How have the rules and systems developed in early prisons continue to influence corrections today?

In some of the earliest prisons they had rules; two very famous prisons were The Hospice of San Michele and the Maison de Force in Ghent, Belgium.  Inmates were whipped and had to adhere to the rule of silence. Prisons today have rules and prisoners are held responsible for their actions, if they do not follow the rules of the prison. Now prisoners are no longer being whipped different methods are beings used like solitary confinement.

One of the best systems that came about was parole. Parole began at the end of the 1800s. When it was instituted, many prisoners were already receiving leniency, pardons and early release for good behavior. Parole began with reformatories but spread to all prisons, Parole is still a system that is being use today. “At yearend 2014, an estimated 4,708,100 adults were under community supervisiondown by about 45,300 offenders from yearend 2013. Approximately 1 in 52 adults in the United States was under community supervision at yearend 2014.”(Bureau of Justice Statistics)

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