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    July Examination 2017
    Course Code: CIT811
    Course Title: User Interface Design and Ergonomics
    Credit Unit: 3
    Time Allowed: 3 Hours
    Total: 70 Marks
    Iinstruction: AnswerQuestion One and Any other 4Questions
    1a What is a User Interface?(4 marks)
    1b. List and explain any three (3) types of User Interfaces (6 marks)
    1c. Explain User Interface Modalities and Modes (4 marks)
    1d. Explain the term “Ergonomics and Mention three benefit of Ergonomics (8 marks)
    2a. Write a short note on each of the following:
    (i) Icons(2 marks)
    (ii) Controls (widgets)(2 marks)
    (iii) Menus (2 marks)
    2b. Mention any application areas where 3-dimentional graphics can be used.(2 marks)
    2c. List any four (4) stages involved in usability testing (4 marks)
    3a What is Prototyping? (3 marks)
    3b. List and Explain three different prototyping techniques (6 marks)
    3c. Mention three fidelity types of Prototyping(3 marks)
    4a. What is Model–View–Controller (MVC) with examples? (4 marks)
    4b. Write short note on the following:
    (i) Evaluating with the Users(2 marks)
    (ii) Evaluating without the Users(2 marks)
    4c. Mention any four (4) common programming languages and tools that support the implementation of MVC .(4 marks)
    5(a) What is the meaning of the following acronyms?
    (i) GUI
    (ii) OIT
    (iii) WUI
    (iv) CHI
    (v) UCD
    (vi) OOUI
    (vii) ZUI
    ( 1 mark each)
    5(b) Identify four (4) aspects of ergonomics (2 marks)
    5(c) Outline three (3) facts about colour(3 marks)
    6(a) Describe the term ”Heuristics”(4 marks)
    6(b)ExplainMenu Selection and list three advantages. (6 marks)
    6(c) Outline any twoNielsen and Molich’s Heuristics (4 marks)

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