Given what we know about the harmful effects of placing low-risk and high-risk youth together, what other strategy might you recommend to a judge?

Researching this topic, I have found some of our biggest states realigning fiscal resources away from ineffective and expensive state institutions, and spending more money on effective community services.  States spend about $5.7 billions each year imprisoning youth, even though the majorities are held for nonviolent offenses.  These youth can and need to be held safely in the community.  I feel that low-risk youth need to place with other low-risk individuals in group homes or state ran facilities.  Also I believe we need to focus more on community-based programs for these youths. Some programs like multi-systemic therapy and functional family therapy have been shown to yield up to $13 in benefits to public safety for every dollar spent. These programs are more cost effective and produce more public safety benefits than detaining and incarcerating youth.

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