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    National Open University Of Nigeria
    Department of Criminology and Security Studies
    Faculty of Social Sciences
    University Village, Jabi, Abuja
    Pen on Paper Examinations. Nov. 2018_2
    Course Code: CSS452.
    Course Title: Victims of Crime and Human Rights Violations
    Time Allowed: 3hours Course Unit: 3
    Instruction: Answer Any Four (4) Questions

    “Justice is not a one-way traffic”. To what extent is this assertion correct?( 17.5 marks)
    Using relevant examples, discuss the rights of victims of crime before and during trial.( 17.5 marks)
    Discuss in detail, the 3 stages involved in criminal investigation( 17.5 marks)
    Witnesses are important actors in crime investigation. Discuss( 17.5 marks)
    Critically explain the mechanisms through which personnel of the Nigeria Police Force ensure crime control in the society( 17.5 marks)
    The significance of victim(s) of crime in ensuring the successful prosecution of an offender cannot be overemphasised. Discuss( 17.5 marks)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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