Explain the concept of prisonization and why it creates problems with the prison environment.

Reoccurring offenders contribute to the prison system as such process is passed down from prisoner to prisoner. The main concept of such method of identifying and controlling inmate behaviors is to follow strict guidelines in which are to remain loyal within the inmate population, without causing any discrepancies in harmony with one another, with pride and wise perceptions. If such is obtained the inmates are then rewarded with titles such as right guy, homeboys or stand up guys; in which can be looked up upon with sheer confidence by others; that are granted privileges accessible in the prison system including physical protection. By definition prisonization is “the process by which the newly committed inmates (and some prison staff) are introduced into the culture of the society of captives and learn to live within that inmate culture; the process of adopting the culture of the prison” (Allen, Latessa & Ponder, 2016). Such inflictions can influence the balance between prisoners and the prisons rehabilitation goals, such in which hinder rather than enable treatment attempts, haltering the inmate’s ability to obtain adequate skills, talents, attitudes and behaviors that are required to ensure a positive outcome when released into normal society. Two current progressions in American jails and prisons have evaluated and analyzed such concerns, in which have resulted that the increase in regular and gang member population within prisons is becoming a sense of hopelessness as the numbers increase rapidly making many administrators to resign their positions and as per administrators gangs are mainly structured to interact and antisocial and a little behavior.

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