ESM 303 : Environmental Laws (2018_2)


University Village, Plot 91 Cadastral Zone, NnamdiAzikiwe Express Way, Jabi – Abuja.

Faculty of Sciences

Department of Environmental Science and Resource Management

January/February 2018 Examinations


COURSE CODE: ESM 303                                    TIME ALLOWED: 2HRS


COURSE TITLE: Environmental Laws Credit Unit: 2


Instruction: Attempt question number one (1) and any other three (3).


1. Discuss the mandates of the National Environmental Standard and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA)(25 marks)


2. Explain the historical background to the emergence of environmental law in Nigeria (15marks).

3. Discuss the impacts of the export of toxic wastes to Africa with emphasis on Nigeria (15 marks)


4. Write notes on any two of the following:

a. Toxic waste (7.5 Marks)

b. Chlorofluorocarbon (7.5 Marks)

c. Environmental pollution (7.5 Marks)

5. Discuss the functional stages in Solid Waste Management (15 Marks)

You can get the soft copy for this course or the exam summary answers for this course from 08039407882

Exam summary sample below

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