Jamb 1978 Government Past Questions and Answers UTME (31-40)

31.       In which of these organs of the United Nations Organisation is veto power exercised by some countries?

A.      The World Health Organisation

B.      The Security Council

C.      The General Assembly

D.      The UN Committee Against Apartheid

E.       The International Court of Justice

32.       In a federal system (such as Nigeria) the local governments are directly responsible

A.      To the Federal or Central Government

B.      To the State Government

C.      To the Federal and State Governments

D.      To no other level of government

E.       To any level of government which can provide money for its programmes.

33.       The 1946 Constitutions in Nigeria and the Gold Coast (Ghana) were the results of

A.      Pressures from nationalists within the colonies

B.      Pressures from the British Government

C.      Pressures by United States of America

D.      Pressures from within and from outside these colonies

E.       None of the above

34.       If the rights of the individual are violated or threatened, where ca he go for redress?

A.      The Executive branch of government

B.      The Legislative branch of government

C.      The Local Government Council

D.      The Judicial branch of government

E.       The ministry for Internal or Home Affairs.

35.       In the Presidential system of government, the President is elected to office by

A.      The cabinet

B.      The parliament of legislature

C.      The Military

D.      The people through direct elections

E.       The political party

36.       The military take over power from politicians in West African countries

A.      When politicians have become corrupt and are reckless in their use of power

B.      When there is a breakdown of law and order in the country

C.      For reasons which touch on the interest of the military

D.      Because of the personal ambitions of some politicians

E.       All of the above

37.       By establishing public corporations, governments are trying to

A.      Eliminate private enterprises

B.      Compete with private enterprise

C.      Render crucial services to the public in areas which the civil services cannot effectively handle

D.      Make quick profit at the expense of the people

E.       B and D

38.       The constitution of any given country must provide for

A.      The distribution of powers

B.      The rights and duties of the individual

C.      The rule of law

D.      None of the above

E.       A, B and C

39.       In a modern state, Pressure Groups find that the most effective way of achieving their purposes is by

A.      Causing trouble among the populace

B.      Influencing decisions of government

C.      Forming political parties

D.      Rigging elections to offices of the state

E.       A and C

40.   Which of the following would you consider the most famous among the leaders of nationalist movements in Nigeria?

A.      Kwame Nkrumah

B.      General Olusegun Obasanjo

C.      Herbert Macaulay

D.      Anthony Enahoro

E.       Dauda Adegbenro


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