Q1 The term �??peck order�?� means……..
Q2 Control technology that involves gassing and shooting wood ducks, poisoning orchard field rodents, special deer and hunts to lessen damage to vineyard, croplands and tree plantations is called?

Q3 An attempts at modifying the offending animals�?? ability to survive resist other control measures or reproduce is called…..

Q4 Which of these is not a preventive control

Q5 Methods of controlling or alleviating damage of wildlife conservation can be divided into four broad categories, namely;

Q6 The optimum control of ecological units may include these except………..

Q7 The benefits of wildlife conservation includes the following EXCEPT………

Q8 Wildlife law enforcement has the following first order objective EXCEPT…..

Q9 Which of this are not the nine criteria for strengthening wildlife agency legal policy and providing further context for the enforcement agent?

Q10 The act of making land produce sustained annual crops of wildlife for recreation use is called………….

Q11 Which of this statement is not true about legislation of national wildlife conservation law?

Q12 Borgu Game Reserve was created and stimulated the management of Nigeria�??s wildlife to include recreation and tourism in …………

Q13 When was Yankari Game Reserve created?

Q14 The second step in habitat management

Q15 The last step in habitat management

Q16 The first step in habitat management is ………..

Q17 Wildlife biologist will insist upon the following minimal analysis, prior to release EXCEPT…….

Q18 Introduction of Exotics Species had few successess due to the following reasons EXCEPT

Q19 Control of animal population in the National Parks would appear to us to be an integral part of park management, best handled by………

Q20 Which of this is not a methods of wildlife conservation?

Q21 Equipment used in felling does not include

Q22 During felling, care must be taken to ensure

Q23 Timber inventory procedure involves the following except

Q24 Selection of trees for felling is governed by the following except

Q25 Inducement offered men, to encourage them leave their villages and come to work in the remote parts of the bush include the following except

Q26 Logging can be divided into the following main groups except

Q27 The purposeful retention of forest or planting of trees in the tropics are done for

Q28 Which of the following is true. Tree cover protects the soil and reduces erosion in the following way

Q29 Social hierarchy in animal population is called

Q30 The act of positioning and configuring the land with vegetation needed to sustain the species is referred to as

Q31 The sum of the environmental factors which make a game range habitable is called

Q32 Protected areas where animals could hide against hunting and predator is known as

Q33 Which of the following factors may cause log deterioration during transportation and storage

Q34 What is the Mean annual Rainfall of Southern Guinea Savanna vegetation zone?

Q35 What is Duration of Dry season in Derived Savanna vegetation zone?

Q36 The Savanna interface which is between the desert and forest belt is now along the following town except?

Q37 The following are the Reality of Climate Change except

Q38 Naturally occurring compounds that have inhibitory effects on seed germination and growth of neighboring plants include the following except

Q39 Major activity of the action spectum for the breaking of dormancy in the Grand Rapids cultivar of lettuce is at

Q40 Which of these seeds germinate at about the same rate at 20oC as at 30oC?

Q41 The control of population explosion of wildlife can be achieve through the following except

Q42 Which of the following factors may cause log deterioration during transportation and storage

Q43 Which of these is an example of seed that germinate poorly and slowly

Q44 Which of these is an example of seed that germinate well if extracted fresh but not uniformly

Q45 Pre-treatment of seed by gibberellic acid is used for which of these trees?

Q46 The most common methods of pre-treatment to hasten germination include the following except

Q47 Uniform field planting seedlings with uniform roots and shoots growth which is essential include these except

Q48 Treatment of Acacia albida with concentrated sulphuric acid for 10 min significantly gives better germination percentage of

Q49 Viable seed must be subjected to favourable environmental conditions of these except

Q50 Reduced seed viability may result from several factors except

Q51 How does germination test help determine the the amount of seed required to plant a given area?

Q52 Which of the following would you consider the best medium composition for germination in tree nurseries?

Q53 Failure of viable seeds to germinate may be due to

Q54 What is seed dormancy?

Q55 How can you verify the quality of a seed source?

Q56 What determines the success or otherwise of natural tree regeneration?

Q57 How would you raise for establishment, seedlings of a tree species that has poor or irregular germination?

Q58 Crocodile and Elephants are wildlife features of

Q59 It is located in the Northern Guinea Savanna, populated with wildlife species including Buffalo, Roan antelope and hipopotamus, with some of the following vegetation complexes: Burkea/Detarium woodland, Acacia/Anogeissus/Deterium woodland, Isoberlinia tomentosa woodland, the oil river complex & Manyara complex.

Q60 Which year was the first game reserve established in Nigeria?

Q61 The smallest srea of reserved forest is in

Q62 Organised forestry was practiced in Nigeria only in two territories until 1916. Which were the territories?

Q63 As at 1980, the forest reserves in Nigeria covered approximately what percentage of the total area of Nigeria?

Q64 Formation of the first Forestry department in Nigeria was recommended by

Q65 The first forest reserve in Nigeria was created in

Q66 One of the prominent mangrove trees is Rhizophora racemosa.Which of the following are features of the fresh water swamp?

Q67 Which of these set of trees produce mahogany?

Q68 What are forest reserves?

Q69 What is the common name of Terminalia superba?

Q70 Trees of Storey C of the rain forest have short boles and their crowns are conical in shape. What level of canopy do they form in the forest?

Q71 Timber industries include all but one of the following:

Q72 In Nigeria, forest resources have potentials. Which of the following is not one of them?

Q73 Forest trees can be classified on the basis of the following except:

Q74 Non-wood resources of Nigerian forest include the following except one:

Q75 The following are renewable natural resources except one

Q76 An evidence of climate change in Nigeria is:

Q77 One of the following does not contribute to desertification process.

Q78 A glaring evidence of climate change in the environment is:

Q79 Renewable natural resources are all of the following except:

Q80 Constituents of a good environment includes the following except


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