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    Course Code: CIT 811 Time: 3 hrs
    Course Title: User Interface and Egonomics
    Course Credit Unit: 3
    Instruction: Answer any five (5) questions. Each question carries 14 marks
    1a. List and explain five (5) tips for designing a good user interface.
    1b. Explain two elements of graphical user interface using two examples each to explain
    1c. List four (4) types of user interfaces
    2a. Explain the five aspects of Ergonomics. (2 marks each)
    2b. With the aid of a diagram what do you understand by Human Processor Model (4 marks)
    3a. Explain User-Centered design (5 Marks)
    3b. Explain Interaction Design (5 Marks)
    3c. What are the stages involved in Task Analysis (1 mark each)
    4a. State five (5) major steps in interaction design
    4b. Explain Usability?
    4c. State four (4) major concepts of usability
    5a. The graphic design of an interface involves decisions about issues such as where to put things
    on the screen, what size and font if type to use, and what colors will work best. Explain (5 Marks)
    5b. What is prototyping?
    5c. List the three main types of prototyping and Describe techniques used in Low Fidelity Prototype?
    6a. Explain Heuristic Analysis?
    6b. List and explain 5 Nielsen and Molich’s Heuristics
    6c. List the cognitive modeling methods.
    7a. Explain the six stages of conducting a usability test.
    7b. List four (4) kinds of Layout Managers?

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