How Our Teens And Youths Are Damaging Their Spelling Skills And Punctuation

It’s no news anymore that almost ALL teens and youths have adapted to shorthand for typing with mobile phones. To make matters worse, despite the invention of corrections on most smartphones, we still prefer to use shorthand.

The annoying part of it is that, some of these shorthands have the same number of letters or even longer letters as the original words. Some use funky spellings instead.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that most of our youths and teens don’t know when to use some certain words instead of the right ones cos they both sound alike. Example of these are:

”HAVE seen the books” instead of ” I’VE seen the books”
”he has GIVING me the books” instead of ”he has GIVEN me the books”
”BEEN a guy doesn’t mean i can’t have female close friends” instead of ”BEING a guy doesn’t mean i can’t have female close friends”
”AM the owner of the car” instead of ”I’M the owner of the car”
”ITS not mine” instead of ”IT’S not mine”
”I think it’s THERE own” instead of ”I think it’s THEIR own”
The list is quite much

Some don’t even know that no matter where the letter comes in a sentence, ‘I’ is ALWAYS in caps!!

To make matters worse, they don’t even know they’re wrong about all these lil things!

Yes there are some abbreviations that makes sense like LOL, LMAO, HBD, and co. But bikonu, what is GGMB, good PM, good AM? Even IJN dey vex me sef grin

Most of our youths and teens can’t even write with a laptop that doesn’t have auto punctuation or correction. It’s really that bad!

I’m the best in English language but I’m certain that I’m not bad either.

Yes English is not our mother tongue, but tell me who’ll accept a pidgin-written application letter?

It’s never too late to turn a new leaf.

Give yourself this task today: Type ALL your words in full and tell me how easy it was or how difficult. By doing this, you’ll know how much in tune you still are with your spellings and punctuations.

I know I made some errors even while writing this cos I’m also prone to errors, but what’s most important is the message.

NOTE : Little things count!!

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