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    Louis Adigun

    Course Code: BFN 305
    Credit Unit: 3
    Course Title: Banking Laws and Regulations
    Time Allowed: 3 Hours
    1. Attempt question number one (1) and any other three (3).
    2. Question number 1 is compulsory and carries 25 marks while the other 3 carry 15 marks each.
    3. Present all your points in coherent and orderly manner.
    1. (a) Define Bank regulation as practiced in Nigeria and state the difference between regulation and supervision? (10 marks)
    (b) Itemize 10 (ten) objectives of bank regulation to stakeholders? (10 marks)
    (c) Identify the apex regulator of the Nigeria banking system and enumerate 5 (five) of its functions? (5 marks)
    2. a) Discuss the theories of regulation? (10 marks)
    b) Within the context of banking, what is insider abuse? (5 marks)
    3. a) Briefly explain the nature of bank regulation as practiced in Nigeria? (5
    b) Define bank fraud and itemize five types of bank fraud? (10 marks)
    4 Discuss the factors that can precipitate instability in the Nigeria banking system? (15 marks)
    5. Write a short note on the following:
    a. On-site supervision of banks (3 marks)
    b. Maiden examination of banks (3 marks)
    c. Routine examination of banks (3 marks)
    d. Target/Special examination banks (3 marks)
    e. Investigation/Spot checks of banks (3 marks)
    6. Briefly explain the concept of corporate governance and its importance to the performance of the banking sector. (15 marks)

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