INR112 List of Questions & Answer

Q1 Who is the president of Nigeria
Q2 dhjdh

Q3 \[ \left( \sum_{k=1}^n a_k b_k \right)^{\!\!2} \leq \left( \sum_{k=1}^n a_k^2 \right) \left( \sum_{k=1}^n b_k^2 \right) \]

Q4 dhjdh

Q5 ggdgd

Q6 OBJ was Nigeria president ?

Q7 Who is the president of Nigeria

Q8 2*4

Q9 APC means

Q10 What is your Name

Q11 OBJ was Nigeria president ?

Q12 Who is the president of Nigeria

Q13 2*3

Q14 APC means

Q15 What is your Name

Q16 OBJ was Nigeria president ?

Q17 Who is the president of Nigeria

Q18 2*2

Q19 APC means

Q20 What is your Name

Q21 The palace coupdetat in Zimbabwe took place on——

Q22 Which of the following is a catalyst to the growing influence of the study of international relations

Q23 Which of these attributes distingishes a graduate of international relations form a gradute of mass communication

Q24 The most recent coupdetat in Africa of 2017 is traced to——-

Q25 The factors that results to genocide include all but one of the following

Q26 Which of these countries esperienced genocidal attack

Q27 A developmenr is sustainable when it ————

Q28 The type of criminal act that amounts to genocide is ————

Q29 The most recent airstrike in Syria is an example———

Q30 The agency of the United Nations resposible for inuaguration of peace keeping operations is————–

Q31 The endermic crisis and warfare in Africa is caused by all with the expection of ———

Q32 The acnonym ASEAN maens ———-

Q33 The modern international system was shaped by ——–treaty

Q34 Emphasis of free trade apologists————-

Q35 The three variables from post westaphalia treaty is ——,——, and ——–

Q36 Which of these agency balances international trade

Q37 OPEC was formed in the year———–

Q38 The acnonym OPEC maens ———-

Q39 The political baptism of Soviet Union to Russian Federation marks the ——–

Q40 The current United States of America versus Iranian interface is anti———

Q41 In pre-colonial Yoruba Kingdom the Oyo Mesi and ——- exercised a check against abuse of power by the king

Q42 Another name for state is ——-

Q43 The Kalambo cave is found at which of these cities

Q44 The analysis of genetic method in a cell that is passed unchanged from a mother to a child is called——-

Q45 In pre-colonial Liberia and Sierra-lone, the government was monarchical, however, rule execution was the responsibility of ——

Q46 The type of trade that affected the demography of African state is——-

Q47 The international law of pre-colonial Arica was an extension of —–

Q48 The examination of ancient objects of—– from various parts of Africa had shed light on human evolution

Q49 In pre-colonial Africa, village authority rest not with one of the following institutions

Q50 In pre-colonial African mercantilism which community had trade as their major occupation

Q51 Most traditional African societies worshiped their gods and deities using—— as their link between the living and the dead

Q52 The pre-colonial African societies was characterised by what trade

Q53 Which of the following is not a primary source of international law?

Q54 What is the organ of United Nations that is set up to resolve disputes between and among states——–

Q55 In African stone age what is the earliest and simplest tool used——-

Q56 The punishment of the following leaders except—– shows that international community is committed to prosecute leaders who violates the laws and customs of war

Q57 A combatant is any member of the armed forces except——

Q58 The paramount ruler of traditional African society performed the role of law making, execution and——

Q59 Ways of lives of pre-colonial African societies was characterised by ancestral worship, rituals and——

Q60 The bond that kept sacred the dictates of pre-colonial international law among kingdoms was through—–

Q61 African slaves transported to Europe had ———at their bodies as a mark of ownership by traders

Q62 African slaves was transported to the New World through———

Q63 The dorminant ways of lives of pre colonial Africans was ———–

Q64 The country that played a prominent role in the formation of League of Nations is ——-

Q65 After successful rebillion of thirteen U.S colonies against British Crown and their subsequent admission into the system, they pursued the policy of ——

Q66 The power that defeated Russia during the 1905 war is ———

Q67 The man that is credited with authorship of reflection theologians is ——–

Q68 The man that is credited with authorship of first manual of international law is ——–

Q69 The character by name ——-defended the idea that international law is not restricted to christendom but constitute a common bond for all nations

Q70 The assertion that issues prevailing throughout the christian world ,a licence in making war of which even barbarous nations should be ashamed was made by —–

Q71 The scholar by name ——proposed the theory of the state of nature where life was brutish, nasty and short

Q72 The area of coverage of traditional/customary laws of pre colonial Africa does not include ——–

Q73 The type of trade that affected the demography of African states is ——–

Q74 In pre colonial Liberia and Sierraleone, the government is monarchical, however——had significant roles to play in rules excution

Q75 The prosecution of these leaders except ——-shows that international law is committed to punish leaders who violates the laws and customs of war

Q76 The emergence of true humans beings emerged from a transition of ————

Q77 Production in pre colonial Africa was essentially———–

Q78 In post colonial Africa ——–served as a guarantee for the payment of a debt

Q79 The material colonial heritage left behind by the early man as a neccessity which complemented other physical aspects of human existence is ——-

Q80 The organ of the United Nations set up to resolve disputes between and among states is ——–

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