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    Course Code: CIT 834 Time: 3hrs
    Course Title: Object-oriented Programming Using C# Course Credit Unit:3
    Instruction: Answer any five (5) questions
    1a.Write a simple program to demonstrate a C# indexer in operation with a new string of 6. (14marks)
    1b. In the context of object-oriented programming using C#, write any three (3) possible states of a modifier. (6marks)
    [Total =20 marks]

    2a. Describe the process of method overloading in object-oriented programming (4marks)
    2b. State the condition for using the static property. (6marks)
    2c.Write any five (5) basic features of Static Constructors (10 marks)
    [Total =20 marks]

    3a. Identify the key roles of the following:
    i. Data-type (4 marks)
    ii. Index-name (4 marks)
    3b. Write the standard syntax for declaring accessors in object-oriented programming (12 marks)
    [Total =20 marks]

    4a. Give a concise description of the term ‘private method’ within the context of object-oriented programming using C#. (10 marks)
    4b. In the event that there are two integer variables in a parallelogram class, write the standard syntax for adding these integers. (10 marks)
    [Total =20 marks]

    5a. State the factor that determines the class of setup instruction used in developing C# (2 marks)
    5b. Describe each of the following terms:
    i. Namespace (4 marks)
    ii. Keyword (4 marks)
    5c. Write the source code for a classic Hello C# program (10 marks)

    [Total =20 marks]
    6a. In the event that an argument in a method is labelled ‘fifty-five’, while the argument
    in the TakesInteger is a parameter labelled i, for i=44. Give the expression for passing
    the argument from a method referred to as ‘PassesInteger’ to another referred to as ‘TakesInteger’. (14 marks)
    6b. State three (3) core steps involved in object-oriented programming. (6 marks)
    [Total =20 marks]

    7a. Give a concise explanation of the concept of ‘Polymorphism’ as it relates to inheritance and upcasting. (16 marks)
    7b. State the key role of inheritance. (4 marks)
    [Total =20 marks]


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