Irene Onwuka Launches Foundation For Internally Displaced

Famous Peace education campaign crusader and ex- beauty queen has officially launched out her Foundation ‎to join the mission of restoring hope and strength to internally displaced and impoverished children and women. While she was reigning as Miss Ambassador For Peace 2013 she embarked on several projects. Queen Irene Onwuka kicked off her foundation project exercise with a visit to rural and remote schools in Abuja to extend HUMANITERIAN welfere. See all you need to know about Queen Irene Onwuka Peace Foundation.


Queen Irene Peace Onwuka Foundation- QIOP was established in 2013 by Ex Miss Ambassador for Peace Nigeria (2013/2014)- Queen Irene Onwuka. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of QIOP. It’s a nonprofit organization with the sole mission of restoring hope and strength to internally displaced and impoverished children and women”.

 This foundation also has the full backing and support of the United Nations and other various Poverty Alleviation Agencies. The foundation has also gained massive successes from Irene’s nationwide fame and her capability to bring cooperate executives, celebrities of all works and government officials. QIOP operates as a private organization but is open to freewill donations.

 Since its creation, it has helped combat poverty and starvation, as well as health, education and environment through various humanitarian programs and campaigns. Through so many schemes, it has provided and distributed lots of incentives nationwide.


The Queen Irene Onwuka Peace foundation was created to promote and enhance substantial peace and transformation in the society also, to help eradicate poverty and hunger. More so, QIOP specializes in education women, like the saying goes “educate a woman, you educate a generation”. In addition, QIOP helps internally displaced children whom in one or the other, has suffered great loss of health by feeding them, clothing them, educating them, housing and rejuvenating them till they get back to life. 


The Queen Irene Onwuka Peace Foundation has a core mission to successfully restore hope and joy to internally displayed and impoverished children whom has lost hope of proper nutrition, education and healthcare. Also to help empower women in western education, skill acquisition or businesses. 


Our core vision is a world without poverty and hunger. Also, a nation where all displayed children and women will be entitled to live and not survive. 

Indeed, an impressive work and purpose project with vision.

Source: alexreports

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