ISL361 : Introduction to Islamic Philosophy (2018)


Plot 91, Cadastral Zone, Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway, Jabi- Abuja

Faculty of Arts



Course Code: ISL 361

Course Title: Introduction to Islamic Philosophy

Credit Unit: 2.0    Units

Time Allowed:2 hrs.

Instruction to Students: Answer any Two (2) of the following questions.

1a. Write briefly on the term ‘philosophy’. (11 Marks, 20 minutes)


1b. State three (3) verses of the Qur’an and four (4) traditions of the Prophet   (SAW), which serve as basis for the development of philosophy in Islam.

(10 Marks, 15 Minutes)

1c. Write briefly on the following internal factors that aided the development of

Muslim philosophy.

(i)                Qiyās,

(ii)             Ijmāʿ

(iii)           Ijtihād. (12 Marks, 25 Minutes)


2a. Discuss the origin of Muʿtazilah based on the occurrence between Imām Al-Ḥasan Baṣrī and a student of his. (15 Marks, 25 Minutes)

b. What are the fundamental principles of Muʿtazilah? (10 Marks, 20 Minutes)

c. Explain in brief the views of Muʿtazilah on relation of attributes of God with His essence. (10 Marks, 15 Minutes)


3a. Provide for proof evidences to establish possibility of the beatific vision as philosophized by the Asharites. (16 Marks, 35 Minutes)


b. State ten (10) fundamental principles of Asharism. (15 Marks, 25 Minutes)

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