JAMB Twitter Live Chat – Check Here For Updates

We made mention early today that JAMB twitter chat will be live by 10am 

This is an opportunity for candidates to have their questions concerning the 2017 UTME clarified by JAMB.

We are creating this thread to bring you the updates as it happens so you can participate in the conversation.

We will update this thread the moment any relevant question is asked and the answer provided.

So keep reloading this page within the 2 hours the live chat is going to last to get the latest update.


1. Question asked:I created my profile last year, do I need to create another one?
JAMB’s response: No, you don’t need to create another account

2. Question asked:Is it a must that we choose a private university as a compulsory option when filling our form during registration?.
JAMB’s response:You do not have to choose a private uni as ur choice. There are 4 choices. 1 Degree, 1 NCE, 1 ND and 1 NCE

3. Question asked: but what is the eXact day for selling form?
JAMB’s response: JAMB has a press release on the date of exam and it is still coming up in May 2017

4. Question asked: Good Morning pls i want to understand the issue of Awaiting results
JAMB’s response: Awaiting Result candidates can apply for the exam,but they must have gotten their results ready at d point of admission in d skl

5. Question asked: when will the jamb form be out?
JAMB’s response: The registration will commence this March. We will announce the period and date on this handle

6. Question asked: hw will dis year registration be like???
JAMB’s response: The exam will be Computer Based. CBT

7. Question asked: when is the mock commencing and the real exam commencing.. Thanks
JAMB’s response: There is no official date to that. If a date comes up, we will announce on this handle

8. Question asked: Can I get UTME past questions at the JAMB office?
JAMB’s response: You can visit any of our offices for past questions

12. Question asked: what if the awaiting result comes out before admission proceeds, would the candidate still gain admission. For awaiting results?
JAMB’s response: Then, you will be required to upload your result to our portal and then proceed for your screening

14. Question asked: how do you intend to fix the problem of numerous amount of candidates seeking admission into the tertiary institution??????
JAMB’s response: That is left for us to fix

15: Question asked: when will jamb for be ready and the exam be concluded because some schools need the result of jamb before march 31. E.g is the NDA
JAMB’s response: All institutions are aware of JAMB exam date, so they will not put any candidate in a disadvantaged position.

16. Question asked: Good day please I needed to know if candidate with awaiting result can reg for jamb 2017.
JAMB’s response: Yes please. JAMB has not cancelled Awaiting Result. Please read our tweets on this page for more clarification

17. Question asked: with this new policy, does it means I can choose more than one polytechnic?
JAMB’s response: Yes that is what it means.

JAMB’s response: cyber cafes will not be allowed to register candidates on behalf on JAMB

19. Question asked: I want ask questions about (1) 2017 JAMB fee (2)When will the form be release for sale.
JAMB’s response: There is no official statement on the price of the fee for this year’s registration. We will announce it when we have the info

21. Question asked: is it true there’s not going to be Jamb next year
JAMB’s response: Please do not spread rumours. The exam has been scheduled to hold in May 2017

22. Question asked: is it true one must take five subjects??
JAMB’s response: Five subject where? JAMB or SSCE?

23. Question asked: if i may ask, are we not allowed to choose state uni… as first choice?
JAMB’s response: Yes you can choose a state Uni as your first choice

24. Question asked: can’t you delay admission processes till both WAEC and NECO release their results?
JAMB’s response: JAMB does not have the powers to do that

25. Question asked: Why is it that top media platforms like Vanguard, Premium Times carried the news of cancel of awaitn results?
JAMB’s response: If you read the press release, it was so explicit.

26. Question asked: Good morning JAMB. Please what are the things we will use during registration?
JAMB’s response: We will release guidelines when the registration starts here and on our website.

