Q1 _____ is not a characteristic of science

Q2 Research is ___

Q3 one of these cannot be measured at ordinary level
percentage score in examination
education level
rank in the army

Q4 one of these can be measured with the use of scales and indeses
newspaper circulation
television viewship
radio programme listernship

Q5 _____ is not a qualitive research
case studies
focus group discussion

Q6 Historical studies include
biographical studies
regional studies
clinical studies instructional studies
experimental studies

Q7 In designing a questionnaire, one of the these is not important
question order
mode of collection

Q8 There are __ stages in observational research procedure

Q9 Select the one that is not among the procedures for focus group discussion
define problem
select a sample
conduct the session
record reflection

Q10 Probability sampling method include all but one of hte following
random sampling
systematic sampling
purposive sampling
custer sampling

Q11 The variable agreement has __ attributes

Q12 Conbributory factor to the growth of mass media research include all but one in the list
the second world war
the increased interest of scholars and the society in the effect of the mass on the public
development of media in Nigeria
increased competition among the media for advertising revenue

Q13 Communication research can be broadly grouped into _____

Q14 The most commonly used scale in mass communication is the ______
Likert scale
Guttman scalling
thurstone scales
semantic differential scales

Q15 Close-ended questions are
easy to construct
provide greater uiformity of responses
permittes easy tabulation
keep the questionnaire to a resonable lenth

Q16 Select non hypothetical statement in the option
people with low level of education will have low credibility in their medium
there is no relationship between education and media credibility
is there any relationship between gneder and academic performance
there is no significance relationship between gender and academic performacne

Q17 Pick the odd item from the list
marital status

Q18 There are ___ levels of measurement

Q19 One in the list is not part of introudctory chapter of a research project
significance of the study
opeational definition of terms

Q20 All but one of the following is not a Qualitative research method except
mode of collection
content analysis

Q21 One of the following is not a characteristic of scientific research
to gather information about media ownership and structure
to gather information about audience readership
viewership and listenership
to keep constant eye on media houses and their journalists to find out any information that is likely damage or enhance a client’s reputation

Q22 To assess an organizations entire communication programme, image along with the impact of the organisaiton’s programmes and tactics on key public so as to provide
communication audit
organization communication audit
public relations audit
comprehensive audits

Q23 Informal research methods in public relations include all but one of the following
Desk research
expert opinion
mail analysis
community forums

Q24 Explanatory surveys __
offer a snapshot of the current situation
capture reality in a specific point in time
explore likely areas of programme impact
are concern with cause and effect

Q25 _____ refers to consensus building approach that relies on repeated weaves of questionnaire sent to the same select panel of experts
drop-off interviews
Delphi panel
mail interviews
indepth interview

Q26 The usefulness of Marketing research include all except____
it helps to identify audience media preferences
it helps identify consumers needs and market segments
it provides the information necessary for developing new products
it enables organisation assess the effectiveness of markting programmes and promotional activities

Q27 One of the following is not a characteristic of scientific research
it is based on intuition
it is cumulative
it is empirical
it is theoretical

Q28 In scientific research, one of the following practice is ethical
do not obtain the informed consent of subjects before you carry out tests on them
do not fully disclose information that weakens your findings
do not undertake a research that will not enhance the well being of hte greater number of society
do not consider the cultural sensitivity of the population of study in designing and executionof the reasearh

Q29 Which of the following types of advertising research helps in identifying target audience in terms of their demographics, geographic and psychographics
media selection research
message element selection research
target audience selection research
media audience research

Q30 Which of the following will be effective to determine if an advertising campaign has been delivered to the target audience
copy testing
post testing

Q31 The independent variable is also called

Q32 One of these is not a method of collecting data through survey
mail survey
group administration survey
participant observation survey

Q33 Call-out research, a type of music research that is used to test music on the air is also called
oldies/old school
auditorium music testing

Q34 One of these is not a common feature of electronic media
they are limited to radio and television
some form of electrical energy is required to access them
their messages are transsient
they transcend the barriers of illiteracy

Q35 Which of the following describes reach research in electronic media
adult population who are aware of the stations existence
adults who listen to the station weekly
adults who say the station provides unbiased views and informaiton
the percentage of listeners who say that the station provides news that is relevant to them

Q36 The research designed for broadcasters to have and indication of the popularity of various performance and entertainers is also known as
personality research
performer Q
programme element importance
TV programming research

Q37 One of these is a marketing service
AC Nelson
the arbitron company

Q38 One of these is not a principle of public relations research
establishing clear public relations objectives and desired outcomes tied directly to business goal’s
sticking to a specific time-tested technique to evaluate PR Effectiveness
being weary of attempts to compare PR effectiveness with advertising effectiveness
differentiating between messaging PR “outputs and PR “output

Q39 An assessment of the healthiness of the relationship between an organisation and its key publics, and often determining the level of awareness of the publics towards an organsation and its products/corporate manifestations is caleed
communication audit
social audit
image audit
public relations audit

Q40 Primary research methods in public relations include all but one of the following
content analysis
panel studies

Q41 There is no relationship between suicide cases among Nigerians and economic hardship” is a hypothsis stated in
research hypothesis (H1)
alternate hypothesis (HA)
null nypothesis (Ho)
co-joint hypotheis

