiciable.
_____ procedures are certain steps that administrative agencies should take to perform their administrative duties.
The rules of natural justice are said to be founded on both divine and an eternal laws.
The principle of Nemo judex in causa sua means:
Management strategy consists of a number of interrelated elements
The major problems of management succession is
Those responsible for the establishment of relationships conducive to management efficiency are
management thought is commonly referred to as “social revolution.”
The major outcomes of changing attitudes
According to Needle (1994), manpower refers
Job Analysis mainly refers to
Labour Turnover (LTO) relates to the number of employees leaving during a period of time to the average number of employees during that period.
Change is an inevitable phenomenon.
Sophistication in management technique does not guarantee success unless relationship between people is well taken care of
Those responsible for establishing efficient human relationships are
Productivity basically refers to
Production functions exist in all types of organisation
Ergonomics  is also referred to as human engineering
Total Quality Management means
Materials are
The term “innovation” is
As a key function of business, innovation is related to
Other concepts which are related to innovation are
Whenever there are new technologies and new product, the need to adjust the organisation structure and adopt new marketing strategies necessarily arises
…………… constitutes government functionaries who  work in Ministries, Agencies and Departments.
…………… consists all government workers in the ministries, parastatals, military, police, judiciary and others
 The evolution of the public service in Nigeria is in ………….. stages.
 The Nigerian civil service originated in the ………………period.
In the pre-independence era, there were ………………. Public service reforms
………………….Reforms professionalised the public service in Nigeria
State enterprises in Nigeria, began in 1898 with the ……………… transport project.
The structure of viewing public enterprise as ………………. departments came to an end in1946.
The success of public enterprises depends on the strict application of …………………… principles and practices.
The main objective of public enterprises is…………. while that of the private sector is purely profit
Section 33(1) of the 1999 Constition of Nigeria provides that in the determination of his civil rights and obligations, including any question or determination by or against any government or authority, a person shall be entitled to a fair hearing within a reasonable time by a court or other tribunal established by law and constituted in such manner as to secure its independence or impartiality.
The maxim ‘audi alteram partem’ means?
It is the duty of a ____ to be seen as impartial such that where there is evidence of corruption on his part the judgment may be set aside.
Locus standi is a Latin phrase meaning _____.
The name ‘prerogative writs’ indicates that it is a writ associated with the _____ .
The term “Mandamus” is a Latin word meaning _____ .
Before an applicant for judicial review can succeed in invoking _____, there must be an imperative public duty imposed on someone and not just a discretionary power to act.
____ is used to bring up into the High Court the decision of some inferior tribunal or authority in order that it may be investigated.
____ is the injury or loss suffered by a person as a result of the breach of his right by another person.
Injunction is a preventive remedy.
teacher believes that the______ is a crucial factor in human development, and it determines what a child becomes
____is the programme of studies which a school wants its students to have for student to realise optimum development of intellect
The academic role of the teacher refers to the ________ of the teacher
The_______ role of the teacher refers to the teaching job of the teacher
Teachers should praise and give social approval than giving blame, punishment and_______
offender could be administered deprivation punishments such follows except______
School environment variables that can inhibit development of positive attitude in children are as follows except______
some adolescent emotions include the following except______
Children at ______ are able to think about the world abstractly
Some school factors that may lead to delinquency in children are as follows except____
Innovation must be accompanied by significant changes in administration overtime.
“invention”, “design”, “innovation”, “entrepreneurship”, and “research and development” are
Innovation can be seen as the process through which new ideas and inventions become a business reality in the form of new products, process, marketing strategies and new methods of organisation and management
Innovation operates in a variety of terms and variety of contexts.
Invention is the act of creating something new and unique
Inventions are irrelevant unless they are put into practice.
Research and development, commonly referred to as
The entrepreneur operates by introducing such changes directly by having
Product innovation refers to
Innovation as a concept operates in a variety of
…………..implies how firm-specific advantages could drive, simultaneously a tendency towards increasing industrial concentration.
Reynolds (1991) has identified ……… social contexts that relates to entrepreneurial opportunity.
……..is the first social context identified by Reynolds.
……….cultural entrepreneurship model  model says that new venture is created by the influence of one’s culture.
…………… defines personality traits as “stable qualities that a person shows in most situations
Schumpeter (1934) described entrepreneurship as a driver of
The …………. extolled the virtues of free trade, specialization, and competition
………….. include all the individual incidents and experiences that influence the development of entrepreneurial personality.
………….is a technique where parents create a laissez faire environment.
The import substitution policy’s operational strategy was………
………….is the major political factor affecting the growth of entrepreneurs in Nigeria
Employment generation is a benefit of …………………..
Theory of ….. presents innovation as the major factor in developing new products (and services) and in catalyzing investment interest in new ventures
The Import Substitution era was from ……..to……
…………….was focused on the production and export of primary products in the category of raw materials
………involves the act or process of identifying a product, service or idea that will constitute the venture.
………stated that the differentiated an inventor from an innovator, indicating that an inventor discovers new methods and new materials but an innovator utilizes inventions and discoveries to produce new combinations

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