27. Question asked: please can I use my email address to create my profile
JAMB’s response: Yes you can

28. Question asked: when it’s the registration commencing
JAMB’s response: Please registration has not commenced. When we start, we will announce here

29. Question asked: History and international studies can I use English, crk govt and econs during registration as my subject combination?
JAMB’s response: Please consult the JAMB Brochure to get the right subject combination for your course

30. Question asked: Since you said there will be no Offline. Are sure there would no network failure during the registration like last five years?
JAMB’s response: Trust that we have everything sorted. We are READY

31. Question asked: I heard something about a separate exam center for the physically challenged. Shed some light on this what counts as disabled to you
JAMB’s response: Disabled in any form. Blind, etc

32. Question asked: what about the issue of preference of candidates for admission?
JAMB’s response: JAMB doesn’t offer admission. The schools do

33. Question asked: Were can we get the form?
JAMB’s response: We shall communicate that to you soon

34. Question asked: Is it possible to ignore private university among my choice?
JAMB’s response: Yes!! you do not have to choose a private University as your choice

35. Question asked: i read premium time news paper last 2 days, said its not allow candidate should register from cyber cafe how did i register from?
JAMB’s response: You will be able to register at our accredited centres

36. Question asked: Can I open my profile on the official website now?
JAMB’s response: Yes you can

37: Question asked: For how many weeks will #utme2017 registration last?
JAMB’s response: JAMB We will get that info to you soon

38. Question asked: is that means cyber will not involve in terms for registration?
JAMB’s response: Yes please

39: Question asked: Please Jamb should let all the UTME candidates know those courses that are not accredited in all the institutions to avoid problems
JAMB’s response: During the registration, you will see all accredited courses for each Institution

40. Question asked: can someone withdraw poly admission from the jamb portal, I don’t know if i have been admitted in my university of choice
JAMB’s response: Please log into your profile and check your admission status

41. Question asked: where is the accredited centres located?
JAMB’s response: Last year we have over 500 centres in Nigeria alone. This year we will be having more centres

42. Question asked: Those exam centres with bad computer systems, poor electricity supply, how are the students complain handled, if such happen again?t
JAMB’s response: Such centres will never be used by JAMB again. Do not fret

43. Question asked: as if you write the exam what about the result in 24hrs?
JAMB’s response: Results are normally released within 24 hours. That has not changed

44. Question asked: please explain what the profile we are to create is about
JAMB’s response: We want you to create a personal profile. So that you can visit the site and see all your dealings with JAMB

45. Question asked: will you be allowed to choose 2 varsity also
JAMB’s response: Yes. I Public and 1 Private. You can not take 2 Public Institutions

46. Question asked: pls help relesae procedure for pre-registration and will it cost us money?
JAMB’s response: Registration procedure will soon be released and also the cost

47. Question asked: Not all the regularisation students’ form are treated, any reason for that pls?
JAMB’s response: We treat all regularization cases. We either approve or disapprove. We give reasons

48. Question asked: can I choose 2 public universities
JAMB’s response: No u can’t. Its for your good. Why apply to 2 public Universities that the 2nd one wont even consider your application?

49. Question asked: So many blogs out there have misinterpreted ur Press briefing about d awaiting result of a thing. How do u hope to correct this?
JAMB’s response: We have corrected this on our Twitter handle. The full content of the Press release doesn’t say AR is scrapped.

50. Question asked: creating an account ?? is it before or during registration period??
JAMB’s response: You can create you account now before the registration commences

51. Question asked: where are we go for registration since no cyber cafes?
JAMB’s response: JAMB Accredited CBT Centres. That list will be published soon. That has not changed.

52. Question asked: can awaiting be used as it was before? and why should it be uploaded when reg commences
JAMB’s response: Yes please

53. Question asked: Can I open my profile on the official website now?
JAMB’s response: Please create a profile on our portal

54. Question asked: Those that have existing account without a unique code, what are they supposed to do again? Create another one?
JAMB’s response: You can use same account to register. Just ensure that your details are correct before you use it

55. Question asked: please can I choose NDA as a choice in Jamb?
JAMB’s response: Yes you can

56. Question asked: Not all the regularisation students’ form are treated, any reason for that pls?
JAMB’s response: We treat all regularization cases. We either approve or disapprove. We give reasons

57. Question asked: Do all accredited Jamb centres across have installed CCTV Cameras in curbing exam malpractice.
JAMB’s response: Yes!!! All JAMB Centres have CCTV Installed and its being monitored.

58. Question asked: what measures have u taken to address the problem that reduced candidates scores or performance last year?
JAMB’s response: We are well prepared. Take that from us

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