Q42 Cohort analysis is a type of study that
samples different groups of people at different times from the same population
studies a specific population as it changes overtime
the same sample of respondents is mearured at different point in time
studies different populations at different points

Q43 In carrying out a study, a researcher must begin with
primary data
secondary data

Q44 ___type of study allows a researcher to examine many characteristics of a single subject
historical study
longitudinal study
case study

Q45 One of the following examples does not represent historical research
evaluative studies
regional studies
biographical studies
case studies

Q46 When a research follows a step-by-step procedure, we say it is

Q47 One of the following is not a characteristics of scientific reseach
it is reductive
it is inductive
it is empirical
it is logical

Q48 Which of the following is not true of scientific research
It demands evidence
it sexplains and predicts social phenomena
science is absolutely free of biases
science is a blend of logic and imaginatino of social phenomena

Q49 Which of the following is not a principle of science
science seeks to explain the natural world and its explanations are tested using evidence from the natural world
science is metaphysical in nature
science assumes that we can learn about the natural world by gathering evidence through our senses
science presumes that things and events in the universe occur in consist patterns and are known through systematic study

Q50 One of the following follows the scientific principle of research
appeal to authority

Q51 Media research is concerned with all but one in the option
ozone layer depletion
media channels, languages and codes
media technologies
media audience/effects

Q52 Theory does not perform one of the following roles in research
it points to problematic areas requring research focus
it serves as a critical guide to research
it helps in the interpretation of research outcomes
it solves the problems identified in research

Q53 which of these statements is not true of scientific research procedure
it is purposeful and aimed at achieving well defined and specific objectives
it is planned and well thought out
it is suitable for researchers in the natural science only
it is ordered, systematic and follows well known and clearly laid down procedures

Q54 One of these is a qualitative form of research
content analysis
survey research
experimental research

Q55 _____ is the most appropriate adverting research technque to use to understand people’s underlying or subconscious feelings, attitudes, needs or motives
attitude charge technique
parojective technique
motivation technique

Q56 Which of the following methods of advertising research prompts respondents to remeber copies to which they have been exposed to
unaided recall
aided recall
inquiry test
advertising readability test

Q57 Researches conducted by public/private sector organisations to address organisation’s needs can be classified as
theoretical research
management research

Q58 ___ research approach subscribes to the view that values of the researcher cannot be separated from his research
quantitative research
historical research
qualitative research

Q59 _____ is not an important consideration for replication in research
replication assures that results are valid and reliable
ensures that other researchers can verify previous findings
shows that research is logical
inspires new researches which follows previous procedues

Q60 All these constitute research instrument except ____
interview guide
content-coding sheet
research questions

Q61 Audience-as-come means
the audience is seen as a large collection of people
people are seen as being acted upon by the electronic media
people are seen as free agent choosing what media they will consume bringing their selective skills to play
people are seen as determing the effects of the media on their lives

Q62 Rating research refers to
the number of people or households tuned to a station
total number of TV sets per household
percentage of households or of people in an area who have tuned TV or radio sets to a specific station programme or network
total number of TV or radio programmes a householdattends to

Q63 One of the following electronic media audience researches provides information about what the audience likes and dislikes
rating research
non-ratings research
performance measurement researech
global radio audience

Q64 Non-ratings research include the following except
programme testing
musical research
programme preference
performance measurement

Q65 One of these explains the possible effects of television violence on human behaviour
cathas hypothesis
kathasis hypothesis
catharsis hypothesis
datharsis hypothesis

Q66 Which of the following electronic media research is designed for broadcasters to have an indication of the popularity of various perfomers and entertainers
market studies
performer Q
station image
catharsis hypothesis

Q67 Attitude can be measured in terms of three of the following except
strongly agree

Q68 One direction of attitude refers to
whether a person approves or disapproves of something
strength of feelings existing in the attitude
degree of commitment to the subject of the attitude
how attitude changes from one direction to the next

Q69 One of these is not an example of interval measures
year, date in calendar
religous background
temperatue in celsius or fahrenheit scale
scandalized intelligence test (IQ)

Q70 One of the following is not a role of theory in research activities
predicting research outcomes
explanning research outcome
prescribing solutions to research problems
serves as a guide to research

Q71 The American tradition in mass communication research supports one of the following research approaches
focus group discussion
quantitative research
qualitative research

Q72 Another name for independent variable is ___
presumed effect
after effect

Q73 The Likert scale is also known as
nominal scale
summated rating scale
ration scale
ordinal scale

Q74 ___ refers too the accuracy or dependability of a measuring instrucment
content variation
face validity

Q75 The subject being interviewed is called

Q76 The early use of case study as a research method is closely associated with
the university of Chicago department of Sociology
Johns Hopkins university department of sociology
the church activities around 19600s
cambridge university department of sociology

Q77 ____ can be refered to as Creating written text of an interview proceeding

Q78 item selection studies focus on the
importance/uses of media items selected by the audience
lifestyle of audience that select media items
categories of the audience that read specific part of the newspaper
categories of the audience that select media items

Q79 _____Studies focus on those factors that make a published work easy or difficult to understand
readability research
circulation research
magazine readership research
newspaper measurement research

Q80 choose the one that is not included in the three models of electronic media audience research
audience – as mass

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